Quick Turf Maintenance for a Fun Filled Summer

Now that summer is around the corner, it’s time to clean off the debris left over from fall and winter. Summertime is filled with barbeques, pool parties and family gatherings, so make sure your artificial turf lawn is in tip-top shape for those moments!

Sprucing up your synthetic grass lawn is quick and easy, so don’t think this will be an all day event. Since mowing your lawn has now become a long lost activity, here are some tips to ensure your artificial turf lawn will be in perfect condition for all your upcoming summer events:

  1. Gently spray down your artificial turf lawn with a hose in order to remove dirt, dust and any pollen that may have landed on your lawn over the past couple of months.
  2. Using a rake or leaf blower will help clear off fallen debris like leaves or branches that may have landed on your turf.
  3. If you have any pets that utilize your synthetic grass lawn, weekly rinsing will help your lawn smell fresh and odor free! If you’re looking for something to further eliminate unpleasant odors, check out our Turf Fresh and Zeolite Max options.

Synthetic grass provides homeowners with a low maintenance landscape that can last for up to 15 years! At Synthetic Grass Warehouse we provide our customers with the highest quality products that can fit any budget. All of our products are non-toxic and lead free, creating a safe landscape alternative for any household, business or school.

Artificial Turf Helps With Allergies

Now that Spring has finally arrived, one of the biggest concerns most homeowners seem to face this time of year are those pesky allergies. Grass is the most common source of outdoor allergies, and it affects more than 50 million people every year!

A real grass lawn emits pollen that gets released into the air and creates irritating and uncomfortable symptoms that are difficult to alleviate. For those who have kids or pets running around, artificial turf is a great solution for allergies. Not only that, artificial grass is a wonderful low-maintenance alternative that creates a fun, safe and durable landscape that everyone can enjoy.

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with your friends and family. Installing turf before and during the allergy season will be extremely beneficial in order to avoid any and all allergen discomfort. All of our turf is guaranteed with a 15 year warranty that will guarantee you a beautiful and plush for many years to come.


SGW Phoenix Opens March 15, 2018!

Synthetic Grass Warehouse is happy to announce that our new warehouse facility in Phoenix, AZ will be open on March 15th. We welcome any and all contractors, homeowners and business owners to stop by and pick up some free samples from our brand new state of the art warehouse.

Similar to our other nationwide locations, SGW Phoenix will still feature the same great customer service in addition to same-day shipping. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to grow and establish a solid footprint in the artificial turf industry. As the largest distributor of synthetic grass in North America, we take pride in supplying our clients and homeowners with the most technologically advanced, ultra-realistic artificial grass products.

ROI: Artificial Turf

Some time ago there were a lot of skeptical homeowners that did not accept the new artificial turf industry, not because of how it looked but because of the misconceptions.

Through years of innovation, artificial turf has created a name for itself in the landscaping industry. Synthetic grass has not only made lawns more aesthetically pleasing, it has aided in water conservation efforts and provides a safe and sustainable environment for children and pets.

Artificial turf allows homeowners to save money in the long run. It takes about .623 gallons of water to irrigate a square foot of a real grass lawn. With the average lawn being about 700 square feet, it would take around 436 gallons of water each time you water your lawn – that’s over 150,000 gallons a year! When calculating the number of gallons wasted on irrigating a real grass lawn, the results are shocking. In Los Angeles, about 68% of water consumption is used at the residential level.

On top of that, it is estimated that homeowners spend about $214-$322 on lawn maintenance and services! This includes cut, weeding, trimming and pesticide treatments. This number is exceptionally high, and for many homeowners that cost is hard to keep up with.

Let’s break it down:

  • It costs about $.004 for a gallon of water. So, it would cost you about $1.75 a day to water your 700 sq/ft lawn (436 gallons).
  • Multiply that cost by 365 days and the total comes out to about $635 a year that you spend just on watering your lawn.
  • Add in the maintenance and service  costs, about $300 a month, and you’re looking at at about $4,235 per year.

The average install rate to install an artificial turf lawn about $9 per square foot. Let’s say you want to install a 700 square foot lawn, total costs would be about $6,300.  So in reality, it would take you less than 2 years to get a return on your artificial grass investment.

By switching to an artificial turf lawn, the burden of maintenance costs and irrigation services will be a worry of the past. Synthetic grass provides homeowners with a beautiful landscape that requires little to no maintenance and can last for up to 15 years! At Synthetic Grass Warehouse we provide our customers with the highest quality products that can fit any budget. All of our products are non-toxic and lead free, creating a safe landscape alternative for any household, business or school.

SGW Celebrates 14 years of Service!

Synthetic Grass Warehouse is excited to welcome 2018 with the celebration of our 14 years in business!

As the largest distributor of artificial turf in North America, we aim to continue our commitment of providing our clients with the best possible customer service in the industry and continue to provide the most technologically advanced synthetic grass products in the industry. Our number one priority is our clients and the relationships we’ve made with each and every one of you throughout these fourteen years.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we take pride in providing all our homeowners with a safe and durable artificial turf lawn that will last them for years to come. We plan on opening more distribution facilities which will drop down costs shipping times, directly benefiting all our clients and customers!

