Why TigerCool Artificial Grass is Perfect for Summer Fun!

The summer heat can be a double-edged sword. The warm weather makes you want to go outside and soak up the sun’s rays, but sweltering heat can also cause your grass and other surfaces to become uncomfortably hot and even dangerous. Luckily, Synthetic Grass Warehouse offers innovative TigerCool artificial grass with temperature-control technology to help you stay cool and have fun all summer long.


Developed by TigerTurf and Tencate, TigerCool has revolutionized the synthetic grass industry. TigerCool is a first-of-its-kind technology that controls and reduces the temperature of artificial grass surfaces by up to 15 percent. In early variations of artificial grass, temperatures on the lawn’s surface could often reach more than 175 degrees. Not only is this uncomfortable for you to walk on, but it also poses a health hazard for your small children and pets. However, through years of extensive research and development, TigerTurf and Tencate have manufactured a superior synthetic grass product that will remain significantly cooler under the summer sun. This enhanced comfort allows you to enjoy outdoor activities with your friends and family without any of the pain or discomfort associated with overheated outdoor surfaces.


TigerCool works using UV inhibitors and heat-reflecting color pigments. Normally, dark color pigments such as those used in artificial grass will absorb the sun’s infrared light and convert it into heat. This high level of heat buildup increases surface temperatures and makes them uncomfortable to walk, run, or play on. TigerCool synthetic turf, however, uses color pigments that reflect the sun’s light rather than absorbing it, reducing heat buildup dramatically and thereby lowering surface temperature up to 10 degrees. With a TigerCool synthetic grass lawn, every member of the family can get outside and enjoy some summer fun.


TigerCool is incorporated in our best-selling Diamond and Marquee series. Both lines offer multiple products that suit every need, from light to heavy foot traffic. Pile heights range from 1.75 inches to 1.875 inches, and face weights vary from 60 ounces to 75 ounces. All of our products are safe for children, pet-friendly, and non-toxic, so nothing has to stop your favorite summer activities. To find out more about our TigerCool artificial grass products, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse representative. Request a free sample of

our TigerCool products here or give us a call at (866) 237-8873 for more information.

Why Your Kids Will Love Artificial Grass!

With the kids at home all spring and summer long, having an outdoor landscaping solution that encourages more play time is every parent’s saving grace. Letting your little ones get their energy out in a way that they enjoy and that’s safe for them is the best of both worlds. With artificial grass products from Synthetic Grass Warehouse, your kids can enjoy outdoor fun all summer long while you enjoy peace of mind. 


More Ways to Play

The versatility and durability of our artificial grass play area systems mean that the possibilities for outdoor activities are virtually endless. From backyard jungle gyms to mini golf and ball sports, any activity can be performed on artificial grass. Our play area turf is IPEMA-certified and installed with a foam underlayer for added protection against impact falls and injuries. The ultra-soft finish of our turf also prevents scrapes and scratches, and grass stains are a worry of the past. No matter what adventures your kids want to go on today, artificial grass can handle it all while staying lush and evergreen.


More Time to Play

Did the last of spring’s downpours arrive last night? Is there still a morning frost across your lawn? With synthetic grass, nothing will stop your kids from enjoying the great outdoors. Our turf comes with incredible drainage rates that ensure your lawn will be dry and safe for kids to play on just hours after the rain stops. The ultra-efficient drainage also keeps water from pooling on the surface of the grass the way it would with a natural grass lawn, which in turn prevents the development of harmful microorganisms such as mold or mildew. There’s never any mud to contend with, either, so you don’t have to worry about your kids tracking messes through the house if they go play. No matter what time of day, time of year, or weather forecast, your kids can enjoy playing in the backyard while staying safe, healthy, and clean!


If you’re looking for a landscaping solution that will make both you and your kids happy, there’s no better choice than Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s artificial turf products. It’s safe for kids, beautiful to look at, and easy to maintain. With more than 40 products to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find an option that will please the whole family.

3 Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard with Synthetic Grass

Being stuck at home for days on end will likely make you want to escape outside for some fresh air more often than usual. Luckily, there are many ways that you can have fun in your own backyard when you have synthetic grass landscaping. From family play time to relaxing in the sunshine, the possibilities are virtually endless when you choose Synthetic Grass Warehouse.


  1. Create a Playground for the Kids

One way to get the kids engaged and exercising is to create a jungle gym or play area on your lawn. Our IPEMA-certified artificial grass play systems are the perfect solution for backyard fun that’s worry-free. Our playground systems are installed with an eco-friendly foam padding underlayer that absorbs shock and prevents impact injuries from falls up to 10 feet high. The turf’s non-abrasive surface also protects from scrapes and scratches, while our antimicrobial infill products keep everything clean and sanitary. Enjoy outdoor time with your little ones without having to worry about the usual grass stains and boo-boos with safe and convenient artificial grass.


