Our Tiger Turf Sierra Clear Permeable series utilize the most beautiful extruded yarns ever made. The Sierra Clear Permeable line is the perfect solution for any residential, commercial or playscape area.

The de-lustered yarns are made to ensure the products will naturally blend with their surrounding environments. The Sierra line features special Omega fiber, found most often in our pet turfs as well as shorter pile heights. This versatile series makes it the ideal match for any landscaping project. while offering vibrant field and apple-green grass blade combinations. Paired with a brown thatch layer for an added realistic touch, these multi-dimensional products are designed to provide your clients with a sophisticated, low-maintenance lawn. All Sierra Clear Permeable products are made with a triple reinforced backing technology to ensure superior durability.

In addition to an amazing force resistance, the backing is also perforated which makes it ideal for post-party cleanup, four-legged friends or for children at play.