Product Spotlight: Playground Fescue

March 28, 2024

For parents, caregivers, and commercial property owners seeking a visually appealing, safe, and low-maintenance landscaping solution, synthetic grass is the premier choice. By pairing the natural, verdant look of grass with the durability and practicality of synthetic fibers, artificial turf gives property owners the best of both worlds, enabling them to create a fun and worry-free playground that can withstand hours of play each day. If you have a home or business with kids running around regularly — or that receives any kind of heavy foot traffic — ask your installer about SGW Playground Fescue.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s TigerTurf Playground Fescue is parents’ and caregivers’ first choice when seeking a safe, practical, and beautiful playground landscape. It features a dynamic dual coloring of field green and olive green blade tones with tan and green thatch that makes it appear just like real grass without the hassle or hazards. It also has a pile height of 1.375 inches and a 55-ounce face weight, making it ideal for moderate to heavy foot traffic. The state-of-the-art 3D curvy “W” fiber shape also provides enhanced support for areas with repeated use, making it an ideal choice for kid-friendly landscapes that need to withstand hours of play. Each turf blade is also coated with a U.V. inhibitor during the manufacturing process, so your perfectly green grass will never fade, no matter how much sunlight it’s exposed to. Its industry-leading K29 quadruple-layered action backing also provides unparalleled seam strength and durability, as well as a remarkable drainage rate of more than 400 inches per hour per square yard, making it the perfect turf product for just about anything your kids throw at it.

Guaranteed to last, Playground Fescue artificial grass is the perfect landscape for any residential or commercial property, especially those with kids at play. Synthetic Grass Warehouse guarantees that your TigerTurf Playground Fescue artificial turf landscaping will meet your expectations and remain beautiful for years to come. All of our artificial grass products are non-toxic, lead-free and backed by the best warranty in the industry. We provide the finest artificial grass products on the market, so call us today to find out more about our available options for your next project.

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