Deciding Which Artificial Turf is Best for Your Project

And you thought there were lots of options involved in surfing TV channels or shopping for yogurt? SGW warehouses dozens of artificial turfs – synthetic grass with variations in colors and composition, pile height and face weight, blade thickness, texture … such an array of products with so many options it can verge on overwhelming.

Why so many choices? In the synthetic grass business, phrases like “One size fits all” or “universal turf” aren’t acceptable anymore. If you’re installing turf for use in a pet resort, it’s not going to be subjected to the same use as turf for a backyard putting green or an indoor soccer arena. Moral of the story: Different applications require different types of synthetic grass.

Happily, SGW does offer the widest selection of products for front and back yards … or sports, playground and recreational use … or pet turf … or commercial jobs. Whatever the purpose, we’re able to provide essential knowledge and know-how, and help recommend the best turf (or turfs) for your project. Each of our synthetic lawns has some common denominators: all-polyethylene, lead-free fiber; heavy-duty backings with a thick coating of polyurethane; warranted to perform and look great for years with none of the TLC associated with natural grass. And: All of our turf is sold at factory-direct pricing.

The latest in synthetic grass technology is built into the premium Diamond series by TigerTurf — Diamond, Diamond Pro, Diamond Pro Fescue, and new Diamond Pro Spring turfs with a 1.875-inch pile. Each features “memory” fiber in two-tone greens that is more resilient, owning to extra-resilient yarns originally designed for synthetic sports fields. Diamond’s reinforced S and C fibers make it ideal for sports or playgrounds; Diamond Pro adds a brown thatch that enhances plushness and appearance for residential use; and Diamond Pro Spring advances the concept with a revolutionary exclusive corrugated W fiber for unsurpassed realism and suppleness. They’re also the heaviest synthetic grasses, with maximum face weights of 88 ounces per square yard.

Emerald Pro, Marquee Pro, Sierra Pro and Marquee Pro Natural are our most luxurious synthetic lawns, with the densest 1¾-inch pile and the thinnest, softest monofilament blades available. Emerald and Marquee are all-green combinations, with the Marquee having a deeper emerald color; Sierra and the darker Marquee Pro Natural have complimentary long green blades with brown thatch. These turfs belong in yards surrounding finer homes, or in locations where appearance and texture are all-important.

Majestic Pro synthetic grass is a similar recipe, with incredible density and a face weight of 88 ounces, but slightly different composition – familiar, wider monofilaments in Olive green and two other hues. Royal offers the same essential features with only a one-tone solid green.

The above synthetic grasses are designed for medium to heavy traffic. For areas where there’s less traffic, or where a shorter and less dense turf is desired, consider Sierra and Sierra Light, Marquee or Majestic Light – all the quality and good looks at a lighter face weight (50 to 65 ounces/square yard) and lower price.

Four of our newest lines of synthetic grass, Everglade Fescue Pro/Evergreen Fescue Light and Evergreen Spring Pro/Evergreen Spring Light, are packed with superior value. They offer varied multi-green 1¾-inch, 80-ounce pile (1½-inch, 50-ounce pile on Light versions) with brown thatch manufactured from prime TenCate yarn. Even our lowest-priced Everlast turfs, Sequoia/Sequoia Light and Yosemite/Yosemite Light, feature 50- to 80-ounce piles of contrasting green and brown thatch with a full eight-year warranty for a carefree lawn that looks like a million dollars but costs a lot less.

All SGW synthetic grass is pet-friendly, but our Pet Turf brand is specifically engineered for dogs — a 1-inch, 65-ounce, ultra dense pile of green monofilaments and thatch that rinses clean and stands up to years of activity. We’ve also got five varieties of golf turfs, including putting greens with ½- and 1-inch piles, and a T Line grass that will handle a tee and an aggressive swing.

Seeing and feeling SGW turf is believing, of course. You’ll want to sample our synthetic grasses and make an educated decision. Contact us to receive a turf swatch by mail, or simply stop by our warehouse – it’s your choice.