The Origin of the Lawn and Why Synthetic Grass is the Lawn of the Future

Like many things in America, the concept of a grass lawn did not originate from this country. A”lawn” refers to a managed grass space–an area of short mown grass in a yard, garden or park.

Our need for an evergreen spread stems back to 17th century England where lawns maintained a sign of affluent landowners, according to Plant Natural. These wealthy landowners often hired people to trim and weed their lawns, in addition to incorporating sheep and cattle as part of their daily landscape maintenance. During the medieval period, the lawn was also utilized as an open space surrounding a castle or manor to sway potential sneak attacks from intruders who were otherwise shrouded in a forested.

There was something about that evergreen look that stuck with early settlers who transplanted the concept to the colonies of the newly discovered North America. Although the North American native grasses weren’t as appealing as the grass from English manors, a hybrid was eventually derived which proved to be more suitable for drier North American climates.

Featured product: Everlast Turf Plush synthetic grass installed for a front lawn.

Featured product: Everlast Turf Plush synthetic grass installed for a front lawn.

Flash forward about 300 years to learn that the modern day lawn demands over 125 gallons of water for every 1,000 square feet on a hot sunny day, according to a Lowe’s ‘Making Watering Easier” article. If the average household uses 320 gallons of water on a daily basis and 192 gallons is dedicated to outdoor lawn care, an estimated 12.5 million homes in California alone are using over 2.4 billion gallons of water every day for their lawns!

With invention of synthetic turf, any landscape can now appear evergreen and lush year-round without wasting thousands of gallons of water! From spring color tones to deep emeralds and beautiful fescues, Synthetic Grass Warehouse will supply your landscaping project with the richest green color tones and softest grass blades in North America! Expensive water and maintenance bills are a thing of the past–but owning a beautiful rich evergreen landscape is not! Contact us for free estimates and samples of our latest SGW products!