Install of the Month: Synthetic Grass ATX

Artificial Grass Installation Enhances Austin Pool Deck


Throughout Texas, artificial grass has become a popular option for expansive, pristine lawns and backyard putting greens. However, environmentally conscious and budget-friendly turf ribbons have recently seen a swift rise in popularity for their use in stunning landscape designs. From latticed driveway patterns to unique pathways and stand-out pool decks, turf ribbons are an easy and affordable way to elevate your outdoor space. That’s why one family in Austin recently choose Synthetic Grass ATX to install this eye-catching design for their backyard pool deck.


Synthetic Grass ATX recently installed 385 linear feet of TigerTurf Everglade Fescue in a home in Austin, Texas. Everglade Fescue features a dual coloring of field green and olive green with brown thatch, and it has a pile height of 1.625 inches. With a 60-ounce face weight, it is ideal for moderate foot traffic and drains at a rate of more than 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.


Synthetic Grass ATX’s clients were new to the idea of artificial grass. They had seen a latticed design at a local public park, and it had sparked inspiration for their pool deck. They debated between gravel or turf for placement between the concrete pavers, but they ultimately decided on turf due to its cleanliness. With gravel, stones would be tracked into the pool regularly, and pieces would need to be fished out of the water or cleaned from the filter each day. Artificial grass provided a low-maintenance solution that added a vibrant pop of color to their backyard.


Synthetic Grass ATX is a full-service artificial grass installer that was first founded in Dallas in 2011. They recently opened a new location in Austin in December of 2017, and they hope to expand even further in the next few years. They take great pride in their customer service and the consistently positive feedback they receive from their clients. They boast an expansive team of some of the most experienced installers in the area, says spokesperson Madison Chapman, and they are proud to do everything in-house. “We believe that our professionalism, experience, and customer service are what set us apart and will help us thrive in our new Austin location.”


Synthetic Grass ATX is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for September 2019.


Install of the Month: LawnPop

Artificial Grass Installation Optimizes Austin Home for Summer

With dramatic weather patterns all year long and a drastic need for water conservation, no location is more in need of artificial grass installation than Texas. A beautiful appearance, low maintenance requirements, and impressive durability make synthetic grass an extremely popular landscaping solution in the area. One Austin home recently chose LawnPop to transform their backyard, using artificial turf to create the perfect poolside paradise.

LawnPop recently installed 3,000 square feet of TigerTurf Playground/Multipurpose in a home in Austin, Texas. Playground/Multipurpose features a dual coloring of field green and olive green and has a pile height of 1.375 inches. With a 55-ounce face weight, it is ideal for moderate to heavy foot traffic and drains at a rate of more than 440 inches of rain per hour per square yard. This water drains directly back into an underground water system, making it an eco-friendly landscaping solution that aids water conservation efforts in the state.

For this new construction home, LawnPop needed a product that balanced function and aesthetics. The emphasis was on choosing an artificial grass product that would perform well around the pool, which is why Playground/Multipurpose was the perfect solution. With an astonishing drain rate of 440 inches per hour per square yard, this product ensures that the homeowners won’t experience matted or damaged grass regardless of how much activity the pool sees. The ability to eliminate dirt, mud, and broken grass blades that normally get tracked into the house from the pool also made artificial grass an obvious choice. The clients entertain at their home often, throwing evening and weekend parties, so they needed a product that could withstand the heavy foot traffic with ease. 

All Texas installers also need to take into account the state’s dramatic weather patterns. With temperatures regularly reaching 105 degrees, it’s extremely difficult to get natural grass to grow in the Austin area. Choosing Playground/Multipurpose allows the homeowners to conserve water and stay cool in the Texas heat. LawnPop chose turf with a shorter pile height and TigerTurf’s revolutionary TigerCool technology because they knew it would benefit the clients and help keep them cool all year.

