Install of the Month: DFW Turf Solutions

Many homeowners throughout the Dallas Area are finding different uses for artificial grass to make their homes into an oasis they’ve always dreamed of. With a pool, countless greeneries, and spacious area, Dallas residents are hoping for a perfectly green lawn to complete the yard. DFW Turf Solutions recently finished off this featured paradise with a synthetic grass installation.

DFW Turf Solutions installed 4,200 square feet of Everlast Nature’s Best and Everlast Pet Turf in a backyard oasis in Dallas. Nature’s Best features a tri-coloring of field green, lime green, and brown. With a pile height of 1.875 inches and a face weight of 75 ounces, Nature’s Best is great for a moderate level of traffic. Everlast Pet Turf has a color scheme of field and olive green and has an approximate pile height of 1-inch. It also has a face weight of 60 ounces, making it ideal for moderate to heavy levels of traffic. Both products are non-toxic, lead-free, and drain at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

This Prestonwood home was in need of a low-maintenance landscape that would make their backyard look luxurious and inviting. The homeowners love to host parties, so the lawn would also need to be able to withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic and dry water that splashes out from their pool quickly. Artificial grass was the obvious choice for these Prestonwood residents, and they contacted DFW Turf Solutions after hearing great recommendations.  

The DFW install team was led by the Director of Operations, Luke Dowell. Despite a 40 feet elevation change from the front yard to the back, the team worked diligently to deliver the clients a high-quality installation. The homeowners were primarily installing synthetic grass for “luxury purposes and to enhance their yard’s aesthetics,” according to Dowell. The DFW team holds themselves to a very high standard when it comes to installs, so when the homeowners shared their high expectations for the install, the team was not worried as they knew the install would come out looking amazing.

Although the featured homeowners installed artificial grass for luxury and aesthetic purposes, many other Dallas residents have found other reasons to install synthetic grass as well. Dowell and the team have installed for clients who wanted artificial lawns for its “low maintenance and low water costs.” There are also “customers who want to grow grass, but they are unable to grow organic sod.” Luckily for all types of clients, artificial grass is versatile and can fit each need.

DFW specializes in synthetic turf installations and aims to normalize artificial grass in Dallas. In terms of client-relations, the company always wants to “provide the best quality service,” according to the owner, Brent Scott, and even offers a lifetime warranty with their installations. Scott has been in the artificial turf industry for 12 years and began DFW Turf Solutions in 2014.

DFW Turf Solutions is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Install of the Month winner for January 2019.

Install of the Month: HomeTurf

Artificial Grass Installation Enhances a Backyard Oasis

When it comes to transforming a home into an oasis, it can become quite the costly expenditure to install and maintain. However, a family in San Diego County discovered a way to keep their backyard perfectly green, low-maintenance, and save money.

HomeTurf recently installed 1,000 square feet of Everlast Imperial Fescue Light in a backyard oasis in Encinitas. This product features a dual coloring of field and olive green and has a pile height of 1.5 inches. It has a 45-ounce face weight and is ideal in light to moderate levels of traffic. Imperial Fescue Light drains at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

The homeowners of the featured backyard were looking for a low-maintenance landscape alternative to their Bermuda grass without compromising the aesthetics of the yard. They also host events and parties at home often, so they needed something that was inviting and charming. The family was referred to HomeTurf by a friend who was a previous client.

After a thorough design process with the homeowners, Cale Abramson, the Operations Manager of HomeTurf, led the team in installing a high-quality artificial lawn to ensure the client’s satisfaction. “The clients knew exactly what they wanted because they wanted to feel like nothing has changed when replacing the previously installed Bermuda grass,” Abramson commented. “They wanted to keep the same, and we have no problem being held to that higher standard because we will meet it.”

Keeping the “high-end scale of beauty,” as Abramson refers to it, is nothing new to the company. Many San Diego County residents want to take pride in their homes and having a perfectly green lawn in a hot, dry climate is something to be proud of. After overcoming the challenging tree roots and small hills in the backyard, HomeTurf perfected the grades in this featured backyard and delivered an artificial grass oasis to this Encinitas family.

HomeTurf strives to be the most extensive and best landscaping company in the San Diego area, with the best possible prices and highest quality products. From artificial grass installations to pavement and hardscapes, “we can do them all,” Abramson says. The company serves all of San Diego County as well as South Orange County and South Riverside County.

HomeTurf is Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Install of the Month winner for December 2018.

