Introducing Ask JW Vlogs: The New Way to Get The Best Artificial Turf Tips

October 27, 2022

Hello everyone!! I hope this year has brought health, happiness, and prosperity to all of you. I have some exciting news to share with you about the future of “ASK JW.” Many of you know that I love helping others succeed. I have written thousands of posts, articles, and columns on synthetic turf and have so much more to talk about. I have chosen to go from a blog to a vlog to make it easier for my audience to connect with me. I will be shooting instructional videos over the upcoming months on tips, tricks, and methods I have created over the decades to assist you in your synthetic turf journey. This new platform will allow me to personally engage with you and everyone who wants to sharpen their skills in the turf industry. The ASK JW Vlog will showcase installers’ highlights and the great work that synthetic turf has to offer all over the nation.

I look forward to all of you joining me!
– JW

For more information contact J.W. at or call 888.846.3598

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