Since its founding in 2011, LawnPop has become one of the most rapidly growing businesses in Texas. They made the Austin Business Journal’s Fast 50 list in 2018 and they’re quickly expanding into all of Texas and the southwest. The owner, Tanner Shepard, has a background in landscape architecture, so he regularly consults for design with clients. “We pride ourselves on our experience and our craftsmanship,” he explains. “We pride ourselves on not having to go back on a job. Our guys have been doing projects for a long time, so we know what it takes to do it right. We use a good product like SGW so we know that we can do the job once and we’ll be good to go.” LawnPop currently serves the Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston areas, and they hope to expand their footprint all throughout Texas in the years to come.

LawnPop is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for August 2019.

Install of the Month: Turf Concepts

Artificial grass has been consistently appreciated for backyard landscaping use due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. However, it’s also seeing a recent increase in popularity for its use as a landscape design element. Adding pieces of synthetic turf to a path or driveway is a unique way to elevate your landscape design and add visual interest. One South Florida family recently enlisted Turf Concepts to help them transform their home by redoing their backyard with artificial grass and adding turf strips to their driveway for a one-of-a-kind design feature.


Turf Concepts recently installed 6,500 square feet of TigerTurf Diamond Pro Spring in a home in Delray Beach, Florida. Diamond Pro Spring features a dual coloring of field green and lime green and has a pile height of 1.875 inches. With a 75-ounce face weight, it is ideal for moderate to heavy foot traffic and drains at a rate of more than 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard. 


Turf Concepts chose Diamond Pro Spring for this installation because it’s their most popular product, and it’s the option they choose most often for high-traffic areas such as driveways and pool decks. Diamond Pro Spring was the perfect product for this installation because of the need for dozens of artificial grass strips. Turf Concepts keeps and reuses their turf remnants whenever possible in order to cut down on waste. Having this store of Diamond Pro Spring remnants allowed them to create 1,500 feet of artificial grass strips from entirely recycled material, keeping waste and costs to a minimum.


When installing these strips, Turf Concepts went above and beyond to perfect their appearance. They installed a drain port underneath each individual strip, and they used sheep shears to bevel cut both sides of the strip so that they all looked clean and uniform. Turf Concepts always aims to go one step further for the customer, installing aluminum edging around the perimeters of each install and incorporating a 4-inch washed limestone drain base for superior drainage capabilities. 


Turf Concepts has been serving the South Florida area for more than 20 years. Owner Glen Minnis first entered the synthetic turf installation industry after performing a small landscaping job for a local HOA. After encouragement from his wife and friends, he started Turf Concepts and has flourished in the industry since 1998. Turf Concepts prides themselves on the outstanding quality of their installations. They go the extra mile in every one of their installations so that they still look pristine even 10 years later. “In 20 years, we’ve never been called back to fix anything,” says Minnis. “We do it right the first time. That’s our promise.” Their superior installation quality is how they’ve earned a two-month-long waitlist of clients and an extensive portfolio of luxury beachfront properties that only continues to grow each day.


Turf Concepts is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for July 2019.

Install of the Month: The Curb Creator

Artificial Grass Installation Transforms Indian Wells Backyard

One of the biggest challenges that California valley homeowners face is the difficulty of maintaining a healthy and lush lawn year-round. With the scorching heat and lack of rainfall, deep green lawns are virtually nonexistent in the area. That’s why an increasing number of residential properties are now making the switch to artificial grass for their outdoor areas. One Indian Wells home recently underwent a backyard remodel that provided the owners with a beautiful space to entertain guests and let their dogs roam free.

The Curb Creator recently installed 3,330 square feet of TigerTurf Diamond Pro Spring in the backyard of a home in Indian Wells, California. Diamond Pro Spring features a dual coloring of field green and lime green and has a pile height of 1.875 inches. With a 75-ounce face weight, it is ideal for moderate to heavy foot traffic and drains at a rate of more than 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard. 

