Cities and Business are Turning Toward Artificial Grass

In the beginning there were sports fields fitted with artificial turf and shortly after in residential back yards. Now civic and commercial applications such as parks, medians, greenbelts, office complexes have embraced synthetic grass for their diverse landscaping demands.

It’s a logical progression, given that next-generation lawns from Synthetic Grass Warehouse have the appearance and texture of immaculate real grass, with long, supple blades, lifelike hues derived from natural pigments, as well as simulated “soil” for unprecedented realism. SGW’s artificial turf is virtually maintenance-free and never needs watering or mowing. It’s also eco-friendly and warranted to perform. On top of these items synthetic turf still remains cost-effective.

Beautiful and Always Green: Qualities that make a synthetic lawn a smart choice for residential use are magnified in larger-scale applications. Today’s fake turf doesn’t look or feel fake; it’s soft, silky, resilient and blends perfectly with shrubs, trees and flowers. Unlike natural grass, SGW’s artificial grass doesn’t need constant care to stay beautiful – meaning no watering or mowing, no fertilizing or weeding and no paying someone to take care of your lawn.

Low maintenance characteristics means you won’t be seeing or hearing much of the usual landscaping crews. Customers or patrons won’t be interrupted by weed-trimmers, sweepers or sprayers, and they won’t be walking through sprinklers or puddles.

SGW turf is green in every sense. Our synthetic grass is 100% recyclable, so it’s kind to the Earth now and later. The plastics are lead-free and contain no heavy metals; the fibers are non-combustible and emit no toxic fumes. Artificial turf conserves resources such as water and gasoline; it doesn’t contribute to air pollution from mower engines; there are no grass clippings to clog landfills; there are no added chemicals from fertilizer to contaminate groundwater. SGW is proud to offer synthetic turf products that significantly contribute to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in green building.

ROI that Makes Sense: It’s difficult to ascertain your return on investments in natural grass landscaping. But cost benefits to installing SGW artificial turf are apparent.

With synthetic grass, watering is eliminated and along with that expense. A single square foot of sod can require 100 gallons (or more) water per year to stay green and healthy. SGW turf needs none, conserving thousands and millions of gallons of water annually – and given the escalating price of H20, the savings are significant.

Example: For a 10,000 square-foot natural grass lawn, projected water costs over 10 years will approach $80,000. Turf’s water bill is $0. (Synthetic grass is also eligible for water-saving rebates offered by providers or municipalities.)

Other maintenance costs for a natural-grass installation of that size also add up – an estimated $60,000 over 10 years to employ a third-party crew to mow, fertilize, weed and groom. Again, synthetic grass needs none of that costly TLC.

A Safe Investment: So SGW turf will actually costs less than a natural grass lawn in the long term; simply subtract the ever-increasing cost of upkeep from the one-time purchase outlay. Typically, the break-even point for turf vs. sod is four years.

And what price can you put on a lawn that looks perfectly green and performs, year after year? The manufacturer’s warranty covers SGW artificial grass for up to 10 years. (There is no warranty protection with natural grass.)

Synthetic grass has emerged as the landscaping trend of tomorrow for civic and commercial uses; you can enjoy the many benefits of SGW turf today.