Install of the Month: Southern Turf Co.

March 28, 2024

Milton, GA — Residential and commercial property owners alike are turning to synthetic grass landscaping for its visual and practical benefits. From its evergreen appearance to its low-maintenance durability, synthetic turf is the ideal landscaping choice for any climate and property type. One homeowner — whose home is also a commercial property — recently sought an artificial turf transformation that would elevate their working ranch while standing up to high foot traffic from humans and animals alike. Southern Turf Co. stepped up to the challenge, completing the project in record time with the help of industry-leading SGW turf.

Southern Turf Co. recently installed 4,000 square feet of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Nature’s Best artificial turf in Painted Horse Winery, a home, vineyard, and working ranch in Milton, GA. Everlast Nature’s Best features a dynamic tri-toned coloring of field green, lime green, and tan blade tones with contrasting tan and green thatch that creates a realistic, ultra-lush appearance. It has a face weight of 67 ounces and a 1.75-inch pile height, making it ideal for landscape applications with moderate foot traffic. The C-spine blade shape aids in its durability by enhancing the turf’s resilience and ensuring that it remains soft to the touch. Each turf blade is also triple-reinforced within the turf’s proprietary backing through innovative tuft bind technology. A uniquely formulated polyurethane-coated backing provides greater seam strength and durability than other artificial grass products, and a drainage rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard means that Nature’s Best makes cleanup a breeze year-round. It’s also coated with a U.V. inhibitor during the manufacturing process, so the perfectly green grass will never fade, no matter how much sunlight it experiences.

Southern Turf Co.’s client was seeking a natural-looking landscaping solution that would hold up to their property’s extremely high foot traffic. With dogs, horses, goats, and kids running around day after day, they needed a product that was tough and worry-free while still looking lush. “The property is a family home but also a working ranch,” says Southern Turf Co. co-founder Will Martin. “The ranch also has day camps, so immediately after the install, rowdy children began running on it.”

With an urgent need for a hard-wearing product, the client still wanted synthetic grass that looked lush and natural. “The area we worked on is a gathering area next to their vineyard, where people will sip the vineyard’s wine and listen to local musicians.” To enhance the vineyard’s appearance, Southern Turf Co. and their client choose Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Nature’s Best artificial grass. “The client preferred the natural look of Nature’s Best over the competitors,” says Martin.

Despite rain postponing the installation, Southern Turf Co. was still able to complete the job in record time, meeting their client’s exceptionally quick deadline. “Our fantastic crew, led by Roberto Gomez, kicked it into high gear and completed the install on time,” says Martin, “to the client’s delight — and my relief.”

Southern Turf Co. proudly serves homeowners and business owners throughout the American South. With more than a dozen locations spanning from Arizona to Washington D.C., the Southern Turf Co. team can transform any landscape into a water-wise oasis with their expertise in artificial grass. “Whether a mansion in Buckhead or a town home in Chamblee, we treat our customers with the respect and dignity they deserve,” says Martin.

Southern Turf Co. is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for March 2024.




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