The homeowners’ biggest priority was creating a beautiful lawn that could be regularly used as a space for entertaining without them needing to worry about appearance or maintenance. The Curb Creator works with Diamond Pro Spring quite often, and they encouraged their clients to choose this product due to its rich green color and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. 

“It really boils down to practicality and aesthetics,” explained owner Dan Eaglin. “It’s hard to have a lawn that looks lush and green all year long, especially down here in the desert. With natural grass, you can have lush grass in the winter, but the summer will beat up lawns. It’s extremely difficult to have a deep green lawn here in the summertime, and Diamond Pro Spring allowed them to be able to achieve that look all year long.” According to Eaglin, the clients also enjoyed that Diamond Pro Spring has TigerCool technology, which utilizes UV-inhibitors in order to keep turf temperatures up to 15 percent cooler. This allows them, their pets, and their guests to enjoy the space with the most comfort possible despite the desert heat.

The Curb Creator has been serving the Coachella Valley area for more than 30 years. They first started by doing concrete landscape borders and expanded into artificial grass installation almost ten years ago. They perform residential and commercial synthetic turf installation across the entire Coachella Valley from Palm Springs to Indio. They pride themselves on their ability to be detail-oriented and dependable. “Our main goal is making sure people get great installs,” said Eaglin. “We’re always most concerned about making sure that the customer is completely satisfied with what they’re getting at the end of the day.” Their dependability and trustworthiness are what has allowed them to sustain continued success after more than 30 years serving Southern California. 

The Curb Creator is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for June 2019.

Install of the Month: OneLawn

Artificial Grass Installation Enhances School Play Area

There are many challenges for landscapers and property owners in the Bay Area, from hilly terrain to unpredictable weather. That’s why an increasing number of commercial properties are now converting to artificial turf for their landscaping needs. One San Francisco elementary school recently underwent a playground remodel that provided their students with a safe and beautiful play area while saving the school time and money on maintenance.

OneLawn recently installed 2,516 square feet of TigerTurf Everglade Fescue at the LePort Montessori School in San Francisco, California. Everglade Fescue features a dual coloring of field green and olive green and has a pile height of 1.625 inches. With a 60-ounce face weight, it is ideal for moderate foot traffic and drains at a rate of more than 90 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

OneLawn knew that any play area would have to be installed with a durable turf solution. OneLawn chose Everglade Fescue from SGW for its Omega fiber shape and ability to withstand playground usage. Omega fibers provide a soft and realistic feel while handling high amounts of foot traffic. They incorporated IPEMA-certified underlayment and antimicrobial infill along with a permeable backing to make the playground as safe as possible for the children and low-maintenance for the school staff.

The LePort school provided a unique challenge in that they had a steep mound in the center of the play area that needed to be accommodated. According to Damien Stokely, the operations manager for OneLawn, “The school has always had a mound there. Originally there was sod grass there, but since it’s in San Francisco, you can’t get anything to grow. They kept having to re-sod and re-sod repeatedly, so this was the alternative for a sod nightmare.” To maintain the safety for the kids, a one-inch layer of poured in place rubber was troweled over the mound before installing the durable and kid-friendly turf.

OneLawn, operating since 2008, prides itself on providing innovative surfacing solutions across the Bay Area. They perform residential and commercial turf installation, including landscape design, pet turf, playground systems, putting greens, and multi-purpose play fields and courts. Although they entered the market as a residential turf installation company, their primary customer base has evolved over the past ten years. They now place emphasis on commercial jobs, including projects for public playgrounds, schools, high-end landscape architects, and general contractors. “These types of commercial jobs are where we’re going now, and they’re where we want to continue growing,” explained Stokely. They also boast their own CAD details department, which allows them to provide their clients with a thorough analysis of the project from the exact turf demand to the detailed layout.

OneLawn is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for May 2019.


