There is never enough time to do the job right…but always enough time to do it over.”

Don’t be one of these Synthetic Turf Installers – “Ask JW”

You want to be successful in the synthetic turf industry… Then get to know your turf. I receive calls every week from installers asking me questions in regards to their turf problems. During these conversations I get baffled by the questions that are asked mainly because they have no knowledge or not enough knowledge about their products that they are using. You can be one of those “Live and Learn” contractors, or you can get educated about “What you do”, how you do it and why. Don’t be one of those installers that never has enough time to do the job right but always enough time to do it over. I have witnessed installers spending countless hours and money repairing poor workmanship all because they were chasing the dollar and not getting to know their turf. Get all your products that you install and sit down with them and get to know them like you do friendships.

While the majority of synthetic turf may look identical to your average homeowner, there are many differences in the way they are manufactured. First and foremost you should be educated to the client’s needs. Is it a high traffic area? Do they have pets? How many pets? Is the area going to be for child play? Choose the turf that is right for your clients’ needs.

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