Diamond Supreme

We are supremely excited to announce the two of the highest quality synthetic turfs available on the market today! Introducing TigerTurf Diamond Supreme! Standing at 2 ½ inches tall and weighing 90 ounces per square yard, Diamond Supreme comes in two color options: a spritely dual shade of lime-field green for those who prefer ‘Spring’ and a deeper dual shade of olive-field green for the ‘Fescue’ lovers. Both Diamond Supreme Fescue and Diamond Supreme Spring are paired with a brown thatch for that extra realistic touch!

The Diamond Supreme yarn features an open ‘w’ shape for extra durability and is also de-lustered to reduce shine.

If your customers want nothing but the best, give them diamonds! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why can’t they be a lawn’s best bud, too?


Nature’s Blend

This spring 2015, let SGW take care of your April Fool’s for your customers with our latest synthetic turf product: Nature’s Blend!

And while we think Mother Nature’s one smart lady, she might be a little fooled, too.

All jokes aside—Nature’s Blend, Everlast Turf’s latest American-made addition, will make your customer’s do a landscape double take. Backed by our long-time partnership with textile producer Tencate, Nature’s Blend features a look specifically designed to appear like real grass!

The face yarn features a field and lime green color tone in addition to the third brown blade color. Despite the omitted thatch layer, Nature’s Blend weighs in at 60 ounces with a pile height that varies in length, the tallest blades standing at two inches. Upheld by SGW’s 15 year warranty, Nature’s Blend is equipped with the same U.V. coating as the rest of our amazing turfs and is ideal for low traffic landscapes.

Give us a call for more information about Nature’s Blend! This turf ain’t no joke!

SGW Donates Synthetic Grass to Home of Afghanistan War Veteran


Synthetic Grass Warehouse is honored to donate synthetic turf to the home of U.S. Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg this past Friday, March 13 in Gilbert, Arizona. East Valley-based Landscape company Accent Landscaping donated their time to install the turf for Sergeant Remsburg’s front and backyard.

Sergeant Remsburg was welcomed into his brand new customized home by national media, project donors and President Obama—who made an unplanned stop after visiting Veteran Affairs in Phoenix, said a New York Times article.

“’The greatest honor of my life is serving as commander in chief of the greatest military the world’s ever known,’” Mr. Obama told media. “’Never give up, never give in’ attitude was the kind of thing that keeps me going.’”

While deployed in Afghanistan, Sergeant Remsburg and his platoon experience a roadside bomb where he sustained serious injuries and was in a three month-long coma. Through Jared Allen Homes for Wounded Warriors, Sergeant Remsburg received a customized home to meet his needs.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Co-owner Victor Lanfranco reserves a special commitment to foundations that improve the lives of United States veterans. As a Vietnam era veteran, Lanfranco consistently dedicates a portion of his business to those in the armed services.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be put in a position where we can help this American hero,” said Lanfranco. “We never turn our backs on our heroes.”

wounded warrior photo collage

SGW Introduces 15 Year Warranty!

The industry’s most advanced products now feature the best warranty! As of February 2015, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has increased their 8 year product warranty to a whopping 15 years! The new warranty will cover SGW’s entire TigerTurf and Everlast artificial turf inventory.

“We are actually quite confident that our products will last well beyond the 15 year protection,” said SGW Co-owner Victor Lanfranco. “We’ve always offered the best products, so why not give our customers the best warranty?”

SGW continues to offer the most technologically advanced artificial turf products under renowned American-made artificial grass brand TigerTurf as well as the Everlast synthetic grass brand. For the past 11 years, SGW has been committed to the synthetic turf industry and has ushered in a new era of synthetic grass specifically designed for landscapes. From grass blade shape design to TigerCool technology and U.V. stabilization, SGW products are guaranteed to last!

Between the best products, top notch customer service and same-day shipping, SGW continues to be the nation’s largest synthetic turf distributor as the artificial turf demand increases across North America. A great water-saving landscape alternative as well as a low maintenance option, SGW products continue to revolutionize the industry and thousands of homes, commercial properties, pet parks and sports fields every year!

The updated 15 year warranty can be found here!

