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Product Spotlight: Desert Elite Light

Homeowners in warm climates know the challenge of growing healthy plant life. Whether it’s flowers, trees, or grass, stark temperature changes and sweltering heat often make it all but impossible to maintain a vibrant outdoor space. With Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s

Ask JW: Radius in Putting Greens

Using radius points for putting greens is a hugely essential part of the installation. You never see greens that have sharp, square, or pointed designs and there’s a reason for that. It’s important that radius lines are places around each …

Ask JW: Putting Green Fringe: Which Way Do I Go?

In my three decades in the industry, I have witnessed installers place putting green fringe in pieces, angles, and directions that create more work for them. Installers spend countless hours seaming remnants, scraps, and leftovers from other projects just to

Product Spotlight: Desert Elite

Homeowners in hot, desert climates know the challenge of growing healthy greenery. However, Synthetic Grass Warehouse steps up to that challenge by providing you with a lawn that remains soft, green, and perfectly pristine even in the hottest temperatures. SGW’s

Product Spotlight: Playground

Artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular landscaping option for playgrounds, schools, and other outdoor areas that see heavy foot traffic from kids running around. Its extreme durability and soft touch make it perfect for withstanding children’s playing, while its