SGW Celebrates 15 Years of Service

Synthetic Grass Warehouse is excited to welcome 2019 with the celebration of our 15 years in business!

As the largest distributor of artificial turf in North America, we aim to continue our commitment of providing our clients with the best possible customer service in the industry and continue to provide the most technologically advanced artificial turf products in the market. Through years of research and development, TenCate has mastered the art of yarn development, allowing us to create the most reliable synthetic grass products in the world. Their contribution has allowed us to push boundaries and set the standard in the artificial turf industry.

Our number one priority is our clients and the relationships we’ve made with each and every one of you throughout these fifteen years.

Again, we’d like to thank all of our loyal customers for a great 15 years and we look forward to an exciting new year ahead!

Unique Ways To Use Artificial Grass

One of the most significant advantages of artificial grass is that there is a variety of ways it can be used. Synthetic grass doesn’t only have to be for your front or backyard – it can be utilized inside your home, gym, office space, or as an accent in any event or party. Artificial turf can transform these spaces into luxurious and functional areas.

Indoor Home Decor

If you have an extra room in your house that could use a bit of lively decor, artificial turf is the perfect option. From accenting the walls or floors of a room to even updating your man cave with an indoor putting green, artificial turf allows your creative ideas to come to life without the hassle of maintenance.  Creating a fun and unique room in any home will provide a one-of-a-kind feature that the whole family can enjoy!

Gym flooring

Artificial grass allows you to take your workouts to the next level. From strength training to stretching, you can surpass your workout expectations with a durable and sustainable surface. Because of artificial turf’s resilience and versatility, it has become a favored landscape solution for gyms, fitness centers, and workout facilities. Whether you’re a newcomer to the fitness world or training for a Tri-Athalon, artificial turf provides a non-abrasive, low impact surface that will allow you to reach any fitness goal.

Liven up Your Office Space

From first impressions to a relaxing atmosphere, artificial grass can add the “it” factor to any office space. Think of how many times you’ve walked into an office and thought about how mundane it looked. By adding a fresh and updated look to a lobby or conference room, you’re showing potential prospects, clients, and your staff that you care for the appearance of your company. Why delay the change of a generic office space when you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your organization with artificial grass!

Whether you’re looking to update the landscape of your home, gym, or office space, synthetic grass can transform these and other spaces into practical, unique, and functional areas!

Creating Safe Landscapes with IPEMA Certified Turf Products

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we take pride in providing the best artificial grass products in the industry. Our artificial grass products not only visually enhance residential and commercial properties nationwide, but they also offer a reliable landscape alternative that every household deserves.

In 2015, we took steps to ensure the safety, dependability, and sustainability of our artificial turf products. As of now, seven TigerTurf products are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) under the American Society for Testing Materials F1292 certification. As a non-profit trade association, IPEMA tests the safety of surfaces and equipment and provides certification for products that meet or exceed required safety levels.

This certification provides validation that each product will perform well below the G-Max (shock) and Head Injury Criterion (HIC) limits that are stated within the ASTM F1292 standard. Through rigorous testing here at Synthetic Grass Warehouse, our IPEMA certified artificial turf products have achieved the criteria for G-Max and HIC scoring.

SGW IPEMA Certified products:

For us here at Synthetic Grass Warehouse, an IPEMA Certified installation provides the opportunity and confidence to offer consumers the safest and most reliable playground and surface solutions in the artificial turf market. We understand that safety is an essential factor in artificial turf, which is why we continue to improve and develop innovative designs that push what safety means in artificial grass, while still providing the highest quality of products for consumers.

Weeds & Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is a low maintenance landscape alternative that provides you with a perfectly green and pristine lawn through each and every season. Though a synthetic grass lawn comes with a long list of benefits, there can be an issue of weed growth. Being preventative and ensuring your artificial turf installation is done properly is important. There are some tips to take into account when dealing with those pesky weeds.

Though it is rare for weeds to grow back after having artificial turf installed, there are always possibilities along the edges of the turf or seams that weren’t properly established where weeds will be more inclined to pop up due to exposure.

