Artificial Lawns Used For Paintballing

Your heart is pounding as you quickly shuffle away from the enemy, avoiding being a target at all costs. You are dressed and loaded head to toe with protection and ammo, mentally fit for battle. You may be thinking this sounds a lot like combat and warfare, and though it may be for some, it is a day’s worth of recreation and fun for others. The sport and pastime of paintball has been around for a few decades now (primarily being exposed in the 80’s), gaining more popularity throughout the years. There is much to be said about war-like games amongst people of all ages, which is seen to be an entertaining and exhilarating hobby for many in the present day.

Much like football, lacrosse, soccer, and other popular sports, a sport and recreational activity like paintball requires a durable and lasting playing field. Though some paintball fields incorporate the natural environment, such as a woodsy area, forest, or desert, other indoor and outdoor paintball facilities utilize other materials, including artificial turf. Artificial turf has been used for paintball facilities for several years now. This is because it can easily be adaptable to the paintball environment, providing both traction and safety for players.

Synthetic lawns used for paintball is engineered to be lightweight for easy performance. A significant component to the game of paintball involves the use of field bunkers, which, in less natural environments, are usually large inflatables that players can utilize to hide from enemies. Synthetic turf used for paintball is designed to accommodate bunkers of all types. The type of synthetic grass used for paintball surfaces are usually made from either nylon, polyethylene, or a combination of both. Paintballs themselves, used for ammunition, are primarily made from polyethylene glycol and other water soluable ingredients. Thus, the paint is easily removable from synthetic grass because of the polymers it is comprised of.

When an artificial lawn is installed for paintball premises, it remains sturdy for several years, needing only minimal maintenance. For outdoor fields, rain proves to be no problem because of its manual drainage system that takes care of any liquid right away. This ensures that the quality of turf will last, as no liquid or water will collect due to efficient drainage. This also prevents bacteria, spores, mud, and other potential problems. The fact that artificial grass does not need to be watered, weeded, mowed, or fertilized makes it a top surface for the sport of paintball. Trying to maintain a natural lawn with high traffic, paint, bunkers, mud, and weather conditions can thus be too challenging.

Modern turf designed with different face weights, density, pile heights, and more, offer a great variety of products for potential paintball usage. Much like American football, soccer, and other commonly played field sports, synthetic grass for paintball is made with quality, safety, and durability in mind. Whether it is a large outdoor paintball field, or a smaller indoor facility, there are many synthetic turf options available for the sport of paintball.