HomeTurf, owned by Kris Grant, specializes in artificial grass installations and all types of outdoor landscaping. The company was formed in 2006 and takes pride in offering high quality and detailed artificial turf installs for their clients at the best price. You can learn more about HomeTurf by visiting their website at or their social media: Facebook (@SDHometurf), Instagram (@hometurfsyntheticgrass), Twitter (@hometurfsynthe1).

Install of the Month: ToughLawn

Artificial Grass Installation Enhances Community Park

ToughLawn recently installed 6,000 square feet of Everlast Tacoma at a residential community park in Austin. Tacoma features a dual coloring of field and lime green and has a pile height of 1.75 inches. With a 90-ounce face weight, Tacoma is built to endure moderate to heavy traffic. It drains at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard.

Santa Rita Ranch offers a one-of-a-kind master-planned community just outside of Austin. Residents have access to hiking trails, pools, sports complexes, on-site schools, and parks on the 200-acre development. Although Santa Rita Ranch already has plenty of move-in homes and amenities, it is still in the process of building more homes and upgrading its amenities. According to their website, Santa Rita Ranch “will include about 6,500 homes among nine distinct villages and more than 200 acres of commercial and multifamily development.”

The recent artificial turf installation in the primary community park allows for the development to have an everlasting green lawn without the maintenance necessary of natural lawns. Tony Deleon, the owner of ToughLawn, enjoyed the installation and was happy to help enhance the community. “The product we installed is friendly for families and pets. It’s durable for play and yet is a plush, comforting grass,” Deleon says. Because of the artificial grass installation, Santa Rita Ranch will be able to spend more time and money in continuing to enhance their development, rather than maintaining the lawn.

Deleon and his small team are “very detail-oriented with their installation to ensure each project is completed to perfection,” according to Deleon. “We are very responsive to our clients and have good communication with everyone involved.” ToughLawn’s rapid growth since their start in 2015 has inspired Deleon to begin looking at franchising nationwide. The company serves all of Texas, including Austin, Houston, and the Texas Panhandle.

ToughLawn is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for November 2018.

Install of the Month: Pro Turf Landscape Solutions

With constant rainfall in the Pacific Northwest, homeowners are searching for a landscaping alternative that is low-maintenance and mud-free. Artificial grass and synthetic putting greens offer a quick drainage rate, making it the perfect choice for Oregon landscapes.

Pro Turf Landscape Solutions recently installed 1,600 square feet of Poly Putt 2-Tone, Everlast Pet Turf, and Everlast Cascade at a lakefront home in Lake Oswego. Poly Putt 2-Tone features dual coloring of field and lime green textured polyethylene and is a premier choice putting green among certified installers nationwide. Everlast Pet Turf showcases a color blend of field and olive green with a pile height of one inch, pairing nicely around the lower height of Poly Putt. Cascade finishes off the installation with a high performance “M” blade shape designed to endure substantial foot traffic.

The homeowners were looking for a low-maintenance landscape alternative with a personal putting green course. As a ranked golfer and part of the local country club, it was essential to have a playable putting green with PGA-rated speeds. Their lakefront yard is also a floating promenade, meaning the installation needed to drain and dry quickly to prevent sinking.

During the artificial grass installation, Pro Turf Landscape Solutions transported equipment through narrow property lines with a conveyor belt and worked hard to meet the city’s strict environmental standards. According to Pro Turf owner, Ron Rios, the team had to mix the artificial grass infill to ensure the putting green was at the perfect speed. “The installation was challenging, but it was a satisfying one to complete,” Rios said. “I couldn’t have done it without my team or my right-hand man, Mac Hormann, who was always there to make sure things got done right.”

Rios prides his company in excellent customer service with high-quality installations for artificial grass, putting greens, and hardscapes. According to Rios, “It’s all about the experience and process of the installations for the clients.” Rios and his team want their clients to be included in the process and enjoy the installation experience as much as they will enjoy their installation at the end of the project.

Pro Turf Landscape Solutions was founded in September 2007 and has grown steadily ever since. Rios finds the growth bittersweet because he enjoys having a personal connection with his clients. “Our team is so involved with each client, but I will always want to meet them and see their vision as well,” says Rios. Although the featured installation is Oregon based, Pro Turf is based in Oceanside, CA and does most of their installs in the San Diego and Orange County.

Pro Turf Landscape Solutions is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for October 2018.

Install of the Month: Bella Turf and Greens Inc.