SGW Celebrates 11 Years in Business!

After 165 million square feet of synthetic turf sold and millions of gallons of water saved, Synthetic Grass Warehouse welcomes 2015 with the celebration of our 11 years in business!

“This has been the most exciting 11 years of our lives,” SGW Management told news media. “It’s been a privilege to see how this industry, specifically the products, have evolved over the 11 years we’ve been in business.”15-1030x1030As we continue to work with advanced materials produced by Tencate, we cannot contain the excitement about our revolutionary products slated to premier over the next couple of months! Through closer business partnerships, we house two major synthetic turf brands: TigerTurf and Everlast Turf, which have been featured on the lawns of thousands of homes and commercial properties across the nation.

We have been fortunate to work with amazing charitable organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and also have the capability to donate turf to our troops in Afghanistan. We will wholeheartedly continue our donation efforts in the future!


From our small Anaheim warehouse in 2004, now coming to a city near you, SGW has expanded throughout the northwest and southeast erecting several fulfillment centers to give you easier access to the industry’s top synthetic grass products!


We want to thank all of our loyal customers for a great 11 years and look forward to an exciting new year ahead!


Synthetic Grass Warehouse Opens in Fresno

Synthetic Grass Warehouse is proud to announce the grand opening of the latest location in Fresno, California! SGW-Fresno’s 10,000 square foot facility provides a full-service distribution hub for artificial turf customers in the Northwestern region and surrounding areas. SGW-Fresno carries over 700,000 square feet of artificial grass inventory along with all turf-related accessories for installers and home improvement professionals across the nation.

“We are not only excited, but also proud to be able to accommodate Fresno, California and surrounding areas with our amazing products and services,” said SGW Co-owner Joe Ayoub.

Over the past decade, the synthetic turf industry has experienced impressive growth in synthetic grass technology and drought stricken regions have made these products a sensible solution for water and maintenance cost savings. As the latest addition to the Synthetic Grass Warehouse Corporation, SGW-Fresno will meet the artificial turf industry’s increasing demands and feature the latest synthetic turf technology.

For over ten years, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has become the largest distributor of artificial grass products for landscapes, putting greens, playgrounds and pet applications. SGW provides same-day shipping and serves as a resource center for all things artificial turf. For more information, visit: www.syntheticgrasswarehouse.com.


SGW Fresno Address:

4947 East Dakota Ave

Fresno, CA 93727

Phone: 559 347 9965

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Adds Distribution Facility in Dallas, TX

SGW’s Texas expansion to dramatically increase capacity, lower logistics costs and provide quicker delivery of artificial turf products nationwide.  

Dallas, TX.  August 1, 2014 – Synthetic Grass Warehouse has opened a brand new facility in Dallas, TX, providing a much needed distribution hub for artificial turf customers based in the South and Midwest regions. The distribution facility will hold over 400,000 square feet of artificial grass at any given time, and carry all turf related accessories and infill needed for turf installations. Drought stricken regions across the United States, particularly in the Midwest, have homeowners and businesses seeking water and cost saving alternatives to natural grass. Dramatic improvements in artificial turf technology seen in the last several years have made it a sensible solution. This boom in demand, coupled with the rising costs of logistics, moved SGW to increase its capacity and provide more immediate servicing capabilities to the region. “We feel this is an incredible opportunity to not only service the largest state in the contingent U.S., but for the entire the Midwest region,” said SGW co-founder Victor Lanfranco. “Simply put, our new facility allows SGW to better serve our customers, and that is main factor behind all of our decisions.” Recently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has grown to be the largest provider of artificial grass products in the nation. About Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Inc: Synthetic Grass Warehouse is the exclusive national distributor for TigerTurf and Everlast brands of synthetic grass products. Founded in 2003, Synthetic Grass Warehouse specializes in turf products designed for landscaping, pets, putting greens, and playgrounds. SGW provides same-day shipping on all turf orders. For more information, visit https://syntheticgrasswarehouse.com

SGW Production Moves to Dalton, Georgia

April 22, 2014


ANAHEIM, CALIF.—Synthetic Grass Warehouse, North America’s exclusive distributor of TigerTurf US, is proud to announce that they are now manufacturing at the epicenter of the largest American made artificial grass capital of the world—Dalton, Georgia. SGW has made the strategic decision to move their Austin based plant to the highly distinguished Synthetic Turf Resources establishment.

