SGW Celebrates Their 10 Year Anniversary!

Today, on what marks Synthetic Grass Warehouse’s tenth anniversary, we would like to renew and reinforce our commitment to our clients, the industry, and its prospective future. When we began SGW, we recognized that the synthetic grass industry pertaining to the residential and commercial marketplace was virtually non-existent.  Naturally we realized the immense opportunity for distributors and installers alike, however, we faced the reality that like in any new industry targeting a new demographic, trusted sources were scarce and therefore the market was potentially left vulnerable. As the industry pioneer, we have held ourselves as its gatekeepers and therefore have grown fiercely protective of it. 10 years and 100 million square feet later, we are proud to have set the standard for practicing honest and fair treatment among distributors, installers, and the end recipient—the client. When we see a wrong, we correct it. Period.

In February, we came across a story regarding an Arizona woman who had been clearly wronged by both a synthetic manufacturing and installation company, both unrelated to SGW. She had invested well over 28 thousand dollars in her entire backyard with the intention of training her dogs. Although she had an eight year warranty, they refused to replace the now disintegrated flaky surface that had lasted for only two years. Upon coming across this, the SGW team partnered with Arizona Luxury Lawns, an installation company, to restore her confidence in the synthetic grass industry.

Now, although we hope that by upholding our standards and correcting others mistakes will ultimately encourage competitors to follow suit, we will continue to not allow unaccountable companies to create any blemishes on the credibility of manufacturers, distributors, products and installers that make up the great synthetic grass industry.

For the past 10 years, we have taken it as our personal responsibility to help regulate the market as it is crucial to remove any negative connotations attached from the public, as it will unjustly punish our installers by directly hurting their business thus livelihood.

Upon forming what is now considered the largest national distributor, we were united in our mission, to set and continuously hold ourselves to a premium industry standard by carrying only the finest synthetic grass products matched by our superior customer service. Throughout our 10 years, these two principals have and will continue to be the core pillars that set the foundation we will endlessly build on.

As the industry continues to flourish, we are growing closer to becoming a more saturated market, thus competition among installers will only grow fiercer, which is why at SGW we have focused so heavily on providing our SGW installers with the tools and guidance that are necessary for succeeding in this fast paced growing market. We are committed to continuously mentoring our installers by providing them with not only consistent leads, strong industry insight, relevant product information, but also with marketing materials that will help differentiate them among competitors and ultimately dominate their intended region.

Our pledge is to continue working tirelessly to bring our installers, their clients, and the industry, only the finest in products and customer service. As Synthetic Grass Warehouse only continues to expand, we hope you too will follow us for the constantly evolving and fast paced ride that is our industry. On behalf of all of us at Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we thank you, our loyal clients for your commitment and perseverance, to another AMAZING 10 years!