Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass


June 21st is the first official day of summer! This is the time of the year we would like to focus on the importance of keeping our environment safe and clean so we can all enjoy its beauty.
Consider the top four environmental benefits of synthetic turf:

1.) Synthetic grass does not require any harmful fertilizers.
2.) There are no carbon emissions from petrol-driven lawn mowers, therefore reducing your carbon emissions or your “carbon footprint.”
3.) Synthetic grass helps conserve water and can add water back to the water table.
4.) With synthetic grass, water run-off, which can carry lawn fertilizers and other chemicals, pollution is minimized.

A “carbon footprint” is considered the amount of carbon dioxide emissions a person or household puts into the atmosphere. To calculate your carbon footprint, click here:


When you switch to synthetic grass, you can potentially save 70 percent of you water bill as well as a ton of water. All across the nation, water districts are also offering rebates for installing synthetic turf in yards or commercial applications. To find out more information, contact your local water district to see if you qualify for a rebate.
Help your city save water, money and carbon emissions by switching to synthetic turf!

Fun Fact:
97 % of the earth’s water is found in oceans and seas. Only 1% is used as drinking water and 2% is frozen.