Lead in Synthetic Grass and SGW

We have been recently mentioned in an article regarding the issues of the chemical lead in Synthetic grass. This article can be found here Lead in Artificial Grass . We are proud to be one of the few companies that has no traceable or harmful amount of lead in their artificial turf. Using our quality techniques and innovative manufacturing technology, we have been able to produce the most realistic and eco-friendly artificial grass.

We Moved! Synthetic Grass Warehouse has a new Location.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse has moved! We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our 25,000 sq. ft distribution center. We have taken this gigantic step forward to meet the increasing demand of synthetic grass products nationwide. By implementing a strong long term business plan with high ethical standards, SGW has been able to expand our markets consistently over the past five years. Thanks to our network of large distributors and our exclusive contract with TigerTurf we are now poised to serve the growing needs of our valued dealers and customer base. TigerTurf is the largest synthetic grass supplier in the global marketplace.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse is located at 1400 North Daly Street, Anaheim CA, 92806. We also have a new toll-free number. You can contact us via phone at 877-643-8006 or email us at Info@SyntheticGrassWarehouse.com. Now off the 91 Freeway and State College Blvd., the new warehouse stores over one (1) million square feet of various Synthetic Grass products. As the largest distribution center in North America SGW utilizes the most innovative and sophisticated systems to ship nationwide, same day.

Keeping up with the latest trends we embrace logistics, management, marketing and branding. Synthetic Grass Warehouse is now on Twitter and Facebook (Links Below) as well as joining the blog world. Follow us on all of our social media to stay up to date on our operations as well as other news in the Artificial Grass world. We would like to thank all of our customers, distributors and on-site staff for making Synthetic Grass Warehouse the preferred choice for Artificial Turf.

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TigerTurf and the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

Notice something different this year at the 2009 Fox Teen Choice Awards? Well besides all the fabulous stars and great acts, the Teen Choice Awards decided to “green the awards” and become more eco-friendly. Instead of using the regular red carpet runway, they used a new green carpet. So as you read about the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, don’t be surprised to see the words “green carpet” instead of “red carpet” being thrown around. This has already shown up on YouTube.com – Video on the Green Carpet – and on news and blog articles all over the web like this one –Teen Choice Awards Roundup!.

This carpet was artificial grass provided by TigerTurf, who is also our exclusive provider of synthetic grass in North America. TigerTurf is the largest distributor of Artificial Lawns and Sports Turf in the world. TigerTurf sponsored the Teen Choice Awards by providing their environment safe synthetic grass. This type of sod, or patches of grass, is becoming very popular for people who are environmentally conscious. This fake grass takes minimal maintenance and no watering. It can be used for homes or business and can even handle pets and their waste. It is also widely used for sports like Arena Football, Golf and Tennis.

The stars showed their support by taking pictures with our TigerTurf representative and our official hat. Some even requested information so they can begin developing projects to TigerTurf their home with an artificial lawn. This was all part of Fox’s  “green the awards” campaign to get celebrities, fans, and companies involved in raising environment awareness.

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