Learn How to Install Synthetic Grass at SGW Fresno!

As the demand for synthetic turf increases, so does Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s distribution locations! SGW Fresno is California Central Valley’s hub for the top synthetic turf products and services. As of October 30, 2014 SGW expanded its reach to better accommodate the artificial grass demand.

SGW Fresno is always fully stocked with 100,000 square feet of synthetic turf in addition to all accessories and offers synthetic grass installation certification classes and training for installers and DIY-ers. The installation process has never been easier!

SGW Fresno is the only company in the Central Valley that offers installers as well as homeowners a full four hour certification course. The course costs $100, however, when you buy product at SGW Fresno, you receive $100 off of your purchase. SGW Fresno offers this course for contractor’s once a month on a Wednesday and a course for homeowners once a month on a Saturday. Call to find out the next available classes!

In addition to earning an SGW installation certification, installers or homeowners can continue to fine tune their installation skills any time during normal business hours.

If you live in California’s Central Valley and are interested in installation classes and synthetic turf products, reach out to our awesome team today!

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Backyard Fun for the Fourth

Relaxation in your backyard beats traffic any day!

It’s that time of year where fireworks, backyard BBQ’s and white t-shirt stains are aplenty! Every city has traditions and hundreds of people will flock to all corners of legal parking limits to take in some Americana—forget traffic and create your own fun in your backyard! Celebrate America’s Independence Day on your Synthetic Grass Warehouse turf in style with these ‘Backyard Fun!’ ideas.

1.) BBQ: To state the obvious, if you have a BBQ and know how to use it, Fourth of July is the perfect time to show off those sizzling skills! Fire up the cue with fresh veggies or your choice of meat! And it doesn’t hurt to include a little fruit on the grill, too. The grill will further concentrate the sweetness of the fruit and will make it a perfect addition for those ice cream sundaes, fruit salad or snack to eat right off the Barbe! Here is a few simple Pinterest recipes to get those creative juices flowing:

2.) Playtime: Now that feasting on all things cue related has ended and your belly is full, time to work it off with a little lawn game action! SGW products are the perfect ground cover for all of your backyard spills and thrills! Try these games out for a fun-filled Fourth:

  • Backyard Bowling: It’s as easy as a store purchase or, if you’re a DIY-er, try these tips for a fun easy-to-create game! (Hint: Incorporate glow-in-the-dark paint or glow sticks in your bottle for night time bowling.)
  • Giant Jenga: You might want to play this while the little ones are hunting for treasure. Giant Jenga is a great way for adults to put their little Jenga skills to the ultimate test!

3.) Prepare for the show! Have sparklers, snaps, crackles and pops on hand for fun-filled entertainment during the show. If your backyard has a great view of fireworks, pull up some lawn chairs, blankets and enjoy the show!


From all of us at Synthetic Grass Warehouse: Happy Fourth of July!




Dogs Love SGW’s Diamond Supreme Spring Turf!

Krinkles loves his new lawn! Photo Courtsey: HomeJelly

Krinkles loves his new lawn! Photo Courtesy: HomeJelly

Synthetic Grass Warehouse recently partnered with popular home decor/design blog HomeJelly to create the perfect puppy patch for their Manhattan Beach backyard by donating our one of our newest synthetic grass products, Diamond Supreme Spring. Krinkle’s Corner was created in honor of Klunker’s, their four-legged family member who recently passed away from degenerative myelopathy–a progressive spinal disease. The small but mighty 72 square foot area will not only act as their new pooch’s special spot, but also serve as a drought-friendly landscape addition to their backyard


For more information about our pet system products, contact SGW today or click here!


See the Difference with SGW Synthetic Grass


Before SGW synthetic grass in Tucson, Arizona.

While we can list out the many reasons why you should switch your lawn, business park or playground landscape to SGW synthetic turf, we would rather show you with pictures submitted by one of our happy clients! For the past decade, synthetic turf has made headway onto residential and commercial landscape properties. It has become a practical solution for water savings, a small but mighty way to reduce air pollution and a ‘one less weekend chore’ solution for hunny-do list victims across the nation.

Pictured here is 1100 square feet of our Everglade Fescue Pro synthetic turf installed at a commercial building in Tucson, Arizona by Tucson Turf:

After with SGW synthetic grass!

After with SGW synthetic grass!

For simple landscape solutions that require very little maintenance and lots of relaxation, SGW products are your answer! Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we love to hear from our clients about their satisfied customers. Please feel free to share  your before-and-after pictures!

A Helping Hand to a Four-Legged Friend

With SGW's turf donation, Boston Terrier Bro's backyard went from dirt to beautiful safe lawn!

With SGW’s turf donation, Boston Terrier Bro’s backyard went from dirt to beautiful safe lawn!

We enjoy making special dedications to our furry friends, especially with our synthetic grass products. However, there was an especially unique case we found could change one little dog’s lifestyle and we couldn’t resist sharing our turf to improve his playtime terrain.

A few months ago, a customer approached SGW about her Boston terrier “Bro” who suffers from cerebral hypoplasia, a condition that occurs in a dog’s early life stages where parts of the cerebellum have not completely developed. This condition causes a variety of symptoms among dogs such as falling, limb tremors and aggravated bodily movement, according to the PetMD website.Without his ability to use his hind legs, Bro puts the majority of his weight on his front legs—his back legs fall behind on the once rough backyard scape making playtime difficult. Without hesitation, SGW transformed Bro’s backyard, which consisted of rocks and dirt, into a 1500 square foot evergreen landscape with our Sequoia Ultra Light turf so he and his family can safely run and play.

