Pet Turf – How Synthetic Grass is Pet Friendly

In a day and age in which pets are an integral part of our households, home improvements may keep us apprehensive. There are several concerns we may have in regards to keeping our pets’ environment safe and satisfying for them. This includes possible toxicity of materials, comfort, and maintenance. Synthetic grass proves to be a safe choice for all types of household pets. It is ideal for backyards, pet hotels, dog parks, animal shelters, pet hospitals, and even pet shows.

Synthetic grass infill is engineered to be nontoxic and safe for animals. Most pet grass is made from synthetic polyethylene fibers, which aid to keep grass feeling natural and comfortable for animals. These fibers are soft to the touch and maintain grass-like appearance all year round. Even throughout years of usage, several pet grass products on the market are made with washed sand, which keeps the grass blades straight and aesthetically natural-looking. The composition and yarn is strong and durable to withstand the toughest and roughest play. Dogs can even try to dig through it with no avail. This is because of the infill and backing, which is designed to withstand tough usage. With no more digging, pet owners no longer have to fret about mud and dirt messes that can leave unsightly tracks and paw prints on home surfaces, including porch flooring and carpets. Yellow and barren spots, as well as muddy areas will no longer be of hassle with the installation of synthetic pet grass.

Concerning pet waste and urine, synthetic grass is also an ideal choice. With its strongly engineered structure, artificial grass can withstand pet urine. It also withstands all of the elements within the natural environment, reducing bacterial buildup within the grass. Synthetic pet grass is designed to drain urine and other fluids that penetrate the surface. With synthetic pet-friendly grass, family members do not have to worry about pet waste accumulation or odors in the backyard. Pet waste can be removed easily, with the use of a hose and water. Other messes can be cleaned up with simple household cleaners and products. With the withstanding pigmentation of artificial pet turf, there is no concern for any type of discoloration, regardless of what messes may come in contact with these grass products.

Maintenance is simple with synthetic pet grass. Once it is installed, it remains stable and durable for several years. With high-quality grass composition, little maintenance is required to uphold its natural aesthetics. Should the blades fold throughout time, a stiff-bristled brush or broom can be used by brushing the fibers up and in opposite directions to stay upright. Removing smaller loose objects, such as twigs and leaves can also help to ensure the healthy look of your synthetic pet lawn. With its easily drainable surface, snow, ice, pet urine, and rain will naturally be drained without the need to manually drain it.

The many advantages of using synthetic grass for pets are numerous. From its easy maintenance and natural feel, to its safe materials and durability, artificial grass products prove to be a great alternative to natural grass. Perhaps this is why dog kennels, humane societies, and even Sea World have become users of pet-friendly synthetic grass.