Fun and Practical Backyard Putting Greens are Replacing Useless Lawns

Throughout the state of California, many golf-loving homeowners are finding backyard putting green installations to be the perfect alternative in their backyards. Paired with a synthetic lawn, residents have never been happier to have a fun, low-maintenance personal oasis.

Bella Turf and Greens recently installed 1,500 square feet of Diamond Pro Fescue and Nylon Putt 2-Tone at a home in Tracy, CA. Both types of turf aim to mimic a natural lawn as much as possible and features dual colored blades of field green and olive green. Diamond Pro Fescue is designed to last for decades and is one of the more popular products due to its durability and its ability to handle heavy foot traffic. Nylon Putt 2-Tone, on the other hand, is designed to replicate a professional putting green.

The homeowners of the featured backyard wanted to replace their dirt and rock-filled backyard with something that was low-maintenance and relaxing. Most importantly, the family wanted a unique space where they can practice golf in their free time. They were referred to Bella Turf by a friend, who was a previous client.

After a thorough design process with the client, Bella Turf and Greens got started on the installation. The unique design includes a putting green, flagstone pathway, and bark chips. Tony Lopez, President/Co-owner of Bella Turf, found this project to be satisfying to complete, as they went through multiple drafts of the landscape design before picking the perfect one. “Our customer wanted to be able to practice putting in the comfort of their own backyard,” Lopez told us. “We came up with three different designs because we wanted to find the perfect option.”

Bella Turf and Greens offers clients detail-oriented installations for synthetic grass and putting greens. “When we install, we want to make sure we do a quality job,” Lopez says. “We make sure the seams are completely invisible and we make sure the turf is properly fluffed.” Bella Turf always puts their best foot forward when it comes to their artificial turf and putting greens projects.

The company started in September 2017 and has been growing rapidly in the last year. Tony Lopez has over 10 years of experience in the artificial grass industry and has been leading Bella Turf and Greens in outstanding customer service and unique artificial turf installations. Bella Turf’s reputable service and quality installations are shown through 5-star reviews across the board on Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

Bella Turf and Greens is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for September 2018.

Install of the Month: Ecoturf, Inc.

Synthetic Grass Creates a Personal Oasis for Homeowners

Southern California is notorious for being in drought conditions, causing many grass lawns to go brown due to recent water restrictions. Many homeowners have made the switch to drought tolerant landscaping to keep an aesthetically pleasing property without the cost of maintenance or water. From large to small properties, homeowners are finding their own personal oasis with artificial grass installations.

Ecoturf, Inc. recently installed 25,000 square feet of Everglade Fescue Light and Multiplay Sport in this spacious backyard. Both products offer a drainage rate of 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard and has a dual coloring of field green and olive green. The products look and feel like natural grass.

The homeowners of the featured backyard wanted a drip system landscaping in their large front and backyard that is low-maintenance and would save them money long term. Initially, they had a turf installation on their property already, however the previous installation was made from recycled turf and did not compliment their home well. The homeowners were referred to Ecoturf, who removed the original artificial grass, designed the new yard, and installed the new synthetic turf products.

After the removal of the original turf and excavating 50 tons of dirt, the installation was split into two stages–the front yard and the sports field in the backyard. Westin Brousseau, the owner of Ecoturf, Inc. found this project to be a challenging yet satisfying project. “The biggest challenge was stretching the turf in long sections and making sure there were no dips where there were hills. We had to make sure it was all leveled out,” he told us. Brousseau and his team worked diligently to make the large front yard artificial grass installation look seamless, natural, and complementary to the existing landscape.

The second stage was making a sports field for their children who are active soccer players at their high school and college. A retaining wall was built to bring up the elevation 10 feet to combat the hilly landscape. All of their hard work paid off. “The turf really works well with our lifestyle,” the homeowners said. “We now have a place for both us, our kids, and our friends.”

Ecoturf, Inc. takes pride in designing and installing low-maintenance, water-wise landscape, including artificial turf, all over Southern California. Brousseau wanted his company to be involved with the whole process of landscaping for a client and provide clients a full plan of what they’ll be doing. “Ecoturf takes on the whole project–designing, installing, and planting,” says Brousseau. “Everyone on the team enjoys what they do, beautifying and making spaces more functional for people.”

The company started in 2017 and offer full yard services including but not limited to artificial grass installations, landscape and planting, lighting, as well as irrigation. Westin Brousseau has over 10 years of experience in the landscape construction industry and leads his company to have outstanding customer service and communication for their clients.

