Artificial Grass As Putting Greens

Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Sample Putting Greens (Right) and Synthetic Grass (Left)

Synthetic putting greens are the future of eco-friendly sports landscaping. With such minimal maintenance and no need for watering, artificial putting greens are an effortless alternative to natural golf greens. They remain green and healthy-looking throughout the seasons, despite the weather and environmental elements. They do not hinder your performance and are specifically engineered to withstand use game after game.

Whether you eat, sleep, and drink golf, or are trying to brush up on a few skills at the driving range, several putting greens have been going greener– that is, converting from natural grass to artificial turf. From professional courses, to smaller backyard greens, synthetic grass proves to be a wonderful alternative for golfers, both professional and recreational alike.

When it comes to water usage, putting green maintenance can be costly. Synthetic grass putting greens require no water and very little maintenance. Once they are installed, they remain green and healthy-looking all year round. Meticulous upkeep can be completely disregarded when dealing with synthetic putting greens. Throughout the years, the synthetic grass industry has worked to improve its putting green products. Putting green products on the market today are as natural looking as ever, with both the look and feel of real putting greens. This strong comparability allows for optimal performance each and every game you play.

The composition of synthetic putting greens makes them built for complete durability. Putting green turf is made with texturized polypropylene or nylon yarns. This revolutionary yarn engineering creates the strength and stability that will last for several years. Artificial putting green products come in different pile heights (blade heights) to create the look you desire most for your putting green. Many artificial grass suppliers and installers provide custom jobs to fit your needs.

A good number of community and professional golf courses have switched to synthetic putting greens for their many positive characteristics. The uniformity and neatness of synthetic grass clearly measures up to a well-maintained natural putting green, without hours of watering and careful maintenance.  Performance is not hindered by the surface of synthetic putting greens, as they are just as level and quite similar in texture. Artificial putting greens have thus become the best alternative to regular putting greens, allowing for both conservation of water and money.

Homeowners have also taken advantage of having artificial putting greens installed in their own backyards. It is the ultimate attraction in hosting and entertaining guests, allowing them to get their game on without having to make their way to a golf course. No matter the size of the yard, any size synthetic putting green can be customized to fit any yard. Just like any artificial grass product, no watering is necessary. Modern synthetic grass products are also built in with a draining system to help prevent the growth of spores and bacteria within the backing. This leaves your artificial putting green to be almost effortless in upkeep. Synthetic putting greens are an eco-friendly and superior alternative to natural putting greens, as they are maintainable and cost-effective.