  1. Play with the Pups

Another great way to get in some exercise is to play with your pets! Chasing your dogs around the backyard and allowing them to run free will make you both feel happier and more relaxed while staying at home. Our innovative pet turf products are ultra-durable and evergreen, so you’ll never have to worry about brown spots or muddy holes ever again. It’s also 100% non-toxic and pet-friendly. Your furry friends will love it just as much as natural grass, and you’ll love it even more.


  1. Improve Your Short Game

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to enjoy the comfort of your own backyard, consider installing an artificial grass putting green. Our putting green turf products suit any terrain or play level, whether you’re a professional looking to practice or just putting around for fun. Putting greens can be customized to any size or shape, so no backyard is too small or awkwardly-shaped for putting. If you want to enjoy some relaxing family fun or improve your short game from home, consider an artificial grass putting green from SGW.


You can create endless fun with an artificial grass lawn, from family water fights to lawn chess, bocce ball, and more! Whatever you dream of, achieve it with Synthetic Grass Warehouse turf products. You can have more fun than ever before while staying at home and being safe.

How to Enhance Your Home with a Custom Putting Green

Whether you’re looking for professional practice or casual family fun, custom artificial grass putting greens are the future of eco-friendly sports landscaping. You can practice your short game from the comfort of your own backyard with synthetic turf products from Synthetic Grass Warehouse that replicate the look and feel of professional bentgrass. 


We carry nine distinct putting green turf varieties that each offer a unique look and feel to the homeowner. We offer a variety of color variations, pile heights, and face weights which all contribute to each product’s individuality. The grass blades of our putting green products are compacted to replicate a putting green in both color and stimpmeter speed, so the surface will roll true to your desired speed every time. Our putting green products also feature UV inhibitors that coat the individual blades and prevent them from fading in the sunlight, so your custom putting green will remain beautifully green even after years of continuous use. 


Many homeowners love using artificial grass for their backyard putting greens not just because of the evergreen appearance, but also because of the endless possibilities for customization. Putting greens are perfect for awkwardly-shaped areas of your landscape such as a narrow side yard or a hill. Artificial grass putting greens can be customized to accommodate any shape, size, or terrain, so there’s no such thing as a home that can’t fit a synthetic grass putting green. You can even install contours, bunkers, and tiers to elevate your at-home game even further. Our turf products make it easy to install cups, flags, and tees, perfectly replicating the look and feel of a professional course. No matter what space you have to work with, Synthetic Grass Warehouse putting green turf products will make your backyard design dreams a reality.


Spend more time bonding with your loved ones or take time for yourself putting in the backyard with a custom putting green using one of our nine innovative products. Whether you opt for Nylon Tee, True Putt, or anything else in our expansive lineup, you can achieve the perfect backyard putting green and make your home the envy of the neighborhood. 

SGW Celebrates 16 Years of Service!

Synthetic Grass Warehouse is excited to welcome 2020 with the celebration of our 16th year in business!

As the largest distributor of artificial turf in North America, we aim to continue our commitment to providing our clients with the most technologically advanced synthetic grass products in the industry, as well as the most exceptional customer service possible. Our number one priority is our clients and the relationships we’ve made with each and every one of you throughout these sixteen years.

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we take pride in providing all our homeowners with a safe and durable artificial turf lawn that will last them for years to come. Through years of research and development, TenCate has mastered the art of yarn development, allowing us to create the most reliable synthetic grass products in the world. Their contribution has allowed us to push boundaries and set the standard in the artificial turf industry.

Again, we’d like to thank all of our loyal customers for a great 16 years, and we look forward to an exciting new year ahead!


How to Utilize Turf for Indoor Athletic Facilities

The benefits of artificial grass for outdoor spaces such as backyards and sports fields are well known. The enhanced aesthetic appeal and improved durability make it an ideal solution for a range of landscaping options. However, indoor athletic facilities are another area where synthetic grass can be utilized to the fullest. More and more, health clubs and training facilities are taking advantage of artificial turf’s visual appeal and functionality in order to create a workout space that can accommodate nontraditional workouts and meet customer demands.

Whether it’s a batting cage, an athletic field, or a conditioning gym, any type of indoor sports facility can benefit from the unique traits of artificial grass. It’s designed to be highly durable, so it can withstand hours, days, and months of high foot traffic while resisting wear and tear. High-quality turf products won’t develop holes, tears, or discoloration, enduring better than rubber flooring or natural grass. It can also be installed with an eco-friendly foam underlayer which reduces pressure on the joints and minimizes shock. It also reduces the impact of falls and the risk of injuries for safer workouts. Enhanced safety and wellbeing are always a good selling point for indoor athletic facilities of any kind.

