SGW Likes to Have “Phun”

Over the years, people have found SGW synthetic grass to be very useful for their landscapes, parks and putting greens. However, not only is our turf used for all types of landscapes, but it’s also been spotted on top of skateboard decks!

At SGW we know how to have a good time and so do Jesse and Jamie Goodwick, co-owners of Phun, a San Diego-based lifestyle company that feature apparel, accessories and their signature product: Astroboard.

Since 2010 these guys have built a brand that highlights a sunny southern California vibe a la ‘surfer/skater.’ The brand showcases the sunnier side of life in Socal coupled with our awesome putting green on top of their Astroboard. In short SGW is ‘stoked’ to have these guys on board and to be a part of their unique “phun” brand.

We caught up with Phun owners:

team-phun-logoHow long have you guys been ‘having Phun?’

Every day, all day, since the beginning of time!

More specifically, in 2010, Jesse was living in Breckenridge, Colorado working at a ski school where he recognized a need to make all weather facemasks, which he called “Snowdanas.” Jesse left Colorado to take on a full time engineering position in San Diego where he continued making apparel to satisfy his creative urges. Snowdanas turned into beanies, which turned into printing tee shirts and when he was laid off from his job, the passion for his hobby evolved into a full time venture and TEAM PHUN was born. Since then his brother and sister, Jamie and Linz, have joined the crew in addition to Nick Moyal.

Where did you get the name ‘Phun?’

Everyone has their own way of having PHUN that makes them unique, which is where the ‘PH’ comes from. No matter our differences, we celebrate together that we all want to have a good time and Together Everyone Achieves More PHUN!

What inspired you to create the Astroboard?

The idea to add turf to a skateboard was out of need for creating a solution for a comfortable barefoot skateboard ride. However, we didn’t realize at the time how simple of an idea it was, but how much it actually made sense. There are other non conventional skateboard grip surfaces on the market including shag carpet, indoor/outdoor carpet, but no one had ever used putting green turf! When we show the product to people, many respond, “That’s a great idea! How come they didn’t think of that 30 years ago?”

What do you think of the turf on the board?

We started using putting green turf from Synthetic Grass Warehouse in Anaheim, Calif. and are very satisfied with our supplier. This turf is literally that faux grass they use on the PGA tour. It provides a very comfortable riding surface, with or without shoes, and is perfect for our application. Tiger Woods approved! (well, maybe)

On your t-shirts, it says ‘Sunday Phunday.’ Describe what this means.

Sunday Phunday is a celebration, an ode to a day that exists to cater to our needs no matter who we are: 9-5ers, weekend warriors, football fans, and more can extend their weekend festivities just a little longer and enjoy time with phriends, phamily or phor-legged phriends. The Sunday Phunday Mustache design has been so successful we’ve expanded our product collection to include tank tops, caps, sweatshirts, raglans and more!

What kind of work do you do with the local community?

A lot. We believe in making connections and showcasing the positive impacts reflected in our talented collection of TEAM PHUN community members. Here in San Diego, we have a myriad of different partners that are active in their own respective communities as artists, athletes and nonprofit ambassadors.

We regularly attend local community events and host our own as well including PHUN Fest, which includes partnerships with local vendors, live music, and an Adult Tricycle Olympics. We table at surfing competitions, local farmers markets, beach fests, and more. Jesse, Jamie and Nick also have their own band, Harriet and the Tubmans, that plays locally around San Diego all the time promoting the band and TEAM PHUN.

What’s a typical day-in-the-life of a Phun person?

Depends on the day.

All of us in the office play different roles and wear many different hats, but of course we work as a team. Once a week, usually Mondays, we all get around the conference table and go over the weeks agenda, events, production, open orders, and everything else. We are all very creative and have some great ideas and this is a great open forum to share them with everyone else.  Of course we still check emails, call accounts about orders, and make sure day to day operations run smoothly. We spend a few weeks out of the year going on individual sales trips all over the United States and present at international trade shows such as Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. At the end of the day there is usually a skateboard session on the ‘PHUN ramp’ that Jesse built or maybe happy hour. When we’re not working, we like to be out and about.

Jamie runs miles a day and often runs in 5ks to benefit local nonprofits. Jesse likes to shred the skate park, Nick surfs and Linz loves hiking. We all have PHUN in our own way!

What is your brand’s overall message?

It’s simple: everyone has his or her own way of having PHUN. TEAM PHUN was created to encourage and promote all persons who pride themselves on hard work, persistence, and having PHUN in their own respect. Whether it’s competitive food eating, go-kart racing, surfing, snowboarding, or anything that defines that person, TEAM PHUN unites all of these socially active members of our community through distinctive and PHUN apparel and accessories.