Army Sergeant Receives Turf For New Home

On November 8, 2003, Army Sergeant Mary Herrera of the 855th Military Police Company of the Arizona National Guard was on a trainee transportation mission to Abu Ghraib Prison near Ramadi, Iraq when her platoon had been ambushed by rifle fire, mines, and rocket-propelled grenades. Herrera had maintained control of her weapon during the ambush, helping to secure the safety of her group. It wasn’t until after entering a safe area did Herrera notice a loss of sensation in her right arm. Two AK-47 rounds had broken two bones in her forearm and punctured her bicep.

Herrera was transferred to the Brooke Army Medical Center in Fort Sam Houston TX where she was given numerous surgeries, skin grafts, and physical therapy. Herrera was able to keep her arm and received the Purple Heart for her wounds as a result of enemy and hostile action.

Herrera’s incredible story has helped pass the Mary Herrera Bill in Arizona. The bill authorizes tuition waiver scholarships for National Guardsmen and women who have received the Purple Heart or had been medically discharged due to injuries from serving in the military after 9/11.

When Building Homes for Heroes requested our assistance for the landscaping of US Army Sergeant Mary Herrera’s home in Tucson, AZ, we gave them whatever they needed.

It was an honor to work with Building Homes for Heroes in their support for Sgt. Herrera.

Thank you Sgt. Mary Herrera for your service, we hope you and your daughter enjoy your new artificial grass.




SGW Product Incorporated into School Environmental Program

Synthetic Grass Warehouse products have played a vital role for drought-conservation across many water-stricken states who deal with dry conditions on a daily basis.

Through school programs such as University of North Texas’ Environmental Education Initiative, water conservation and waste diversion programs educate young children about the importance of environmentally-friendly landscapes and systems in classrooms across Dallas.

By incorporating drought-friendly products such as SGW synthetic turf within the program at Nancy J. Cochran Elementary School, students are asked to formulate their own version of an environment that conserves water and minimizes waste.

“The student’s selected synthetic grass to help with drainage and to increase recreational use for more days out of the year,” said EEI Certification Coordinator and UNT grad student Jared Williams. “The grass is soft and they can play outside more often after it rains.”

SGW supplied popular turf product TigerTurf Diamond Light Spring for their outdoor education area. The recreation area was designed to highlight urban landscape features such as native plants, landscape edging and synthetic turf.

“During the grand opening ceremony, the student’s faces lit up,” said Williams. “We donated a whole bunch of watershed toys. You can definitely tell they were enjoying their new space.”

The students are encourage to fill recycle bins with recyclable materials. At the end of every month, the city collects these bins from the program and a percentage of the funds are returned back to the school.

“Our goal is to certify as many schools within Dallas as possible so kids can become more environmentally educated in water conservation,” said Williams.

Dogs Love SGW’s Diamond Supreme Spring Turf!

Krinkles loves his new lawn! Photo Courtsey: HomeJelly

Krinkles loves his new lawn! Photo Courtesy: HomeJelly

Synthetic Grass Warehouse recently partnered with popular home decor/design blog HomeJelly to create the perfect puppy patch for their Manhattan Beach backyard by donating our one of our newest synthetic grass products, Diamond Supreme Spring. Krinkle’s Corner was created in honor of Klunker’s, their four-legged family member who recently passed away from degenerative myelopathy–a progressive spinal disease. The small but mighty 72 square foot area will not only act as their new pooch’s special spot, but also serve as a drought-friendly landscape addition to their backyard


For more information about our pet system products, contact SGW today or click here!


SGW Donates Synthetic Grass to Home of Afghanistan War Veteran


Synthetic Grass Warehouse is honored to donate synthetic turf to the home of U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg this past Friday, March 13 in Gilbert, Arizona. East Valley-based Landscape company Accent Landscaping donated their time to install the turf for Sergeant Remsburg’s front and backyard.

