Turf Tips for Cold Weather Installations

When the weather outside is frightful, your cold weather install can be more delightful with these turf tips, brought to you by our Installation Professional, Joe Wadkins! Stay tuned for more in-depth cold weather installation tips in his January “Ask J.W.” feature story!

1.) Always store your rolls of synthetic grass so the freezing temperatures will not leave flat spots in the turf roll. If you have to store the turf outside, rotate the roll occasionally to prevent flat spots from occurring.

2.) Be sure to store all water-based adhesives in a warm environment. This will maintain the glue’s viscosity (thickness) as well as providing a more pliable substance to work with. A water-based adhesive may possibly freeze under cold weather conditions and subsequently cause seam failure. I recommend SGW SuperSeam Pro Glue for all of your seaming needs as it has been tested and approved for conditions colder than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

3.) Before cold weather arrives, roll out your synthetic turf and allow it to lay flat on the prepped surface to remove any wrinkles. This will make your installation more efficient and prevent cold weather stretching.

For more in-depth cold weather installation tips, stay tuned for the ‘Ask J.W.’ January column! If you have any questions for J.W., please reach him at: askjw@sgwcorp.com or call 888-846-3598.