Nature’s Blend

This spring 2015, let SGW take care of your April Fool’s for your customers with our latest synthetic turf product: Nature’s Blend!

And while we think Mother Nature’s one smart lady, she might be a little fooled, too.

All jokes aside—Nature’s Blend, Everlast Turf’s latest American-made addition, will make your customer’s do a landscape double take. Backed by our long-time partnership with textile producer Tencate, Nature’s Blend features a look specifically designed to appear like real grass!

The face yarn features a field and lime green color tone in addition to the third brown blade color. Despite the omitted thatch layer, Nature’s Blend weighs in at 60 ounces with a pile height that varies in length, the tallest blades standing at two inches. Upheld by SGW’s 15 year warranty, Nature’s Blend is equipped with the same U.V. coating as the rest of our amazing turfs and is ideal for low traffic landscapes.

Give us a call for more information about Nature’s Blend! This turf ain’t no joke!