Again, we’d like to thank all of our loyal customers for a great 14 years and we look forward to an exciting new year ahead!

Artificial Grass is “Growing” in Popularity

Artificial turf has grown tremendously through decades of innovation and state of the art design.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse has developed into the largest distributor of synthetic grass in North America. We have been capable of providing our clients with the best products in the synthetic grass industry. The evolution of artificial turf has dramatically expanded through years of trial and error.

In the past 5 years alone, synthetic grass companies have grown at astronomical rates. Homeowners have been searching for other landscaping alternatives that are capable of providing them with low maintenance alternatives and aid in water consumption levels. Synthetic grass creates practicality, appeal, and comfort to any home or business.

Our direct partnership with Tencate, the world’s leading yarn manufacturer, allows us to supply you with the highest quality, longest lasting, most realistic artificial turf products in the industry. Through years of developmental research, Tencate has mastered the art of synthetic grass yarn advancement, allowing us to supply the most durable and technologically advanced artificial turf products.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we pride ourselves on customer service, ensuring that you receive the utmost knowledge about each and every product we carry.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Artificial turf installations are becoming the new norm across the U.S. and it’s easy to see why – synthetic grass makes life a lot easier due to its low maintenance, not to mention its numerous environmental benefits.

A synthetic grass lawn gives you the low-maintenance, green plush lawn you’ve always wanted! Synthetic grass is used for landscapes, yards, pet runs, golf fringe, commercial property, playgrounds and so much more. It is estimated that almost 50 percent of the water used for outdoor use is wasted. It is important to use different landscape options that will help water conservation efforts and decrease water consumption levels nationwide. Synthetic grass not only saves billions of gallons of water per year, it helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. No more emitting toxic chemicals into the atmosphere by using costly and noisy lawn equipment!

All of our products at Synthetic Grass Warehouse are safe, non-toxic and lead-free. It is our priority to provide you with the best customer service and synthetic grass products in the industry. Our artificial turf will create a beautiful and safe environment for your family and pets. Don’t let the economic challenges of maintaining a real grass lawn burden you for any longer!

Let’s Talk TigerCool

Not all artificial turf is created equally. In a recent Penn State study, the surface temperature of poorly designed, early generation artificial turf fields often exceeded 175 degrees. This is not only uncomfortable but completely unsafe for anyone that plays on those fields.

Through many years of research and development, we have revolutionized the synthetic grass industry. TigerCool yarns have been engineered with advanced U.V. inhibitors and heat reflective color pigments to reduce surface area temperatures. A series of solar panel tests demonstrate that TigerCool technology accurately reduces turf temperatures by 15%!

Our TigerCool products are perfect for any residential, commercial or playground landscape area. All of our products are non-toxic and lead-free, making it a great landscape alternative for any household with children or pets.

This graph below depicts just how TigerCool technology works:

TigerCool technology is featured in our Diamond and Marquee Series.

Artificial Turf and Your Kids

When it comes to your little ones running around, it’s important to create a safe and reliable area for them to play freely. Kids require a dependable and durable surface that will allow them to enjoy themselves and fully take advantage of the area around them. A synthetic grass lawn is a great landscape alternative that guarantees your kids safety.

Say goodbye to uneven and patchy areas that require caution and worry. Artificial turf supplies an enjoyable landscape that everyone in the family can enjoy, even your pets!

All of our turf products are kid and pet friendly, non- toxic and lead free! Synthetic Grass Warehouse provides products that are soft, realistic and non-abrasive, creating a safe and dependable play area. Unlike real grass that releases allergens and lacks cushioning, artificial turf rids the fear of your little ones getting injured. With our Diamond and Everglade Series being IPEMA certified, Synthetic Grass Warehouse products provide a dependable play area for your kids. IPEMA testing certifies that each of these products achieve the criteria for G-Max (shock) in addition to the Head Injury Criterion score, which measures the impact severity quantifying the risk of head trauma.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, it is our priority to ensure the safety of your kids with the revolutionary precautions our artificial turf provides.

SGW’s Pet Photo Contest! – Winners!


Our first official #PetPhotoContest has finally come to a close. Thank you all so much for sending in your photos. We have enjoyed every second of this campaign and loved seeing all your beautiful pets enjoying artificial grass!

As with all contests, we do have to pick our winners, so here is our final puppy lineup:




Installation by: Save Pro Turf



Installation by: GL Landscaping



Installation by: Xeroscapes


Congratulations to all three of our winners!


We will be sending out emails to all three winners so we can mail out your prizes. If you do not receive an email, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook to make sure we have the correct contact information.

Again, thank you for participating in our contest. We hope you had a great time hanging out with your pets this summer! Feel free to send us photos of your pets anytime through our social media channels. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!