Behind the Install of the Month

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we are privileged to work with a lot of enthusiastic clients. During our monthly photo submission, we wanted to find out why our customer’s love our products. For Paradise Greens, our October winner, it was only a matter of time. They submitted a beautiful photo of our Sierra Pro turf installed in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here is what they have to say about SGW:

SGW:  Why do you prefer SGW products?

Paradise Greens: The good quality of the product and the customer service! You guys are very fast at getting the product out and you also have competitive pricing.

SGW: So what would you say separates us from other companies?

Paradise Greens: The customer service is excellent; the quality of the product has a good look and feel. We’ve also never had any product warranty issues.

SGW: Which product seems to be the most popular at Paradise Greens?

Paradise Greens: The Sierra Pro and the Emerald Pro do extremely well for us. The customer does choose. Those products seem to do well because of the look and feel and the softness. It just feels like real grass! That’s what we get the most feedback about.

SGW: Which product is your favorite?

Paradise Greens:  I do like the Sierra Pro a lot because it emulates real Arizona grass.

SGW: How do you feel about winning our Photo of the Month contest?

Paradise Greens: We are privileged! It says a lot about our company and the product, as well.