TigerCool Artificial Grass

TigerCool® Heat Reflective Technology has Arrived!

Just when you thought SGW’s top-quality artificial turf couldn’t get any better – introducing: TigerCool. Featuring the most technologically advanced synthetic grass that keeps your heels cooler, our cool yarn technology makes recreation more enjoyable, and safer with lower surface temperatures than ever before!

Outdoor and gross motor activities for playgrounds are a perfect match for TigerCool! Your kids can run, jump and play their favorite outdoor activities without high play surface temperatures. Also, play fetch with man’s best friend any time of the day with our advanced TigerCool artificial grass. Not only does the grass maintain lower surface temperatures, but it can also handle any animal’s activity.

“My labs love it,” said homeowner Xavier Garcia. “It’s easy to maintain and I don’t have to worry about my pups digging holes anymore.”

No matter how your wear it, our cool yarn technology will not wipe off or fade. The secret’s in the sauce: by incorporating cool yarn pigments into the master batch, each individual grass blade contains the TigerCool product to keep your turf cooler and your playtime longer.

All of our TigerCool as well as other products are safe, non-toxic and work great for any application such as playgrounds, yards, parks, pet hospitals or commercial properties.

Have it made in the shade with TigerCool products!

Read more about TigerCool Heat Reflective Technology here: https://syntheticgrasswarehouse.com/info-center/tiger-cool/

SGW Artificial Grass with TigerCool here:  https://syntheticgrasswarehouse.com/products/tiger-cool