Ecoturf, Inc. is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for August 2018.

Install of the Month: Forever Greens

Turf Used as Solution for Lawn Critters

Despite the drought in Southern California, residents of Northern and Central California have not had an issue with water restrictions. Despite this, residents have decided to install synthetic grass on their properties. In the Bay Area, beautification as well as gopher holes have been major reasons for switching to artificial grass.

Forever Greens recently installed 6,000 square feet of SGW’s Everglade Fescue Pro in this unique backyard. Everglade Fescue Pro offers a drainage rate of 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard. It has a dual coloring of field green and olive green, which gives the appearance of a natural lawn. The product is tough and durable to handle moderate to heavy traffic, yet is still soft and pliable.

The homeowners of the featured backyard wanted a unique installation on his large property that complements the rest of the yard. Mike O’Neill, the owner of Forever Greens, found this installation to be a challenging yet satisfying project. “Installing 6,000 square feet wasn’t the biggest hurdle we encountered. Seaming the turf and switching directions every five feet for the mow lines was the challenge for us,” O’Neill said. The homeowner wanted the lawn to be the focal point of the yard, and Forever Greens worked to provide just that. Additionally, having such a large backyard, this installation saved him $1,000/month on his water bill.

Many homeowners in the Bay Area have had difficulty with gophers in their lawns, and in a 6,000 square feet backyard, it’s only harder to relieve the problem. “Gophers are notorious for digging up holes in the lawns,” O’Neill said. Gophers dig anywhere from 6 inches to 6 feet underground, and will eat any vegetation they can find. Their burrows are often shared with other animals such as bugs, rodents, and lizards. Installing turf allows homeowners to have the beautiful green lawn they want and prevent nature’s critters from entering the property from the ground.

Forever Greens takes pride in installing various types of hardscape and landscape, including turf, all over the San Francisco Bay Area. They work hard to always provide a high quality installation in addition to providing top notch customer service. “We always take care of our customers,” said O’Neill. “We have the ability to give them a huge variety of home improvement options like patios, driveways, putting greens, on top of the turf installations”.

The company started in 2005 with only installing putting greens, and used to be known as Forever Putting Greens. They now offer full artificial landscaping installations, including patios, driveways, and much more.

Forever Greens is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for July 2018.

Install of the Month: Grizzly Turf

California Finds Green in the Drought

In the delicate aftermath of California’s worst drought and subsequent water restrictions, many homeowners, businesses, and organizations are still resorting to synthetic grass for low-maintenance and perfect greenery year-round.

Grizzly Turf, an artificial grass landscaping company based out of Orange County, recently installed 2,200 square feet of TigerTurf’s Diamond Light Spring on a high-traffic church courtyard. Diamond Light Spring has a dual coloring of field green and lime green, which gives the appearance and realism of natural grass. Additionally, the product also features TigerCool, a turf blade technology that reduces turf temperatures up to 10 degrees in direct sunlight, making this an ideal product to install in Southern California.

Many cities in the state are offering a rebate for those who install it due to the drought and water restrictions. According to Stephen, the project manager from Grizzly Turf, Laguna Niguel is offering a rebate of $2.00/sq. ft. for residential properties and $1.00/sq. ft. for commercial. “I am absolutely seeing a surge in the market as water restrictions are on the rise. California is in the midst of another drought and now more than ever are customers eager to transcend having to deal with costly maintenance and brown lawns,” Stephen adds.

Stephen said that this installation was a breeze, and also mentioned that the members of the church were a pleasure to work. For the longest time, the church had trouble keeping their lawn allure because of the incredibly dry soil beneath the lawn, and wanted something that would revitalize the landscape without the watering or maintenance. Given their regular schedule of events at the church, including mass, weddings, baptisms, communions, and occasionally funerals, they wanted a durable product for people to walk across and for children to play on. Grizzly Turf was able to give them just what they needed.

Grizzly Turf is the top rated company on Yelp that solely specializes in artificial grass installations with services all across Los Angeles, South Bay, Inland Empire, and Orange County. The company started in 2015 is known for in-depth and thorough consultations with their customers and always putting their customers’ best interest first.We leverage technology to streamline every aspect of what we do,” Stephen says. “From customer support all the way through installation and beyond, we know we can provide a consistently superior experience.”

Grizzly Turf is Install of the Month winner for June 2018.

Install of the Month: Turf Concepts Unlimited, Inc.

