Fresh Off the Press!

Welcome to our brand new fully-loaded web site! We have custom designed this site with you, the viewer, in mind. We come fully equipped to bring you the most informative and interactive synthetic grass web site in the industry!

With no rock unturned or HTML coding left behind, this site will be a resource for all! Our new web site features all of our turf products in great detail (including printable spec sheets), How-To-Install videos, a ton of resources and information about synthetic turf and much more.

With the exception of touching the products, most of your sensory needs can be fulfilled through our site’s product details. Remember: we will send you free samples of any of product!

Need an estimate or quote? Don’t hesitate to fill out the form on the side of every page. Want to understand if Diamond Pro Spring synthetic turf is a better color choice for your area as oppose to our Sierra turf? Check out our graphs and ‘Detailed Product Information’ section at the bottom of each product page!

Coupled with our ever-growing social media scene, we want our web site to be a place you can interact with our reps, view our products and answer any turf question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This site never sleeps!

Consider it a source for any questions you might have about synthetic grass! If there is a question you need answered or have a suggestion for our site, we welcome that, as well! Please reach out and feel free to e mail our Marketing Coordinator, Jackie, and she will promptly answer your question, concern or suggestion.

Please indulge yourself in the wide world of synthetic grass through all of Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s fine attributes on our most awesome new web site. Welcome!