TigerTurf Donates $30K in Synthetic Grass to Arizona Woman

For the past ten years, Synthetic Grass Warehouse has been involved with all types of non-profit organizations across the nation.  We always want to find ways to give back to our local communities, especially when there is a great need for high-quality products.

Recently Phoenix, Ariz. Resident Emily Ingersoll experienced a serious pitfall in the turf industry through companies un-related to SGW and the story was exposed by a Phoenix local news station channel 3 On Your Side, “3 On Your Side: Turf debacle leaves woman with $28K mess.”  Ms. Ingersoll trains show dogs and has dedicated her time, backyard and pocketbook to this task.

SGW felt compelled to help Ms. Ingersoll resolve the problem and restore her confidence in synthetic grass products. So in response to Ms. Ingersoll’s poorly installed turf project, we partnered with Arizona Luxury Lawns to install 6,810 square feet of our Diamond Light Spring synthetic grass along with 6,700 pounds of our Artificial Turf Deodorizer infill.

“I’ve seen some bad installs, but this one took the cake,” SGW Co-owner Victor Lanfranco told 3 On Your Side. “Not only that, but a lot of money was spent here by Emily.”

SGW felt a personal responsibility to help Ms. Ingersoll and shed some positive light on the synthetic grass industry, despite the recent drawback.

“I was shocked,” Ingersoll told 3 On Your Side.’“I couldn’t believe that someone would do that, would be so generous to do that, of course, I’m thrilled.”

Arizona Luxury Lawns donated three days of their time and efforts to install the grass and infill.

Check out the story featured on “3 On Your Side UPDATE: Two companies donate $30K project to help consumer.”

We were excited to see the story feature Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014 and want to thank Arizona Luxury Lawns for all of their hard work and dedication!