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Install of the Month: OneLawn

Artificial Grass Installation Enhances School Play Area

There are many challenges for landscapers and property owners in the Bay Area, from hilly terrain to unpredictable weather. That’s why an increasing number of commercial properties are now converting to artificial turf

Ask JW: ADA Transitions in Synthetic Turf

The synthetic turf Industry has exploded over the last two decades and its faux green grass is being offered to many services. Landscape beautification, pet facilities, rooftop amenities, and indoor gyms are just a few that have taken advantage of

Product Spotlight: Imperial Fescue Mid

Having a beautifully groomed lawn is every homeowner’s dream. With synthetic turf, the hassle of maintaining a real grass lawn is now a thing of the past!

When it comes to finding the right artificial turf for your landscaping project,

Install of the Month: Ecoworkz

Artificial Grass Installation Enhances Student Apartments

Commercial property maintenance can be an expensive endeavor, especially in a dry climate like Southern California. An increasing number of commercial properties are converting to artificial turf to keep their green space looking beautiful

The Benefits of AirDrain

Through years of technological advancements in the synthetic turf industry, drainage systems have come a long way in their performance and design. AirDrain is a new design that showcases these advancements and something that everyone should have for their turf.

Ask JW: Synthetic Turf Waste

Throughout my travels, teachings, and seminars I have spoken to many contractors regarding their input on synthetic turf waste and where they place its financial burden. After being looked like I had a third eye, I was amazed to find