Synthetic Grass Blade Shapes: Why They Matter

There is more to synthetic grass than meets the immediate eye! From different color combinations, grass blade lengths and face weights, also consider the grass blade shape! Synthetic Grass Warehouse TigerTurf and Everlast Turf products are specifically designed to withstand all varieties of foot traffic, provide a realistic landscape alternative and imitate the feel of actual grass blades between your toes, but which one is your ideal shape and will fulfill your customer’s specific needs? While this is anything but a pair of pants or a jacket, there is a certain grass blade shape that is better “fitted” for your installation.

Bring out your magnifying glass and get up close and personal with our artificial turf with these following featured grass blade shapes:

3D Curvy “W” fiber:

This synthetic grass blade shape is featured as the face yarn for our most popular synthetic turf, TigerTurf Diamond line. From Diamond Light Spring to Diamond Supreme Fescue, this fiber shape acts like a memory foam mattress, no matter the face weight. Once the grass blade is bent by foot traffic, it will return to it’s original shape. Equipped with Tencate’s most advance TigerTurf technology, SGW Diamond turf is a durable realistic option for any landscape that experiences medium to high amounts of foot traffic!

Diamond De-lustered:

This diamond grass blade shape is designed to create a soft luxurious feel while emulating a natural grass blade appearance. This grass blade in commonly found in the TigerTurf Majestic turf line as well as the TigerTurf Marquee line. The grass blade is soft to the touch and yet can still withstand foot traffic! Many common applications for this turf blade shape are front lawns or any landscape that experiences low to medium foot traffic.


A popular turf shape for both durability and realistic feel, the Omega turf fiber is commonly found in our popular TigerTurf Everglade synthetic grass series as well as our highly durable TigerTurf Pet Turf. Popular for a realistic grass blade appearance as well as it’s ability to handle high amounts of foot traffic, the Omega synthetic grass blade shape is a great option for durability while still maintaining a softer feel.

‘M’ shape:

This highly durable shape is a perfect option for those installations that need extra durability reassurance.The shape of the blade allows pressure to be exerted over several separate points, which diminishes the foot traffic impact. The M shape is commonly found in the Everlast Turf Riviera Pro synthetic grass model and is ideal for landscapes that experience moderate to heavy foot traffic.

‘S’ Blade:

This featured synthetic grass blade is uniquely shaped for a realistic appearance as well as added durability. We decided our Everlast Turf Tacoma synthetic grass needed a little ssssprucing up by adding the ‘S’ blade to it’s face yarn. As one of our most popular artificial turf products, the Tacoma turf only looks and feels more realistic than ever before with this grass blade shape! Our Tacoma and Tacoma Light turf with the newly incorporated ‘S’ blade is perfect for any landscape that experiences medium to heavy foot traffic.