Synthetic Grass Maintenance

How best to describe the maintenance necessary with a Synthetic Grass Warehouse synthetic lawn?

“Maintenance-free” is a correct adjective – at least compared to natural grass. Modern synthetic turf requires none of the regular maintenance, or tender loving care, that sod does. With SGW synthetic grass there’s no mowing, no watering, no fertilizing and no sweat. An artificial lawn conserves resources, time and money.

“Virtually-maintenance free” is the absolutely accurate way to describe synthetic grass. It’s not a magic carpet, so a minimum of effort is needed to, say, sweep or rake the leaves (or use a leaf blower) that fall from a tree onto the synthetic grass. For a pet turf installation, all that’s needed is occasional pick-up of solid waste and a rinse to keep the lawn nice and clean. Compared to the work involved to keep a natural lawn looking immaculate and green, every day is a day off with synthetic grass.

“Carefree” may be the best word to describe SGW turf. It looks great and performs flawlessly without everyday upkeep, day after day, year after year, guaranteed. Our synthetic lawns are guaranteed not to fade or come apart for up to 10 years – the longest manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

Other words also come to mind in descriptions of synthetic grass, such as: Beautiful. Natural. Versatile. Long-lasting. Cost-effective. Pet-friendly. But maintenance-free, virtually maintenance-free and carefree are necessary to fully tell the story of SGW products.