Custom Putting Greens for Your Commercial Property

Whether you manage an apartment complex, an office building, or a sports supply store, custom artificial grass putting greens are the perfect solution for any commercial property. Synthetic Grass Warehouse has nine different putting turf varieties that can replicate the feel of a professional course while providing hours of carefree fun for your visitors. 


If you manage an apartment complex or housing development, a custom putting green is a great amenity to offer residents. Artificial turf increases your property value and enhances curb appeal, attracting more prospective tenants to your property than ever before. It’s a low-maintenance solution that doesn’t require watering to maintain, so an increase in green space won’t mean an increase in utility bills or maintenance costs. No matter what shape or size the space you have to work with is, artificial grass putting greens can be completely customized to fit your needs.


Synthetic turf putting greens can be installed indoors or outdoors, making them a valuable addition to sports supply stores and golf shops. Having an artificial grass putting green available in your shop will impress customers and allow them to test out products before buying. Our putting green products all replicate the look and feel of a professional-grade golf course, so customers can get the most accurate feel for the game possible while testing out the turf. Custom synthetic grass putting greens are perfect for rented-out putting areas, showcases or tradeshows, and golf supply shops. 


From kids’ playtime to PGA-level practice, custom putting greens can accommodate any need. Synthetic Grass Warehouse has a wide variety of different putting green products available, and all are guaranteed to never fade. Our putting products all come with an eight-year warranty, so you can be confident in every SGW purchase you make. If you’d like to speak to one of our in-house designers about the best custom putting green for you, give us a call today and get started.

How to Upgrade Your Pool Deck with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has boomed in popularity for lawns, golf courses, pet turf, and sports fields. Its versatility, durability, and low maintenance have made it an obvious choice for many residential and commercial landscaping projects. However, one area that many homeowners may have not considered for artificial grass use is their pool deck. Recently, artificial grass for pool decking has become an increasingly popular option over stone, concrete, and even real grass due to its many benefits. 


Artificial grass’s main advantage is that it never needs to be mowed, trimmed, fertilized, or otherwise regularly maintained. While many homeowners opt for synthetic turf because this saves them time and money, it’s also a health and safety benefit. Eliminating the use of gasoline-powered tools and toxic fertilizer chemicals around your pool will keep your pool water safer and cleaner for your family and will lessen the impact on your pool filter. 


Synthetic turf’s astonishing drainage capabilities are another factor that makes it the perfect solution for pool decks. Splashing and playing in the pool can introduce a lot of water to the surrounding area. With real grass, this results in water-logged surfaces and even the growth of mold or mildew. However, artificial grass can handle excessive water easily thanks to its ultra-efficient drainage system. SGW turf products can drain at a rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square foot, which means there’s never any mud, slippery surfaces, or broken grass blades to contend with. Your artificial grass will feel completely dry within the hour, which creates a safer and more comfortable environment for those in and around the pool area. 

If you want to make the most of your backyard pool in summer, consider artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Warehouse. With artificial grass for your pool deck, you can enjoy the summer worry-free. All of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the best warranty in the industry. If you’d like a free sample of one of our market-leading synthetic turf products, fill out the form here or give us a call at (800) 730-2675.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Property Managers and HOAs

Homeowner association executives and property managers know how challenging it can be to maintain an attractive outdoor environment throughout the year, especially the dry summer months when rain is lacking. Beautiful and well-maintained landscaping is essential because it indicates to homeowners that they live in a quality neighborhood, and it even raises property value. However, maintaining this lush, green outdoor landscaping can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you’re managing multiple large properties. Artificial grass is the perfect solution for property managers and HOAs, as it provides an evergreen appearance with virtually no maintenance. 

Synthetic turf’s most significant appeal is its ability to remain even in color and height all year long. Its uniform height, color, and thickness make it look luxurious and healthy even during the driest summer heat. Dual-tone blades give the turf a realistic appearance while ensuring that it always looks well-maintained. However, artificial grass has other benefits that are amazing as well; it actually requires very little maintenance, which is why so many property managers love it for their properties. The cost of watering and gardening large residential complexes is tens of thousands of dollars each year. With artificial grass installation, this figure is reduced exponentially. There’s no need to hire a landscaper to mow, edge, fertilize, or otherwise maintain your synthetic turf. Daily watering can also be eliminated, as artificial grass doesn’t require watering to maintain its green appearance. Without the need to invest in costly irrigation systems or gardening services, your landscaping costs are reduced to a fraction of their original price.

Increase your property values and see a significant ROI after just two years on average by switching to artificial grass. If you’re an HOA or property manager looking for landscaping solutions for your residences, consider synthetic turf from Synthetic Grass Warehouse. All of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the best warranty in the industry. If you’d like a free sample of one of our market-leading synthetic turf products, fill out the form here or give us a call at (800) 730-2675.