Install of the Month: Ecoworkz

Artificial Grass Installation Enhances Student Apartments

Commercial property maintenance can be an expensive endeavor, especially in a dry climate like Southern California. An increasing number of commercial properties are converting to artificial turf to keep their green space looking beautiful all year long at a fraction of the cost. One Riverside student living complex recently underwent a remodel that included a synthetic grass installation in order to save them time and money on maintenance.

Ecoworkz recently installed 3,800 square feet of TigerTurf Diamond Pro Spring at the Annex on Chicago apartment complex located in Riverside, California. Diamond Pro Spring features a dual coloring of field and lime green and has a pile height of 1.875 inches. With a 75-ounce face weight, it is ideal for moderate to heavy foot traffic and drains at a rate of more than 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

Annex on Chicago underwent a complete remodel that included replacing their green space with 3,800 square feet of artificial turf. Annex is a student housing complex that serves University of California Riverside students, so they wanted a product that would be extremely durable. They planned to include cornhole games, ping pong tables, and other activities on the property for students to enjoy, so the turf grass needed to be able to withstand large amounts of foot traffic without wear. Ecoworkz recommended the Diamond Pro Spring due to its ability to withstand heavy traffic.

The project posed several challenges for the Ecoworkz team, but none that they weren’t able to overcome. Annex’s complete renovation meant that there were numerous other workers from various trades on the property simultaneously, limiting Ecoworkz’s access to the property. Annex also wanted umbrella stands installed under the turf, adding an extra dimension to the installation process. Owner Tom Kelly said of the project, “We take great pride in our work and our abilities. We have unique processes that we use that a lot of other companies aren’t aware of, and that makes us able to complete even the most challenging installations to the highest standard.”

Tom and his brother, Bret Peterson, have owned and operated Ecoworkz since 2009. They come from a multi-generational construction family – their father has owned Peterson Brothers Construction for over 30 years, and their grandfather did construction through the 1950s and ‘60s across multiple continents. Providing their customers with honest, affordable, and personalized service with a family-owned feel is a high priority for the team. Tom says, “The pride we take in our work is what really sets us apart. Owners and senior staff are out on the jobs every day working with our guys to make sure the quality is up to par.”  Ecoworkz does hardscapes, masonry, and concrete as well as artificial turf installation, allowing them to provide customers with completely customized and full-service landscaping renovations.

Ecoworkz is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s “Install of the Month” winner for April 2019.

Install of the Month: C&E Builders

Synthetic Grass Adds Greenery to A Family’s Event Space

Anybody who loves to host big events knows how important it is to have an inviting and comfortable space for their guests to congregate in. A family in Paradise Valley has found the perfect landscape for their guests to enjoy with a little help from C&E Builders.

C&E Builders installed 10,000 square feet of TigerTurf Everglade Spring Pro in the backyard of a home in Paradise Valley. Everglade Spring Pro features a dual coloring of field green and olive green, giving a bright and inviting look to the lawn. It has a pile height of 1.75 inches and a face weight of approximately 75 ounces. The omega-shaped grass blade fiber, as well as the face weight of the turf, makes it ideal for moderate to heavy levels of traffic. All synthetic grass products from SGW are non-toxic, lead-free, and will drain at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

The homeowners often host networking events and parties in their large backyard, so they were looking for a landscaping alternative that can withstand a large amount of foot traffic without the maintenance of a traditional lawn. With these two things in mind, synthetic grass was the ideal option to make their backyard comfortable and inviting for their guests, and the homeowners wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time or money to make the yard look presentable. That’s when the homeowners were referred to C&E Builders for the design and creation of their backyard oasis.

C&E Builders specializes in all types of home building, remodeling, and renovations, so they were the ideal company to create this featured backyard. Erik Helm, the co-owner of C&E Builders, worked with his team to deliver a perfect oasis to the homeowners, complete with a double pool, stepping pads, and artificial grass throughout the yard. “We’ve been in the landscaping industry for over 20 years now, so we love to work on projects like this with many different facets,” Helm told us. “Combining our landscaping and hardscaping skills has been a huge asset in the industry.”   