After extensive due diligence of the STR facilities, SGW recognized that their premium quality standards would be held to an unmatched criteria. The management team at SGW realized that “this transition will guarantee the highest level of production consistency, meet the potential industry challenges ahead, optimize delivery time period and offer the most competitive pricing to our customers.” After a decade of industry leadership, SGW recognizes that in order to continue servicing their valued customers; they must remain forward thinking in their approach. Therefore, SGW firmly believes that by working alongside top manufacturers, they can continuously provide only the latest in synthetic turf quality and technology.

Before transitioning into the STR facility, SGW required TigerTurf US’ innovative technology and elite product standards to be upheld. In order to ensure this, they relocated their top production team to apply TigerTurf’s successful methods at the Dalton location. SGW has entrusted their esteemed TigerTurf Production Manager, Doug DeMasie to oversee this extensive operation. SGW is confident that he will implement their proven methods to manufacture products that continue to meet the exceptional TigerTurf standard across all manufacturing levels. Royal Tencate, the world’s leader in synthetic extrusion, will continue to exclusively supply SGW with advanced cutting edge yarns allowing SGW to continue to set the standard for superior landscape turf.

By transferring TigerTurf’s talented staff and innovative equipment to the STR plant, they are guaranteeing that all factors of the TigerTurf process remain uncompromised and their products and quality remain at the current premium level.

Company Information:

For the past ten years, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has been the nation’s leading high quality synthetic turf distributor. They are the proud North American exclusive distributor of TigerTurf, the world’s largest manufacturer of realistic artificial turf products.

SGW Likes to Have “Phun”

Over the years, people have found SGW synthetic grass to be very useful for their landscapes, parks and putting greens. However, not only is our turf used for all types of landscapes, but it’s also been spotted on top of skateboard decks!

At SGW we know how to have a good time and so do Jesse and Jamie Goodwick, co-owners of Phun, a San Diego-based lifestyle company that feature apparel, accessories and their signature product: Astroboard.

Since 2010 these guys have built a brand that highlights a sunny southern California vibe a la ‘surfer/skater.’ The brand showcases the sunnier side of life in Socal coupled with our awesome putting green on top of their Astroboard. In short SGW is ‘stoked’ to have these guys on board and to be a part of their unique “phun” brand.

We caught up with Phun owners:

team-phun-logoHow long have you guys been ‘having Phun?’

Every day, all day, since the beginning of time!

More specifically, in 2010, Jesse was living in Breckenridge, Colorado working at a ski school where he recognized a need to make all weather facemasks, which he called “Snowdanas.” Jesse left Colorado to take on a full time engineering position in San Diego where he continued making apparel to satisfy his creative urges. Snowdanas turned into beanies, which turned into printing tee shirts and when he was laid off from his job, the passion for his hobby evolved into a full time venture and TEAM PHUN was born. Since then his brother and sister, Jamie and Linz, have joined the crew in addition to Nick Moyal.

Where did you get the name ‘Phun?’

Everyone has their own way of having PHUN that makes them unique, which is where the ‘PH’ comes from. No matter our differences, we celebrate together that we all want to have a good time and Together Everyone Achieves More PHUN!

What inspired you to create the Astroboard?

The idea to add turf to a skateboard was out of need for creating a solution for a comfortable barefoot skateboard ride. However, we didn’t realize at the time how simple of an idea it was, but how much it actually made sense. There are other non conventional skateboard grip surfaces on the market including shag carpet, indoor/outdoor carpet, but no one had ever used putting green turf! When we show the product to people, many respond, “That’s a great idea! How come they didn’t think of that 30 years ago?”

What do you think of the turf on the board?

We started using putting green turf from Synthetic Grass Warehouse in Anaheim, Calif. and are very satisfied with our supplier. This turf is literally that faux grass they use on the PGA tour. It provides a very comfortable riding surface, with or without shoes, and is perfect for our application. Tiger Woods approved! (well, maybe)

On your t-shirts, it says ‘Sunday Phunday.’ Describe what this means.