Sergeant Remsburg was welcomed into his brand new customized home by national media, project donors and President Obama—who made an unplanned stop after visiting Veteran Affairs in Phoenix, said a New York Times article.

“’The greatest honor of my life is serving as commander in chief of the greatest military the world’s ever known,’” Mr. Obama told media. “’Never give up, never give in’ attitude was the kind of thing that keeps me going.’”

While deployed in Afghanistan, Sergeant Remsburg and his platoon experience a roadside bomb where he sustained serious injuries and was in a three month-long coma. Through Jared Allen Homes for Wounded Warriors, Sergeant Remsburg received a customized home to meet his needs.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Co-owner Victor Lanfranco reserves a special commitment to foundations that improve the lives of United States veterans. As a Vietnam era veteran, Lanfranco consistently dedicates a portion of his business to those in the armed services.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be put in a position where we can help this American hero,” said Lanfranco. “We never turn our backs on our heroes.”

wounded warrior photo collage

Give back this holiday season

OC Food Bank

Every year Synthetic Grass Warehouse likes to focus on giving back to our local communities through various outreach programs and come together as more than a working staff…we like to work as a team to help others during this holiday season! If you stop by SGW, please bring your non-perishable items to donate to the OC Food Bank. The boxes are located at the front desk!

Did you know:

  • 50 million people in the United States don’t have access to the food they need to live healthy and productive lives.
  • Out of the 50 million people, 17 million are children.
  • Orange County, Calif. is among the top 10 counties in the U.S. for childhood food insecurity.

Help change these statistics with your donation!!

Anything helps! Here are few most needed items:

  • Easy Open Food (fruits, veggies, tuna, ravioli)
  • Dry Foods (beans, rice, pasta, macaroni, cereal)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Snacks (granola bars)
  • Drinks (bottled water, juice, coffee, tea)




A Helping Hand to a Four-Legged Friend

With SGW's turf donation, Boston Terrier Bro's backyard went from dirt to beautiful safe lawn!

With SGW’s turf donation, Boston Terrier Bro’s backyard went from dirt to beautiful safe lawn!

We enjoy making special dedications to our furry friends, especially with our synthetic grass products. However, there was an especially unique case we found could change one little dog’s lifestyle and we couldn’t resist sharing our turf to improve his playtime terrain.

A few months ago, a customer approached SGW about her Boston terrier “Bro” who suffers from cerebral hypoplasia, a condition that occurs in a dog’s early life stages where parts of the cerebellum have not completely developed. This condition causes a variety of symptoms among dogs such as falling, limb tremors and aggravated bodily movement, according to the PetMD website.Without his ability to use his hind legs, Bro puts the majority of his weight on his front legs—his back legs fall behind on the once rough backyard scape making playtime difficult. Without hesitation, SGW transformed Bro’s backyard, which consisted of rocks and dirt, into a 1500 square foot evergreen landscape with our Sequoia Ultra Light turf so he and his family can safely run and play.

Check out our happy customer!

Boston Terrier "Bro" loves his new backyard.

Boston Terrier “Bro” loves his new backyard.

Photo Courtesy: Hannah Rapetti

TigerTurf Donates $30K in Synthetic Grass to Arizona Woman

For the past ten years, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has been involved with all types of non-profit organizations across the nation.  We always want to find ways to give back to our local communities, especially when there is a great need for high-quality products.

Recently Phoenix, Ariz. Resident Emily Ingersoll experienced a serious pitfall in the turf industry through companies un-related to SGW and the story was exposed by a Phoenix local news station channel 3 On Your Side, “3 On Your Side: Turf debacle leaves woman with $28K mess.”  Ms. Ingersoll trains show dogs and has dedicated her time, backyard and pocketbook to this task.