Projects as luxurious as the featured yard is nothing new to the crew, as they specialize in high-end all-inclusive renovations just like this. “Our goal is to be the preferred choice for higher-end clients and to do more customized all-inclusive jobs,” Helm said. The company also strives to have first-class customer service and craftsmanship to best serve their clientele.

C&E Builders is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Install of the Month winner for March 2019.

Install of the Month: Artificial Turf By Fenix

Commercial Artificial Grass Being Used for Employee Recreational Areas

Many business owners want to have a comfortable and relaxing space for their employees to take breaks and hang out. Usually, a standard break room is the designated space for that. However, a commercial building in the heart of Sacramento recently installed artificial grass on the rooftop of the second-floor patio to create an outdoor rest area for their employees.

Artificial Turf by Fenix installed 2,000 square feet of Diamond Pro Fescue on the second story patio of a commercial building in Downtown Sacramento. Diamond Pro Fescue features a dual coloring of field green and olive green, which mimics the look of a natural grass landscape. With a pile height of 1.875 inches and a face weight of approximately 75 ounces, this product is great for a moderate to heavy level of traffic. All synthetic grass products from SGW are non-toxic, lead-free, and will drain at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

The featured installation was located at the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Headquarters in Downtown Sacramento. The company was looking to transform their second story patio into an area where their employees could relax from work and enjoy the outdoors, while being low-maintenance. The choice was obvious for CalPERS, since they already enjoy artificial grass landscaping around the property, and the success of their previous turf installation led them to contact their former installer, Artificial Turf by Fenix.

Because the installation was on a second story patio, the Artificial Turf by Fenix team had to meticulously haul their materials, supplies, and equipment through an elevator to get started on the project. “The synthetic lawn was paired with stonework and wood chips to create a unique landscape,” according to Adam McCowen, one of the owners of Artificial Turf by Fenix.

When it comes to synthetic grass installation for commercial buildings, companies use artificial grass products to save money on landscaping and maintenance costs without compromising the aesthetics of a natural grass lawn. When an installation is on a rooftop, turf eliminates the lawnmower factor. “There won’t be vibrations or noise caused by a lawnmower,” said McCowen. “The office will stay serene and the building won’t shake.”

Artificial Turf by Fenix specializes in synthetic turf installations and is on track to be the number one artificial grass installer and retailer in Northern and Central California. Alongside their sister-company, Fairway Artificial Turf & Supply House, they’re a full-service artificial grass company.

“Our top-notch customer service allows us to provide customers with everything they need, whether that’s an installation, product, or supplies,” Heather Buchfirer, owner of Artificial Turf by Fenix told us. Artificial Turf by Fenix is also an Authorized Service Provider with Home Depot, meaning they are part of a group of hand-selected professionals dedicated to bringing customers high-quality home improvement projects. This also sets them apart from their competitors, and every crew member has passed individual background checks.

Artificial Turf by Fenix is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Install of the Month winner for February 2019.

Install of the Month: DFW Turf Solutions

Many homeowners throughout the Dallas Area are finding different uses for artificial grass to make their homes into an oasis they’ve always dreamed of. With a pool, countless greeneries, and spacious area, Dallas residents are hoping for a perfectly green lawn to complete the yard. DFW Turf Solutions recently finished off this featured paradise with a synthetic grass installation.

DFW Turf Solutions installed 4,200 square feet of Everlast Nature’s Best and Everlast Pet Turf in a backyard oasis in Dallas. Nature’s Best features a tri-coloring of field green, lime green, and brown. With a pile height of 1.875 inches and a face weight of 75 ounces, Nature’s Best is great for a moderate level of traffic. Everlast Pet Turf has a color scheme of field and olive green and has an approximate pile height of 1-inch. It also has a face weight of 60 ounces, making it ideal for moderate to heavy levels of traffic. Both products are non-toxic, lead-free, and drain at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

This Prestonwood home was in need of a low-maintenance landscape that would make their backyard look luxurious and inviting. The homeowners love to host parties, so the lawn would also need to be able to withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic and dry water that splashes out from their pool quickly. Artificial grass was the obvious choice for these Prestonwood residents, and they contacted DFW Turf Solutions after hearing great recommendations.  

