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ASK JW: Creases in Putting Greens

Most creases/lines in putting green materials are mainly at the edge of a roll. During manufacturing, the roll is tightly wound for packaging. When the finished product is “machine rolled”, the edge is attached to a cardboard core/tube, pushing into …

Product Spotlight: Cascade Light

Artificial grass has become the choice landscape alternative for residences, businesses, and playgrounds all over the United States, thanks to its aesthetic appeal and sustainability. With synthetic grass landscaping, homeowners and business owners can enjoy a pristine, verdant lawn all

Product Spotlight: Riviera Light

Artificial turf has become the most popular landscape alternative for residences, businesses, playgrounds, and sports fields all over the United States. Creating a dream lawn that is beautiful, low maintenance, and sustainable has never been easier! With synthetic grass, homeowners

Install of the Month: Always Green Turf

Arizona’s desert climate makes it difficult to maintain a natural green lawn, especially during a summer heatwave. Many desert landscape communities are switching to artificial turf for its realistic appearance and low maintenance qualities that appeal to everyone in the

Ask JW: Teamwork in Synthetic Turf

TEAM- “Together Everyone Achieves More”


That cliché never gets old, especially when dragging heavy rolls of turf all day long. I have always experienced accomplishing larger goals in life while being part of a TEAM.

Synthetic Turf Pool Decks

Artificial grass is now the new norm for lawns, golf courses, playgrounds, and sports fields. It’s durability, versatility, and low maintenance qualities have made it an obvious choice for many residential and commercial landscaping projects. For many homeowners, artificial turf

Product Spotlight: Cascade

If you’re looking for a beautiful, lush lawn experience for your home or business, Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Everlast Cascade artificial grass will give you the finish you desire. Low-maintenance, highly durable, and visually striking, SGW synthetic grass products will revolutionize