Seam Integration – Part 3 – Manipulation

November 26, 2019

The worst thing you can do is overwork a synthetic turf seam. Synthetic turf fibers when overworked will show a different shade of color. This is primarily due to light. Mostly UV Light.

Example; When a sample of turf is placed with its leaning fibers facing toward the focal point, there is a darker, deeper color that occurs differently as to when the fibers being placed away from the focal point.  This is due to the angle of the fiber in conjunction to light. If you witness a “shiny” surface in areas of your installs this means the turf fibers are lying flat allowing “Light” to shine off their surface and will need some assistance in getting them vertical. When it comes to installing and blending two sections of turf seams together it is crucial for you to understand how manipulation and light can have affect upon your installations.

This month ASK JW will explain why “Manipulation” can cause reoccurring havoc on your installations.

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