Envirofill Beats the Heat!

Looking for the best artificial soil to match the nation’s top synthetic grass products? Look no further than Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s Envirofill infill!

Exclusively distributed through SGW, Envirofill is comprised of naturally occurring silica sand found only in the Hickory Sandstone Formation located in central Texas. Layered with an acrylic coating, Envirofill granular material is specifically created with a smooth surface to reduce angular edges which helps your synthetic grass’ durability.

Because Envirofill is an acrylic coated product, it is anti-microbial and does not absorb heat, unwanted bacteria or odors from pet waste. As the latest in synthetic turf infill technology, Envirofill is ideal for any type of synthetic grass installation. The recommended amount for installation is 1.5 – 2 pounds per square foot for most of our synthetic turf products.

Envirofill makes a perfect addition to any residential yard, field, commercial property or pet run. Read more to find out how well it works with our pet system products!

This product is available in a 50 pound bag and can be purchased at any of our nationwide locations.

For more information about Envirofill, please call us or chat with us online!