Install of the Month: Xeroscapes

January 16, 2018

While many homeowners make the switch to turf for water conservation or money reasons, Arizona residents have been using turf to appeal to curbside home shoppers.

Xeroscapes recently installed 1,570 square foot of Everlast Imperial Fescue Mid in this Arizona backyard. Imperial Fescue Mid artificial turf features both field and olive green grass blade color tones that are paired with a brown thatch layer. Each blade is created with a U.V. inhibitor during the manufacturing process so the colors will not fade. This product was the perfect solution for this project due to the budget. The client was in the business of flipping houses for resale and their budget was for the home’s entire remodel. They preferred the thinner blade look that Imperial Fescue Mid could provide.

“The client was looking for a clean, manicured look,” Glenn Lavery, owner of Xeroscapes told us. “In Arizona, many transplant residents from other areas of the country want more greenery than the desert can provide. The Sonoran Desert has some beautiful things to offer but grass is not one of them.” In order to resell these homes, flippers need to appeal to the greenery standards these out of state shoppers are looking for and Xeroscapes has been providing. “This client was a friend of mine, but I’ve done 5 installs in this community and I am confident he will be calling me again for his future projects,” Lavery says.

Xeroscapes began their turf industry work in 2006 and serves the Marana, Oro Valley, Vail, and Corona de Tucson area. They have been featured in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine and provides discounted service to homeowners with a sod lawn. Lavery is also very proud to offer a wide variety of artificial grass options due to his relationship with Synthetic Grass Warehouse. “Cutting edge turf technology along with first class customer service is the driving force behind the success that has made us one of Tucson’s premier turf installers,” Lavery says. “A 15 year warranty is attached to these products, but a warranty is no good if no one is there to provide it. I believe we have a track record that shows we’re here for the long haul.”

Xeroscapes is our January 2018 “Install of the Month” winner.

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