Synthetic turf is also beneficial for indoor facilities due to its low maintenance requirements. There’s no need for the grass to receive sunlight to stay green, making it perfect for indoor use. It doesn’t need to be watered or trimmed, and its ultra-efficient drainage makes spills and messes a non-issue. Our artificial grass products can also be installed with an antimicrobial infill which prevents the spreading of germs and harmful bacteria, a prevalent concern for athletic facilities.

When you choose synthetic grass for your indoor sports facility, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quality product that can accommodate any need. Here at Synthetic Grass Warehouse, all of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the best warranty in the industry. For turf that’s as tough as you are, choose Synthetic Grass Warehouse for your gym or field.

How to Care for Artificial Grass in Snowy Weather

Many homeowners throughout the US love artificial grass landscaping for its ability to withstand cold weather and come out of winter unscathed. Whereas natural grass will die off in extreme conditions, artificial turf won’t be damaged by frost or other winter weather such as heavy rain or hail. However, your synthetic grass does require proper care in order to ensure that it is in peak condition for spring and summer fun.


While artificial grass won’t get damaged on its own due to frost, the blades can become brittle if they freeze. If these brittle blades are walked on, damage can occur. While artificial grass blades are very resilient, they’re not completely indestructible. It’s best to allow all of the snow and frost to melt and drain naturally through the perforated backing before resuming backyard activities. If you do have to walk across your turf while it’s frozen, take extra care while walking in order to avoid breaking or damaging any blades.


A covering of snow, unlike complete freezing, won’t affect your ability to walk on the turf. You are able to walk and play on snowy artificial grass without worrying about fibers breaking. However, you shouldn’t allow the snow to pile up too much or the compacted snow will turn into ice and become dangerous. Remove packed snow either by hand or with a plastic shovel. After the snow has fallen and melted, your grass may be slightly matted from the weight of the snow. However, it should bounce back naturally over time. Help lift the pile by cross-brushing it as you would during any other time of year. This extra push will help return the appearance of your turf to normal more quickly. 


One way that many homeowners melt ice and snow is by using salt. However, when it comes to artificial grass, we advise against using salt; instead, let the snow melt naturally. Salt can clog up the holes in the backing of your turf and hinder your lawn’s full drainage capabilities. If you do need to use salt for any reason, use it sparingly and very occasionally. Your turf will be fine to use after snowy weather if you allow it to take care of itself and avoid the temptation to speed up the process. 


With winter rapidly approaching, it’s advisable that all homeowners with artificial grass know how to properly care for their lawn throughout the season. Artificial turf is an excellent landscaping solution for properties in areas with extreme weather due to its ability to withstand anything from the driest climate to arctic blasts. If you’re seeking a low-maintenance landscaping solution that will stay evergreen and pristine through anything, nothing beats SGW artificial grass. We have one of the biggest inventory selections in the industry, and all of our products come with an unbeatable 15-year warranty. If you’d like to speak to one of our representatives about the best synthetic turf for your next project, give us a call today and get started.

What Makes SGW Artificial Grass Products Superior?

What Makes SGW Artificial Grass Products Superior?


Synthetic Grass Warehouse is proud to be the leading artificial grass distributor in North America. This success is, in large part, attributed to the exceptional quality of the synthetic grass products we provide. Homeowners across the country all want a beautiful lawn crafted with the highest quality products on the market, which is why thousands of individuals and installers all turn to SGW. But what exactly makes SGW artificial grass products superior?


Enhanced Durability

SGW artificial grass products all offer enhanced durability over natural grass as well as other synthetic grass varieties. All of our market-leading products are made with the highest quality polyethylene yarn and have endured rigorous testing for environmental factors such as UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and moisture effects. Our manufacturers also utilize advanced equipment to replicate the turf’s potential usage, such as foot traffic, in order to create the most durable synthetic grass products on the market. Our products’ polyurethane-coated backing and triple tuft binding provide greater seam strength and durability, so it can withstand enormous amounts of force without breaking. Our products are used by FIFA and approved by World Rugby, the ITF, the FIH, and the World Bowls, so you can trust in the superior quality of SGW artificial grass products.


Efficient Drainage

No matter how wet or dry your climate is, SGW products can withstand it all. Our ultra-efficient drainage system can handle any amount of rain with no need to worry about mud, flooding, or broken blades. Our drainage systems allow over 30 inches of water to drain per hour per square yard, so your lawn will be dry in just a matter of hours even after the hardest rainfall. This makes SGW products perfect for play areas, sports fields, pet runs, or residential projects. 


