A Helping Hand to a Four-Legged Friend

With SGW's turf donation, Boston Terrier Bro's backyard went from dirt to beautiful safe lawn!

With SGW’s turf donation, Boston Terrier Bro’s backyard went from dirt to beautiful safe lawn!

We enjoy making special dedications to our furry friends, especially with our synthetic grass products. However, there was an especially unique case we found could change one little dog’s lifestyle and we couldn’t resist sharing our turf to improve his playtime terrain.

A few months ago, a customer approached SGW about her Boston terrier “Bro” who suffers from cerebral hypoplasia, a condition that occurs in a dog’s early life stages where parts of the cerebellum have not completely developed. This condition causes a variety of symptoms among dogs such as falling, limb tremors and aggravated bodily movement, according to the PetMD website.Without his ability to use his hind legs, Bro puts the majority of his weight on his front legs—his back legs fall behind on the once rough backyard scape making playtime difficult. Without hesitation, SGW transformed Bro’s backyard, which consisted of rocks and dirt, into a 1500 square foot evergreen landscape with our Sequoia Ultra Light turf so he and his family can safely run and play.

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Boston Terrier "Bro" loves his new backyard.

Boston Terrier “Bro” loves his new backyard.

Photo Courtesy: Hannah Rapetti