SGW’s Newest Infill: Round Premium Silica Sand

Think our Silica Sand is great? Check out latest and greatest for your landscape installations! Introducing Round Premium Silica Sand, our newest silica sand! This refined infill now features the following benefits for synthetic turf applications:

  • Very round monocrystalline quartz
  • Double washed, no dust
  • Cooler surface temperature
  • Blends better with artificial turf thatch (no more white sand drifts!)
  • Natural brown color tone

RPS silica sand is a naturally occurring quartz that can withstand excessive wear and tear with minimal effect on synthetic turf due to its exceptionally round granular shape. This silica sand is double washed and screened to ensure size uniformity and is sold in easy to handle 50 pound bags.

Available now at all Synthetic Grass Warehouse locations — Call or click here to locate a distribution center near you!

Welcome, Synthetic Grass Warehouse – Bay Area!

The nation’s largest synthetic grass distributor is now your neighbor in the North West! As of September 1st 2015, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has expanded its distribution reach and is excited to announce the grand opening of the latest service hub located just outside of San Francisco’s bustling metropolitan city. Synthetic Grass Warehouse-Bay Area will now serve clients across the North Western United States with over 2 million square feet of TigerTurf and Everlast Turf products in addition to the finest artificial turf accessories available on the market today!

Our state-of-the-art warehouse is located in Hayward, California and will provide easy access to the nation’s top synthetic grass products. Please stop by and take a closer look at our products, meet our amazing SGW staff and take home some free samples and turf products for amazing prices!

Call or visit us for your free estimate today!

SGW – Bay Area is Located at:

2323 Industrial Parkway West
Hayward, California 94545

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Product Spotlight: TigerTurf Nature’s Blend

Warn the landscaper that the lawn does not need to be trimmed! TigerTurf’s Nature’s Blend boasts a look so real, your customers will need to do a double-take to make sure their lawn is still synthetic grass!

You might need a magnifying glass to tell the difference between a real lawn and Nature’s Blend, but we know your customers will be happy when their neighbors ask for lawn grooming tips.

The first of its kind to feature a tri-colored yarn, Nature’s Blend showcases field/lime green and brown color tones. Each blade height varies in length to add an extra “au naturale” look and despite the fact there is no thatch layer, this turf has set the bar for a natural-looking synthetic grass. Equipped with the same U.V. inhibitors as the rest of our amazing turf lines, Nature’s Blend is ideal for low traffic landscapes and makes a perfect addition to yards alike.

Make Nature’s Blend your premier landscape product! Call us today for free samples and quotes!

Product Spotlight: Tacoma “S” Blade

We are sssuper ssserious about our latest Everlast synthetic grass product. Introducing the Everlast Tacoma turf with the ‘S’ blade shape! Field and olive green colors paired with a brown thatch now incorporate the more resilient blade and allow for a moderate to heavy foot traffic.

Everything you love about the Tacoma turf remains the same, we simply changed the grass blade for your feet’s ssstomping pleasure! Give us a call to learn more about our new and improved Tacoma turf! We send free ssssamples daily and would love for your landscape to experience what everyone’s been ssso excited about!

Diamond Supreme

We are supremely excited to announce the two of the highest quality synthetic turfs available on the market today! Introducing TigerTurf Diamond Supreme! Standing at 2 ½ inches tall and weighing 90 ounces per square yard, Diamond Supreme comes in two color options: a spritely dual shade of lime-field green for those who prefer ‘Spring’ and a deeper dual shade of olive-field green for the ‘Fescue’ lovers. Both Diamond Supreme Fescue and Diamond Supreme Spring are paired with a brown thatch for that extra realistic touch!

The Diamond Supreme yarn features an open ‘w’ shape for extra durability and is also de-lustered to reduce shine.

If your customers want nothing but the best, give them diamonds! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why can’t they be a lawn’s best bud, too?


Nature’s Blend

This spring 2015, let SGW take care of your April Fool’s for your customers with our latest synthetic turf product: Nature’s Blend!

And while we think Mother Nature’s one smart lady, she might be a little fooled, too.

All jokes aside—Nature’s Blend, Everlast Turf’s latest American-made addition, will make your customer’s do a landscape double take. Backed by our long-time partnership with textile producer Tencate, Nature’s Blend features a look specifically designed to appear like real grass!

The face yarn features a field and lime green color tone in addition to the third brown blade color. Despite the omitted thatch layer, Nature’s Blend weighs in at 60 ounces with a pile height that varies in length, the tallest blades standing at two inches. Upheld by SGW’s 15 year warranty, Nature’s Blend is equipped with the same U.V. coating as the rest of our amazing turfs and is ideal for low traffic landscapes.

Give us a call for more information about Nature’s Blend! This turf ain’t no joke!

SGW Celebrates 11 Years in Business!

After 165 million square feet of synthetic turf sold and millions of gallons of water saved, Synthetic Grass Warehouse welcomes 2015 with the celebration of our 11 years in business!

“This has been the most exciting 11 years of our lives,” SGW Management told news media. “It’s been a privilege to see how this industry, specifically the products, have evolved over the 11 years we’ve been in business.”15-1030x1030As we continue to work with advanced materials produced by Tencate, we cannot contain the excitement about our revolutionary products slated to premier over the next couple of months! Through closer business partnerships, we house two major synthetic turf brands: TigerTurf and Everlast Turf, which have been featured on the lawns of thousands of homes and commercial properties across the nation.

We have been fortunate to work with amazing charitable organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and also have the capability to donate turf to our troops in Afghanistan. We will wholeheartedly continue our donation efforts in the future!


From our small Anaheim warehouse in 2004, now coming to a city near you, SGW has expanded throughout the northwest and southeast erecting several fulfillment centers to give you easier access to the industry’s top synthetic grass products!


We want to thank all of our loyal customers for a great 11 years and look forward to an exciting new year ahead!


Coming Soon to a Landscape Near You…

Mother Nature ain't got nothin' on this!

Mother Nature ain’t got nothin’ on this!

Whoever decided to claim that synthetic grass can’t look like real grass underestimates Tiger Turf! Coming January 2015 to lawns, parks and commercial settings near you, SGW will feature the most natural looking synthetic turf ever made!

Forget the crew cut look, SGW has figured out a chic way to fool Mother Nature herself with a look that’s sure to ‘WOW’ any passerby! Our latest and greatest will surely give your lawn the ‘au naturale’ look and feel…no maintenance required. Stay tuned January 2015 for more details…

The best blends in the industry brought to you by SGW & Tiger Turf.

The best blends in the industry brought to you by SGW & Tiger Turf.