Artificial Turf Helps With Allergies

April 17, 2018

Now that Spring has finally arrived, one of the biggest concerns most homeowners seem to face this time of year are those pesky allergies. Grass is the most common source of outdoor allergies, and it affects more than 50 million people every year!

A real grass lawn emits pollen that gets released into the air and creates irritating and uncomfortable symptoms that are difficult to alleviate. For those who have kids or pets running around, artificial turf is a great solution for allergies. Not only that, artificial grass is a wonderful low-maintenance alternative that creates a fun, safe and durable landscape that everyone can enjoy.

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with your friends and family. Installing turf before and during the allergy season will be extremely beneficial in order to avoid any and all allergen discomfort. All of our turf is guaranteed with a 15 year warranty that will guarantee you a beautiful and plush for many years to come.

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