SGW Product Incorporated into School Environmental Program

Synthetic Grass Warehouse products have played a vital role for drought-conservation across many water-stricken states who deal with dry conditions on a daily basis.

Through school programs such as University of North Texas’ Environmental Education Initiative, water conservation and waste diversion programs educate young children about the importance of environmentally-friendly landscapes and systems in classrooms across Dallas.

By incorporating drought-friendly products such as SGW synthetic turf within the program at Nancy J. Cochran Elementary School, students are asked to formulate their own version of an environment that conserves water and minimizes waste.

“The student’s selected synthetic grass to help with drainage and to increase recreational use for more days out of the year,” said EEI Certification Coordinator and UNT grad student Jared Williams. “The grass is soft and they can play outside more often after it rains.”

SGW supplied popular turf product TigerTurf Diamond Light Spring for their outdoor education area. The recreation area was designed to highlight urban landscape features such as native plants, landscape edging and synthetic turf.

“During the grand opening ceremony, the student’s faces lit up,” said Williams. “We donated a whole bunch of watershed toys. You can definitely tell they were enjoying their new space.”

The students are encourage to fill recycle bins with recyclable materials. At the end of every month, the city collects these bins from the program and a percentage of the funds are returned back to the school.

“Our goal is to certify as many schools within Dallas as possible so kids can become more environmentally educated in water conservation,” said Williams.