Here are some common lawn weeds that may appear on your artificial turf lawn

  1. Crabgrass

Crabgrass primarily grows in lawn/landscape areas and can rapidly take over someone’s lawn. It usually sprouts in sunny or shady areas during the late Spring and early Summer seasons. Crabgrass is also known as finger-grass or fonio and can grow up to 12 inches in diameter.

  1. Broadleaf

Broadleaf weeds grow in dry or wet soil and can grow as much as a foot in diameter. Because of it’s dissimilarity to natural grass, these weeds are more obvious to point out in any landscape setting. When Broadleaf is left unattended, they can become tough and aggressive that can spread rapidly.

  1. Nutsedge

Nutsedge has shiny, long thin leaves that can sprout to about 2 feet tall. The weeds can become a nuisance because it grows two times the rate of natural grass.  


Applying Herbicide or any weed killer to the soil is always a good option as a pre-installation step to kill off any pre-existing weeds or seeds.

For residences whose backyards or front yards are not occupied by pets, applying weed fabric underneath your artificial turf lawn is also a great option. The weed fabric is a weed suppressor that is designed to prevent weeds from creeping their way through your turf, creating an added layer of protection. Weed fabric isn’t ideal for homes with pets because urine that seeps down into the fabric can cause unpleasant odors over time.

Below are some advantages of using weed fabric:

  • Effective in weed and erosion control
  • UV resistant for sun exposure
  • Water permeability – up to 10 gallons per minute/sq. Ft
  • Resist mildew, rotting and insect invasion
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable & tear resistant

Artificial turf is manufactured to create a beautiful landscape alternative that eliminates the laborious routines and expenses that burdens households with natural grass. Don’t let those pesky weeds deter you from enjoying your beautiful synthetic grass lawn.

Utilizing Putting Greens on Residential and Commercial Properties

Finally, a place where your short game can meet your A-game. Synthetic Grass Warehouse offers putting green products for every skill level, all of which are great for residential or commercial property transformations. Getting a golf swing in for the day has never been easier with SGW’s professional-grade synthetic putting greens.

With 8 different options for putting green installations, there’s a perfect and customizable option for everyone. From mini golf applications fit for the entire family, to PGA level practice sessions, there’s a product that will allow golfers to play at their desired skill level. Homeowners and business owners are finding their personal putting greens the perfect place for relaxing and taking a quick stretch break!

For golf sessions at the PGA level, True Putt’s tall polypropylene synthetic grass blades allow your golf ball to react like it would on professional golf courses. On other side of the skill spectrum, AllPlay Nylon Putt 1-Tone and AllPlay XP are great as putting greens, kids’ play mat, or for any other active play. All of our putting greens are guaranteed to never fade and is backed with an eight-year warranty.

Putting greens installation are great for any small, large, residential, or commercial properties. At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we pride ourselves on not just having the best artificial grass and putting greens, but also having the best customer service. Feel free to give us a call and get connected with our in-house designers for a build and design consultation.

Utilizing Artificial Turf for Commercial Properties

Synthetic grass lawns have become a new norm in most neighborhoods throughout the United States. Many homeowners have found synthetic grass to be the best water conscious and low maintenance landscape alternative for their home.

However, artificial turf is great for more than just residential properties. Benefits of synthetic grass installations also apply for businesses and commercial properties. Not only can you be water conscious and desire a perfectly groomed lawn at home, you can upgrade your business setting with a durable and aesthetically beautiful landscape that is capable of saving you water, money and time!

First impressions are crucial. Ensuring that the surrounding landscape of your business or commercial property is in tip top shape will definitely go a long way and leave a positive impact. Artificial turf allows you to showcase your business in a positive light, giving you the opportunity to advertise your space as a well maintained and eco-friendly institution.

Artificial turf is built to last and endure daily foot traffic from your employees and customers, looking as green and luscious as the day of the installation. Additionally, you won’t need to hire a landscaper to maintain the lawn and you’ll save money on water, fertilizer, and other supplies. Maintaining a commercial property is a costly venture, so saving where you can will help your pockets in the long run.