Check out our happy customer!

Boston Terrier "Bro" loves his new backyard.

Boston Terrier “Bro” loves his new backyard.

Photo Courtesy: Hannah Rapetti

Have it Made in the Shade with TigerCool Products!

During these warm temperatures, keep in mind one of SGW’s signature technologies can help keep your client’s lawns not only looking fresh and green during long periods of heat and sun exposure, but also create cooler surface temperatures.

TigerCool yarns are created with the latest synthetic grass technology by worldwide innovator Tencate, who also produces yarns for NASA and Boeing. Equipped with heat reflective pigments and advanced U.V. inhibitors, these techniques are key to reducing your client’s surface temperature so they can enjoy their landscape during those hot summer days.

Our TigerCool technology is featured in our signature top selling turf lines: Sierra, Diamond and Marquee. It is perfect for any residential, commercial or park landscape application and safe for children and pets! Don’t let summer heat ruin your client’s outdoor activities! Choose TigerCool technology!

For more information about TigerCool, check out our Info Center!

ExecuPutt Blow Out Sale!

Become a dominant force on any course by perfecting your short game!

ExecuPutt, a necessity for any serious golfer! Our portable 5′ x 11.5′ putting mat fits beautifully in any venue.

No matter where you are, take your game to THE next level:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Tradeshows
  • Tailgate
  • Backyard
  • Parties
  • Man Caves



Take advantage of this AMAZING DEAL while supplies last!

ExecuPutt is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This product comes with a carrying bag and flag set.

Understanding Yarn Shrinkage

Shown below is a typical yarn shrinkage curve:

Once an unsupported yarn is exposed to a temperature (T) greater than initiation set point, shrinkage will occur and the yarn memory will then be reset to the exposed temperature (T).

For example, the tufted carpet is exposed to 75°C during the secondary backing process. The resulting face yarn shrinkage is 7% (ref. curve above). The yarn memory is then reset to 75°C, meaning:

1. Any further temperature exposure below 75°C will result in 0% shrinkage.
2. Exposure to temperature above 75°C, will then result in additional shrinkage following the shrinkage curve but at the rates showing on the newly reset axis. Re-heated to 88°C, the face yarn will shrink around 3% (ref. curve above) and the new memory is reset to 88°C.


A newly installed carpet will gradually adjust itself to the hottest temperature of the region. This is a normal process that will not affect the carpet performance and appearance, as long as the shrinkage adjustment is occurring in a uniform manner. However, localized or non-uniform heating of small areas will result in uneven pile height with in turn affects the carpet appearance.

Do’s and Don’ts

A few examples of localized heating to avoid:

1. During installation, DO NOT leave uncovered roll in direct sunlight. The black secondary backing will absorb heat and temperature of the first layer may be in excess of 90°C, resulting in severe localized uneven shrinkage. White plastic wrapping or a shaded area must be used for outside roll storage.


Temperature inside top layer of carpet roll left in the sun at 90°F ambient for a few hours.

2. For installation facing south at sun incidences from 11:30AM to 2:00PM, care must be taken to avoid sunlight reflection from highly reflective surfaces (windows, glass doors, white smooth surfaces, etc.) from reaching the turf as a narrow band (3″ to 10″) of reflected heat may reach temperatures in excess of the melting point of most plastics used in the artificial turf industry.


3. Avoid leaving any source of heat absorbent material on the turf during daylight hours. For example: clear or dark plastic sheets or metal, garden hoses, pool floats, toys, etc. will absorb heat at a higher rate than the turf and may caused localized shrinkage as the temperature may exceed the turf stabilization temperature.


Nature’s Blend

Coming Soon:

Nature’s Blend:

Not all natural grass grows the same! Many different factors contribute to a lawn’s health, such as sunlight and water. While we will not emulate brown spots or deterioration that are commonly found in natural grass lawns, SGW now features a product that is sure to produce double-takes across the neighborhood. Introducing the most realistic synthetic grass ever created, Nature’s Blend!

With it’s uniquely formulated synthetic blade, in addition to varying blade heights, your lawn will not only have the “au natural” appearance, but you might also want to warn you gardener not to mow. This synthetic grass looks anything but artificial with unique tri-colored face yarns and random turf blade heights. The wide de-lustered blade is thin and featured in field and lime green color paired with a tan blade. No more crew-cut and overly-perfect synthetic lawns! Nature’s blend is perfect for light traffic areas such as front lawns, commercial medians or any other decorative area!

To achieve the most natural looking synthetic grass, choose SGW’s Nature’s Blend!

SGW and Playgrounds


Time to take the kids to parks and playgrounds! We have the perfect combination of turf and padding that will keep your child safe and injury-free. SGW features three different types of lawn pads that range ¾ inch thick to a comfy 2 1/8 thickness. Our padding serves as a drainage layer and also absorbs shock and sound. All of our padding is comprised of 100 percent recycled foam and comes in the following thickness:

Light Density:: Is ¾ inch thick and withstands four to seven pounds per cubic foot and has an estimated three-foot fall rating. This foam is ideal for playground settings.

Medium Density: Holds eight to 10+ pounds per cubic foot, has a six-foot fall rating and is ideal for drain and cushioning applications.

High Density: Is 11 to 13 pounds per cubic foot, has an eight-foot fall rating and is ideal for sport fields and drainage.

So let your kids run, jump and play when they have SGW lawn pads and synthetic grass to cushion their fun. We supply the best products the industry can offer!