Five Star Turf Commercial Helps Hotel Fullerton Save Millions of Gallons of Water!

Hotel Fullerton and Five Star Turf Commercial called a press conference on April 15, 2015 announcing to the media the installation of 21,365 square feet of TigerTurf synthetic grass. The Synthetic Grass Warehouse products will ultimately save the hotel 1,281,900 gallons of water and $25,000 in annual costs.

“’The Hotel Fullerton has taken a major positive step in water conservation,’” Five Star Turf Commercial General Manager Robert Groot told media. “’They also were able to take advantage of the turf replacement rebate program, which is now available through the water district. They received a check for over $42,000 which was a significant portion that went a long way in funding the turf conversion.’”

After several years of grueling drought conditions, California Governor Jerry Brown has called upon Californians to save an ultimate goal of 25 percent in water usage. Many water districts across the state will also issue fines of up to $10,000 for those who waste water, said a Los Angeles Times article. Countless residential and commercial property owners are following Hotel Fullerton’s footsteps to conserve water through Synthetic Grass Warehouse products.

“’I will not put one drop of water on my grass again,’” Hollywood Actor Edward James Olmos told media. “’I am very grateful for everyone that belongs with Five Star Turf for giving us the opportunity to have this kind of a look. It looks great! I believe it will help make all of your environment look really nice.’”

Five Star Turf Commercial also installed synthetic grass for Olmos’ home property, saving the Hollywood actor thousands of gallons of water as well as thousands of dollars in annual water costs.

“’Use whatever you want to use, but stop putting water on the ground, just stop it!’” said Olmos. “’Maybe it’s going to take for you to open your faucet one day and nothing comes out.’”