SGW Artificial Turf is Not Outdoor Carpet!

Top 10 reasons why Synthetic Grass Warehouse turfs are different from (and superior to) conventional household carpet:

10. Fiber like Mother Nature. SGW synthetic grass isn’t cut-pile or loop construction – it’s engineered and extruded to replicate natural grass blades.
9. Feels like real grass. Nothing like an indoor/outdoor rug. SGW turf is soft, silky, resilient and durable.
8. Porous heavy-duty backing. Rainfall, pet urine, and water from a hose accidentally left on all afternoon drains reliably through the perorated backing of SGW synthetic grass. Turf’s multi-layer woven polyethylene and urethane backing is also designed for long life and performance outdoors … and doesn’t stretch like a carpet’s jute backing.
7. No nylon. SGW turf fibers are 100% polyethylene. They’re also free of lead or other heavy metals associated with other synthetics.
6. Won’t fade. The pigments in SGW turfs are embedded in the fiber, which is treated with a UV coating to retain color year after year, even under the brightest sunshine.
5. Stainproof. SGW turf is non-absorbent; virtually any substance can be removed, and this lawn won’t spot even if bleach is applied.
4. No mold or mildew. All-synthetic porous construction and composition won’t harbor moisture or bacterial growth.
3. Perfect for pets. SGW’s specially formulated pet turf is a lifelike surface with exceptional drainage, wear and sanitary properties – it rinses clean. (You wouldn’t want Fido to sleep and “do his business” on shag carpeting.)
2. No rug burns. Our synthetic grass fibers are non-abrasive.
1. Looks great anywhere. A Berber carpet may not blend naturally with your backyard landscaping, but SGW turf definitely does.

P.S.: Synthetic grass is also becoming popular for indoor use.