See the Difference with SGW Synthetic Grass


Before SGW synthetic grass in Tucson, Arizona.

While we can list out the many reasons why you should switch your lawn, business park or playground landscape to SGW synthetic turf, we would rather show you with pictures submitted by one of our happy clients! For the past decade, synthetic turf has made headway onto residential and commercial landscape properties. It has become a practical solution for water savings, a small but mighty way to reduce air pollution and a ‘one less weekend chore’ solution for hunny-do list victims across the nation.

Pictured here is 1100 square feet of our Everglade Fescue Pro synthetic turf installed at a commercial building in Tucson, Arizona by Tucson Turf:

After with SGW synthetic grass!

After with SGW synthetic grass!

For simple landscape solutions that require very little maintenance and lots of relaxation, SGW products are your answer! Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we love to hear from our clients about their satisfied customers. Please feel free to share  your before-and-after pictures!