TigerCool Artificial Grass Products

It’s getting warmer every day, and soon the blistering summer heat will be out in full force. When the weather heats up, clients want a backyard that provides an oasis for them and their family where they can cool off and make the most of the sunshine. With Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s range of artificial grass products featuring innovative TigerCool technology, there’s never any need to worry about the discomfort of overheated grass in your oasis.

Our TigerTurf products feature the latest innovations available in the artificial turf market, including first-of-its-kind TigerCool temperature-control technology. Through years of research and development, TigerTurf and Tencate have revolutionized the synthetic turf industry. Utilizing Tencate’s unique, advanced yarns, TigerTurf engineered a product with heat reflective color pigments and UV inhibitors that reduce surface temperatures by up to 15 percent. The heat-reflective dark color pigments used in TigerCool products reflect infrared light rather than absorb them, causing a decrease in heat buildup that isn’t possible in standard turf products. In a series of solar panel tests, it was found that TigerCool technology successfully reduced turf temperatures by 15 percent (up to 10 degrees), making it safer and more comfortable.

TigerCool is incorporated in our Diamond and Marquee series – two of our best-selling lines. Both lines offer products for a range of needs, covering light to heavy foot traffic. Pile heights range from 1.75 inches to 2.50 inches, and face weights vary from 60 ounces to 85 ounces. All of our products are safe for children and are pet-friendly so that even the smallest members of the household can safely enjoy the summer sun.

If you want to get summer-ready with TigerCool artificial grass for your clients, we at Synthetic Grass Warehouse would be happy to assist you with all of your needs. Request a free sample of

our TigerTurf TigerCool products here or give us a call at (866) 237-8873 for more information.

3 Reasons Artificial Turf is the Perfect Solution for Dog Kennels

SGW products are versatile and can benefit landscapes that experience high traffic levels, children, and pet play! Artificial grass has provided parks, kennels, boarding facilities, and residences across the nation with a safe, durable, and low maintenance landscape alternative for their pets. Synthetic turf allows dogs to play, train, and relax in a perfect environment without the worry of harmful allergies or heavy maintenance.


Unlike real grass that is prone to uneven patches, holes, and mud, synthetic grass provides a durable play surface that can handle any amount of rough play. Our TigerTurf Pet Turf is the preferred choice and is one of the highest quality pet systems on the market. Pet Turf features a propriety turf backing where each grass blade is triple reinforced through tuft bind technology, allowing for any amount of rough play! Our state-of-the-art Pet Turf also features a perforated backing that allows any liquids to drain through easily and efficiently – making clean up easy!

Allergen Free

Many pet owners are wary of natural grass lawns and kennels due to their pet’s allergies. Feeling comfortable and knowing that your pets are playing on a safe and clean surface is what every pet owner wants. Many real grass lawns need pesticides and fertilizers to stay alive and green which can potentially hinder your pet’s health and aggravate any allergy your pet may have. Installing artificial turf provides residential and commercial dog kennels/runs with a fun and safe landscape alternative that will make any pet and owner happy. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, all of our Pet System products are non-toxic and lead-free!

Low Maintenance

Not only does artificial grass provide a safe and durable landscape for pets, but it’s also a low maintenance landscape alternative! Picking up solid waste is just as easy as real grass – so plastic bags and pooper scoopers work just fine. Let your four-legged friends play all day on our synthetic grass. You also don’t need to worry about patching up mud puddles or holes. Your pets can’t dig through the turf backing and mud is a thing of the past! Save yourself time, money and water with an SGW pet system!

Our highly rated Pet Turf system ensures a safe, fun, and low maintenance environment for pets of all shapes and sizes! Our pet turf is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry, ensuring that your pet system will last you for years to come. To read more about our Pet Turf System, click here.

The Best Pet System Products for your Pet Installation

When it comes to pet systems, you want to make sure that you provide your four-legged friends with the safest area to lounge and play. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we offer every homeowner and installer with the leading pet turf system in the industry. The pet system products work together to create a beautiful, fresh smelling synthetic grass lawn. Our system products include Envirofill, Zeolite Max (an antibacterial, urine neutralizing turf deodorizer), UV stabilized Pet Turf that will never fade, and Turf Fresh.

TigerTurf Pet Turf

Our TigerTurf Pet Turf is one of the highest quality pet system products on the market. Pet Turf features a 1” inch pile height with a sturdy 60 ounce face weight that allows for high durability levels and easy cleanup. This turf is equipped with our proprietary turf backing where each grass blade is triple reinforced through tuft bind technology – making it incredibly resistant to pull force, allowing for any amount of rough play! Pet Turf also features a perforated backing so liquid can drain through efficiently.

Designed never to fade, TigerTurf Pet Turf is equipped with U.V. inhibitors during the manufacturing process to ensure that your pet turf landscape will stay vibrant and green all year long.

Zeolite Max

Zeolite Max is an odor controlling pet deodorizer that contains non-toxic, biodegradable granules that trap and neutralize ammonia-based odors by direct contact or air. Zeolite Max is the only infill of its kind to carry a negatively charged ion – creating the critical variable that prevents ammonia from turning into a gas, thus eliminating any unpleasant smell or odor.