Durafill = Envirofill

Durafill = Envirofill

Different name, same incredible infill.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse has decided to market Durafill under its original name, Envirofill. We wanted to embrace this incredible product and ensure that all of our clients are aware of this name change.

Exclusively distributed through SGW, Envirofill is a non-toxic, lead-free product that does not absorb heat, unwanted bacteria or odors from pet waste. Envirofill is ideal for any type of synthetic grass installation. Its material is specifically created with a smooth surface to reduce angular edges which helps the synthetic grass’ durability.

During the manufacturing process, Envirofill is infused with Microban antimicrobial protection, allowing it to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Envirofill is an ideal choice for any residence, putting green, playground, sports field or commercial property. Not only is Envirofill durable and reusable, it makes your artificial turf look and feel great!

The only difference is the name. Envirofill is a necessary addition to any residence, sports field, school, commercial property or pet run. This product is available in a 50-pound bag and can be purchased at any of our nationwide locations.


Start Your Summer Off With an Artificial Turf Pool Deck!

Summer is just around the corner, and many residents with pools are wondering how they can incorporate artificial turf with their backyard landscapes. Take the time to relax and enjoy the splendors of summertime with a new artificial turf pool deck!

Surrounding pools with artificial turf creates a low maintenance, durable and convenient landscape alternative while providing a safe environment. Slippery decks are a big concern for most households, especially those that include children. Synthetic grass allows residents and parents to feel safe when their little ones are running around by the pool.

Two popular artificial grass options many homeowners use include the Everglade Series, as well as The Diamond Series.  Everglade Fescue provides deep, beautiful greens that contrast well with blue pools, and offers a 60 oz face weight, perfect for aesthetic flair without the need for something heavy.  Diamond Pro Spring provides bright lime green color tones that compliment any pool, while offering a 75 ounce face weight that is perfect for all foot traffic levels.

Apart from being a safer solution, artificial turf is capable of draining and keeps your pool cleaner from dirt or debris that would eventually end up in your filtration system. Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance and will allow you to enjoy your days by the pool without the worry of wet decks that could potentially be hazardous.

All of our products are non-toxic and lead free, making it a safe and eco-friendly landscape alternative!

Quick Turf Maintenance for a Fun Filled Summer

Now that summer is around the corner, it’s time to clean off the debris left over from fall and winter. Summertime is filled with barbeques, pool parties and family gatherings, so make sure your artificial turf lawn is in tip-top shape for those moments!

Sprucing up your synthetic grass lawn is quick and easy, so don’t think this will be an all day event. Since mowing your lawn has now become a long lost activity, here are some tips to ensure your artificial turf lawn will be in perfect condition for all your upcoming summer events:

  1. Gently spray down your artificial turf lawn with a hose in order to remove dirt, dust and any pollen that may have landed on your lawn over the past couple of months.
  2. Using a rake or leaf blower will help clear off fallen debris like leaves or branches that may have landed on your turf.
  3. If you have any pets that utilize your synthetic grass lawn, weekly rinsing will help your lawn smell fresh and odor free! If you’re looking for something to further eliminate unpleasant odors, check out our Turf Fresh and Zeolite Max options.

Synthetic grass provides homeowners with a low maintenance landscape that can last for up to 15 years! At Synthetic Grass Warehouse we provide our customers with the highest quality products that can fit any budget. All of our products are non-toxic and lead free, creating a safe landscape alternative for any household, business or school.

Artificial Turf Helps With Allergies

Now that Spring has finally arrived, one of the biggest concerns most homeowners seem to face this time of year are those pesky allergies. Grass is the most common source of outdoor allergies, and it affects more than 50 million people every year!

A real grass lawn emits pollen that gets released into the air and creates irritating and uncomfortable symptoms that are difficult to alleviate. For those who have kids or pets running around, artificial turf is a great solution for allergies. Not only that, artificial grass is a wonderful low-maintenance alternative that creates a fun, safe and durable landscape that everyone can enjoy.

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with your friends and family. Installing turf before and during the allergy season will be extremely beneficial in order to avoid any and all allergen discomfort. All of our turf is guaranteed with a 15 year warranty that will guarantee you a beautiful and plush for many years to come.