SGW felt compelled to help Ms. Ingersoll resolve the problem and restore her confidence in synthetic grass products. So in response to Ms. Ingersoll’s poorly installed turf project, we partnered with Arizona Luxury Lawns to install 6,810 square feet of our Diamond Light Spring synthetic grass along with 6,700 pounds of our Artificial Turf Deodorizer infill.

“I’ve seen some bad installs, but this one took the cake,” SGW Co-owner Victor Lanfranco told 3 On Your Side. “Not only that, but a lot of money was spent here by Emily.”

SGW felt a personal responsibility to help Ms. Ingersoll and shed some positive light on the synthetic grass industry, despite the recent drawback.

“I was shocked,” Ingersoll told 3 On Your Side.’“I couldn’t believe that someone would do that, would be so generous to do that, of course, I’m thrilled.”

Arizona Luxury Lawns donated three days of their time and efforts to install the grass and infill.

Check out the story featured on “3 On Your Side UPDATE: Two companies donate $30K project to help consumer.”

We were excited to see the story feature Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014 and want to thank Arizona Luxury Lawns for all of their hard work and dedication!

The SGW Team Comes Together & Gives Back to Tacloban!

Our wonderful Office Manager, Lorena Matthews, was devastated to hear about the destruction in her hometown of Tacloban, Philippines, following the massive Haiyan Typhoon. She knew she couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, so she organized a company wide fundraiser to assist with the rescue & recovery efforts currently underway in her hometown.

We received this letter over the weekend, and are so happy to hear they were able to use our donations.  We are extremely proud of Lorena’s efforts, and will continue to assist in anyway we can!


Thank you 2 Thank you 1

Happy Holidays from SGW!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, again! At SGW we like to focus on the giving spirit by donating to causes like the OC Food Bank and Salvation Army as these as well as many other organizations are constantly inspiring us to give back to the local and worldwide communities.

Sadly, one of our employees’ family and friends were victims of the tragic Super Typhoon Yoland that hit Southeast Asia this past November. Almost immediately our CEO’s and co-workers made very generous donations to her family and friends overseas. We want to encourage you to support this cause during the season of giving by donating to great non-profits like the Red Cross, The World Food Program or UNICEF among dozens of other wonderful relief efforts.
This holiday season, give back to those in need, whether through local charities or overseas relief efforts.

“It is not about how much we give, but about how much love we put into giving.”

-Mother Teresa

From all of us at SGW: Happy Holidays!

Solar Decathalon Recap

Solar Decathlon recap:

October began with the biennial 2013 Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. SGW got to catch all of the action while donating 900 square feet of our Tacoma Light synthetic grass to Site Design Studio Inc.

Student teams from universities around the world met at The Great Park in Irvine, Calif. October 3rd through the 13th to showcase each team’s self-made sustainable energy house.  Every home was equipped with true innovative features like geopolymer concrete walls–concert walls that, when created, reduce carbon emissions by 90 percent–and photovoltaic shading—a method based on the creation of electrical currents upon exposure to light that can generate electrical power.

Also featured as a sustainable landscape product that reduces carbon emissions, SGW synthetic grass can also save up to 55 gallons of water per square yard in one year! So forget lawn mowers, watering and toxic pesticides and decorate your sustainable home with synthetic grass!

Out of the 20 teams, Team Austria from Vienna University took home the grand prize for their excellent blend of optimal energy production and efficiency, consumer appeal, design and affordability for their LISI house.

University of North Carolina’s UrbanEden home, designed as an urban infill project, received first for people’s choice and featured a variety of sustainable aspects, as well.

Renewable energy is constant source of inspiration for Synthetic Grass Warehouse as we continue to take a stand for water-saving techniques.  Between electric bikes, solar panels and seminars about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, SGW was there to absorb the information while showing the public how our products can save tons of water. We strive to feature not only the most innovative products in the synthetic grass industry, but also the most sustainable products. By educating ourselves about the benefits of sustainable energy, we only improve our product development so lawns and parks across America can save one of our most precious resources: water.