The DFW install team was led by the Director of Operations, Luke Dowell. Despite a 40 feet elevation change from the front yard to the back, the team worked diligently to deliver the clients a high-quality installation. The homeowners were primarily installing synthetic grass for “luxury purposes and to enhance their yard’s aesthetics,” according to Dowell. The DFW team holds themselves to a very high standard when it comes to installs, so when the homeowners shared their high expectations for the install, the team was not worried as they knew the install would come out looking amazing.

Although the featured homeowners installed artificial grass for luxury and aesthetic purposes, many other Dallas residents have found other reasons to install synthetic grass as well. Dowell and the team have installed for clients who wanted artificial lawns for its “low maintenance and low water costs.” There are also “customers who want to grow grass, but they are unable to grow organic sod.” Luckily for all types of clients, artificial grass is versatile and can fit each need.

DFW specializes in synthetic turf installations and aims to normalize artificial grass in Dallas. In terms of client-relations, the company always wants to “provide the best quality service,” according to the owner, Brent Scott, and even offers a lifetime warranty with their installations. Scott has been in the artificial turf industry for 12 years and began DFW Turf Solutions in 2014.

DFW Turf Solutions is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Install of the Month winner for January 2019.

Install of the Month: HomeTurf

Artificial Grass Installation Enhances a Backyard Oasis

When it comes to transforming a home into an oasis, it can become quite the costly expenditure to install and maintain. However, a family in San Diego County discovered a way to keep their backyard perfectly green, low-maintenance, and save money.

HomeTurf recently installed 1,000 square feet of Everlast Imperial Fescue Light in a backyard oasis in Encinitas. This product features a dual coloring of field and olive green and has a pile height of 1.5 inches. It has a 45-ounce face weight and is ideal in light to moderate levels of traffic. Imperial Fescue Light drains at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

The homeowners of the featured backyard were looking for a low-maintenance landscape alternative to their Bermuda grass without compromising the aesthetics of the yard. They also host events and parties at home often, so they needed something that was inviting and charming. The family was referred to HomeTurf by a friend who was a previous client.

After a thorough design process with the homeowners, Cale Abramson, the Operations Manager of HomeTurf, led the team in installing a high-quality artificial lawn to ensure the client’s satisfaction. “The clients knew exactly what they wanted because they wanted to feel like nothing has changed when replacing the previously installed Bermuda grass,” Abramson commented. “They wanted to keep the same, and we have no problem being held to that higher standard because we will meet it.”

Keeping the “high-end scale of beauty,” as Abramson refers to it, is nothing new to the company. Many San Diego County residents want to take pride in their homes and having a perfectly green lawn in a hot, dry climate is something to be proud of. After overcoming the challenging tree roots and small hills in the backyard, HomeTurf perfected the grades in this featured backyard and delivered an artificial grass oasis to this Encinitas family.

HomeTurf strives to be the most extensive and best landscaping company in the San Diego area, with the best possible prices and highest quality products. From artificial grass installations to pavement and hardscapes, “we can do them all,” Abramson says. The company serves all of San Diego County as well as South Orange County and South Riverside County.

HomeTurf is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Install of the Month winner for December 2018.

HomeTurf, owned by Kris Grant, specializes in artificial grass installations and all types of outdoor landscaping. The company was formed in 2006 and takes pride in offering high quality and detailed artificial turf installs for their clients at the best price. You can learn more about HomeTurf by visiting their website at or their social media: Facebook (@SDHometurf), Instagram (@hometurfsyntheticgrass), Twitter (@hometurfsynthe1).