Zeolite Max is primarily used as a supplemental infill, which is placed under the turf as well as the base of the fibers to manage odor control. We recommend pairing Zeolite Max with Envirofill for the best results.


Envirofill is a lead-free product that does not absorb heat or unwanted bacteria and odors from pet waste. During the manufacturing process, Envirofill is infused with Microban antimicrobial protection, which helps stop spore growth and migration of bacterial enzymes. This state-of-the-art antimicrobial technology is engineered within the coated sand, adding a layer of protection to deviate from mold, mildew, stains, and odors. Durafill is non-toxic, will not absorb urine, and can be rinsed or disinfected.

Turf Fresh

Turf Fresh is an organic, biodegradable solution that eliminates any lingering odors within your pet turf system. Its active enzymes break down odor-causing bacteria hiding in the turf. Turf Fresh will be sure to leave your synthetic grass smelling clean and fresh!
Our durable Pet Turf system ensures a safe, fun, and low maintenance environment for pets of all shapes and sizes! Our pet turf is backed by a 15-year warranty, ensuring that your pet system will last you for years to come. To read more about our Pet Turf System, click here.

Featured Story: Saying Goodbye to 2017!

From everyone here at Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we would like to thank all our fantastic clients and homeowners who have brought us great joy this year. We’ve had a successful year and wish to continue growing as a company.

Our Install of the Month program has been a great success and we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with each and every client who has been a part of it. We take pride in helping our clients achieve success within their businesses as well as seeing them grow year by year.

In 2017, we introduced some amazing new products, including Nature’s Best, Cascade and Cascade Light. Our inventory will continue to grow as and we will continue to provide you with the best customer service and high-quality products in the industry.

Again, thank you to all of our loyal customers, we look forward to an exciting new year ahead!

Invest in a Synthetic Grass Lawn Today!

Investing in conservation efforts have led us in the right direction to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and clean up our carbon emissions. Thousands of cities across the nation offer rebates to those who invest in synthetic grass, as water efficient upgrades for your residence.

It’s never too late to upgrade your home landscape with synthetic grass! The planet and your wallet will thank you later! A natural grass lawn means spending an average of $11,500 a year on maintenance alone. Almost $2,300 of your hard earned money goes to paying water bills and maintaining your lawn! A synthetic grass lawn means no water, mowing, pesticides or fertilizer.

But why listen to us? Make the call yourself.

We have created a cost comparison chart- natural grass vs. artificial grass so you can see just how much money you could save by trading in your thirsty turf for synthetic grass. All of our synthetic grass products are non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it perfectly safe for pets and animals.

Now is the time to ditch that natural grass and invest in a beautiful, eco-friendly and low-maintenance artificial grass lawn.

Check out our chart here!

Congratulations, Texas Custom Turf!

Congratulations to Texas Custom Turf, our September 2016 Install of the Month!

The Austin based installer has over 20 years of combined experience in home construction, landscaping, and award winning customer service.

The company specializes in everything ‘turf’ – xeriscaping, putting greens, residential landscapes – but owner Chris Neighbors said that he has noticed a new trend when it comes to artificial grass. “We have mostly dealt with residential installations, but our last few installs have been commercial properties.”

The most recent commercial artificial grass project was an 11,500 sq ft install of Diamond Light Fescue at the Westwood Country Club in downtown Austin, TX. “This install took a little extra TLC and attention to detail,” Neighbors said. “The club has large oak trees all over the property which required a different drainer layer underneath the turf.”

Neighbors said that the end result was everything the owners wanted. “We always try to go the extra mile for all of our clients,” he said. “It’s really important to us because a large amount of our business is based on referrals from our jobs.”

Neighbors believes that more businesses are looking to artificial grass due to the large amount of residential installs. “We’ll install for a home and then that person will be the owner of a small business or go into work and talk about how great their lawn looks,” he said. “Artificial grass really has some great benefits other than just saving water, it cuts back on the time and money spent maintaining a traditional lawn.”

For more information about this company, click here.


Congratulations, Anchor Turf!

Congratulations to our August 2016 Install of the Month, Anchor Turf! Don’t let the two-year old company fool you, what they lack in age, they make up for in knowledge and experience!

The Orange County based installer recently placed a 700 sq. ft. installation of Synthetic Grass Warehouse Diamond Pro Spring turf in Dana Point. The installation required raising the yard to make it appear larger. They also replaced the driveway, which was heavily damaged and cracked due to tree roots, with concrete and blackstone to give the entire landscape a whole different dimension and purpose. The added feature was a putting green for their oldest child, who started to show an interest in golf.

“This installation is the perfect example of why difficult jobs require an experienced team,” Hesley said. “The family is very happy with the results.”

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the two-year-old company. “It only takes one bad job to ruin your reputation,” Hesley said. “We put our best into each installation, and we will continue to put in our due diligence as we grow and need to find new crew members.”

For more information about this company, click here.