Innovative Technologies

SGW products contain some of the most advanced and innovative artificial grass technologies on the market. One such example is TigerTurf’s TigerCool temperature-control technology. Heat-reflective color pigments and advanced UV inhibitors reflect infrared light rather than absorbing it, which results in surface temperatures up to 10 degrees cooler than other products without TigerCool. Innovative solutions such as these make every homeowner’s life easier and more comfortable, which is why thousands trust SGW products.


No matter what appearance or functionality your artificial turf needs to have, nothing beats SGW artificial grass products. We have one of the biggest inventory selections, and all of our products come with an unbeatable 15-year warranty. If you’d like to speak to one of our representatives about the best synthetic turf product for your next project, give us a call today and get started.

Custom Putting Greens for Your Commercial Property

Whether you manage an apartment complex, an office building, or a sports supply store, custom artificial grass putting greens are the perfect solution for any commercial property. Synthetic Grass Warehouse has nine different putting turf varieties that can replicate the feel of a professional course while providing hours of carefree fun for your visitors. 


If you manage an apartment complex or housing development, a custom putting green is a great amenity to offer residents. Artificial turf increases your property value and enhances curb appeal, attracting more prospective tenants to your property than ever before. It’s a low-maintenance solution that doesn’t require watering to maintain, so an increase in green space won’t mean an increase in utility bills or maintenance costs. No matter what shape or size the space you have to work with is, artificial grass putting greens can be completely customized to fit your needs.


Synthetic turf putting greens can be installed indoors or outdoors, making them a valuable addition to sports supply stores and golf shops. Having an artificial grass putting green available in your shop will impress customers and allow them to test out products before buying. Our putting green products all replicate the look and feel of a professional-grade golf course, so customers can get the most accurate feel for the game possible while testing out the turf. Custom synthetic grass putting greens are perfect for rented-out putting areas, showcases or tradeshows, and golf supply shops. 


From kids’ playtime to PGA-level practice, custom putting greens can accommodate any need. Synthetic Grass Warehouse has a wide variety of different putting green products available, and all are guaranteed to never fade. Our putting products all come with an eight-year warranty, so you can be confident in every SGW purchase you make. If you’d like to speak to one of our in-house designers about the best custom putting green for you, give us a call today and get started.

Fun Labor Day Backyard Activities with Artificial Grass

Everyone’s Labor Day plans and traditions are a little bit different, but virtually all of them include spending time outdoors and enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. With artificial grass, you can amplify your backyard and create a dynamic space that’s perfect for group activities and games. Here are a few fun backyard activities for Labor Day that can be easily achieved with artificial grass.

Water Activities

From running through a sprinkler to water gun fights, no summer is complete without plenty of water games to cool off the whole family while still having fun. However, excessive water from these activities can leave your natural grass lawn waterlogged and muddy. It can also damage your grass and leave wet grass blades clinging to you and your family, causing wet grass to end up inside your home. However, with artificial turf, water fights can be worry-free. Synthetic turf won’t break or get muddy, so there are no more messes to clean up or worry about after the fun is over. Artificial turf’s ultra-efficient drainage system also guarantees that your lawn won’t flood and will even be dry to the touch within an hour. Our synthetic turf products have a drainage rate of more than 30 inches per hour per square yard, so you can keep your yard safe, dry, and sanitary for your family fun.

Putting Green

Our putting green products require little to no maintenance and have the look and feel of a real grass putting green all year long. We provide the quality you see at the best country clubs, right in your own backyard. Our putting green products are made with a texturized nylon material that offers added durability and consistency while playing, while UV inhibitors ensure that your green will never fade in the sunlight. Artificial grass putting greens can be designed precisely the way you’d like it and entirely customized to your preferences. Golfers of all skill levels can enjoy a relaxing round of putting this Labor Day with artificial grass from SGW.

Bocce Ball

For a more relaxed backyard activity, consider installing a bocce ball court in your backyard. Although bocce is most typically played on sand or concrete, artificial grass has become an increasingly popular option in recent years since it offers a clean and leveled surface to play on. It also consists of an underlayer of concrete that ensures that your turf remains level and won’t break after repeated use. Join the 25 million American bocce enthusiasts and install a bocce ball court in your backyard with SGW synthetic turf.

If you want to make the most of Labor Day and enjoy it from the comfort of your own backyard, consider artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Warehouse. All of our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the best warranty in the industry. If you’d like a free sample of one of our market-leading synthetic turf products, fill out the form here or give us a call at (800) 730-2675.