Sunday Phunday is a celebration, an ode to a day that exists to cater to our needs no matter who we are: 9-5ers, weekend warriors, football fans, and more can extend their weekend festivities just a little longer and enjoy time with phriends, phamily or phor-legged phriends. The Sunday Phunday Mustache design has been so successful we’ve expanded our product collection to include tank tops, caps, sweatshirts, raglans and more!

What kind of work do you do with the local community?

A lot. We believe in making connections and showcasing the positive impacts reflected in our talented collection of TEAM PHUN community members. Here in San Diego, we have a myriad of different partners that are active in their own respective communities as artists, athletes and nonprofit ambassadors.

We regularly attend local community events and host our own as well including PHUN Fest, which includes partnerships with local vendors, live music, and an Adult Tricycle Olympics. We table at surfing competitions, local farmers markets, beach fests, and more. Jesse, Jamie and Nick also have their own band, Harriet and the Tubmans, that plays locally around San Diego all the time promoting the band and TEAM PHUN.

What’s a typical day-in-the-life of a Phun person?

Depends on the day.

All of us in the office play different roles and wear many different hats, but of course we work as a team. Once a week, usually Mondays, we all get around the conference table and go over the weeks agenda, events, production, open orders, and everything else. We are all very creative and have some great ideas and this is a great open forum to share them with everyone else.  Of course we still check emails, call accounts about orders, and make sure day to day operations run smoothly. We spend a few weeks out of the year going on individual sales trips all over the United States and present at international trade shows such as Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. At the end of the day there is usually a skateboard session on the ‘PHUN ramp’ that Jesse built or maybe happy hour. When we’re not working, we like to be out and about.

Jamie runs miles a day and often runs in 5ks to benefit local nonprofits. Jesse likes to shred the skate park, Nick surfs and Linz loves hiking. We all have PHUN in our own way!

What is your brand’s overall message?

It’s simple: everyone has his or her own way of having PHUN. TEAM PHUN was created to encourage and promote all persons who pride themselves on hard work, persistence, and having PHUN in their own respect. Whether it’s competitive food eating, go-kart racing, surfing, snowboarding, or anything that defines that person, TEAM PHUN unites all of these socially active members of our community through distinctive and PHUN apparel and accessories.

TigerTurf Donates $30K in Synthetic Grass to Arizona Woman

For the past ten years, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has been involved with all types of non-profit organizations across the nation.  We always want to find ways to give back to our local communities, especially when there is a great need for high-quality products.

Recently Phoenix, Ariz. Resident Emily Ingersoll experienced a serious pitfall in the turf industry through companies un-related to SGW and the story was exposed by a Phoenix local news station channel 3 On Your Side, “3 On Your Side: Turf debacle leaves woman with $28K mess.”  Ms. Ingersoll trains show dogs and has dedicated her time, backyard and pocketbook to this task.

SGW felt compelled to help Ms. Ingersoll resolve the problem and restore her confidence in synthetic grass products. So in response to Ms. Ingersoll’s poorly installed turf project, we partnered with Arizona Luxury Lawns to install 6,810 square feet of our Diamond Light Spring synthetic grass along with 6,700 pounds of our Artificial Turf Deodorizer infill.

“I’ve seen some bad installs, but this one took the cake,” SGW Co-owner Victor Lanfranco told 3 On Your Side. “Not only that, but a lot of money was spent here by Emily.”

SGW felt a personal responsibility to help Ms. Ingersoll and shed some positive light on the synthetic grass industry, despite the recent drawback.

“I was shocked,” Ingersoll told 3 On Your Side.’“I couldn’t believe that someone would do that, would be so generous to do that, of course, I’m thrilled.”

Arizona Luxury Lawns donated three days of their time and efforts to install the grass and infill.

Check out the story featured on “3 On Your Side UPDATE: Two companies donate $30K project to help consumer.”

We were excited to see the story feature Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014 and want to thank Arizona Luxury Lawns for all of their hard work and dedication!