Artificial Grass Eradicates Florida Mud Issues

The rainiest seasons of Florida can cause the worst mud issues. That’s why many homeowners are installing artificial grass in their yard and getting rid of the issue once and for all. With the right installation and product, homeowners have found they can achieve a clean and picture perfect aesthetic that is high-quality and feels like real grass.

Turf Concepts Unlimited, Inc. recently installed 1,000 square feet of our TigerTurf Diamond Pro Spring in this unique backyard. Diamond Pro Spring offers a drainage rate of 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard. It has a dual coloring of field green and lime green, which makes it look like real grass. Synthetic Grass Warehouse claims the product is tough and durable, yet soft and pliable.

The homeowners of the featured backyard wanted a zero-maintenance backyard that looks great and incorporates a unique landscape. Incorporating the stonework with the turf was tricky however. “We laid one piece of turf over the stones, so all grains run in one direction. Then we cut out stones individually,” said Glen Minnis, owner of Turf Concepts Unlimited, Inc. Minnis always refers SGW’s Diamond Pro products to homeowners because “it has everything a homeowner would want.” Besides the rain causing mud issues in Florida, many residents have struggled with debris in the pool due to the grass; Minnis has noticed that once homeowners switch to turf, they no longer have that issue anymore.

Turf Concepts Unlimited, Inc. takes pride in installing turf all over the Palm Beach and Broward Counties. They do not cut any corners and always provide a high quality installation that will last their clients for years. “A common sense business, and if you install it in a common sense format, it will never fail,” said Minnis. They’ve installed turf one way for 20 years and have always had satisfied clients.

The company started in 1998 with only installing sports field turf. They began installing landscape turf after working with a few SGW samples and discovered their helpful customer service and high quality products. Through countless referrals and recommendations, Turf Concepts Unlimited, Inc. have set themselves apart from just providing the best business and installation without the help of advertising. They’ve completed project after project and are actually booked until the end of July.

Turf Concepts Unlimited, Inc. is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for May 2018.

Install of the Month: Boulder Creek Landscape & Synthetic Grass

When it comes to the installation of artificial grass, many homeowners are still hesitant on making the switch. With preconceived notions about artificial grass products of the past, many don’t realize that manufacturers like Synthetic Grass Warehouse use new technology to propel the development forward into new, hyper realistic turf products that rival natural lawns. From landscape artificial grass to synthetic putting greens, the advancements have created an opportunity for the industry to branch out to new potential installations.

Boulder Creek Landscape & Synthetic Grass recently installed 2,500 square feet of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s AllPlay Nylon Putt 1-Tone in this Lincoln backyard. AllPlay Nylon Putt 1-Tone features a lush field green color tone in a textured nylon material for added durability. Set on top of a three millimeter padding, AllPlay Nylon Putt 1-Tone can be utilized as a portable all-purpose play mat or can be installed for a highly cushioned feel.

“We enjoyed the challenges that this project presented ,” Rob Warner, owner of Boulder Creek Landscape & Synthetic Grass, told us. “ Being that it was on a large ranch, it made more for a unique working environment. This putting green was also a bit challenging because of the different elevations of the hillside”. It was important to their client that this green be the showpiece and focal point of their yard and Warner planned to deliver. “They wanted to incorporate the oak tree into the green as well and overall, this project turned out beautiful,” he said.

Besides putting greens, Boulder Creek Landscape & Synthetic Grass also installs a lot of landscape turf. They believe wholeheartedly in quality over quantity. “It’s so important to us that we only provide the absolute best when it comes to our installations,” Warner says. “Doing good quality work on each and every project, reinforces a positive mindset on the turf industry as a whole.”

Warner also says that customer understanding should always take forefront over selling the job. “Because we really believe in synthetic grass and what it offers, I make sure that the customers always know what they should look for in an installer and a product even if they decide to go with someone else. I want to bring break down those negative stigmas and make sure people know that turf is a good solution for them.”

Boulder Creek Landscape & Synthetic Grass started in 2003 doing landscaping in the Lincoln area. In 2008, they began installing turf in addition to the services they already provided. “Our work really does speak for itself,” Warner says. “Our focus on quality really is the determining factor as to why someone will choose us. Hopefully by educating potential clients, they will get a top quality installation which I think furthers the industry as a whole.”

Boulder Creek Landscape & Synthetic Grass is Synthetic Grass Warehouse Install of the Month winner for April 2018.