SGW Artificial Turf Featured on June 6 Episode of “Homergency”

SGW turfs may not get as much as television exposure this summer as, say, the Kardashians. But the best-selling brand of synthetic grass is getting lots of camera time, landing guest-star roles with product placement in two home-improvement series.

In the June 6 episode of “Homergency” on SKTV at, a leading website for women, a homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona receives a charitable total makeover starring a beautiful backyard with 2,000 square feet of SGW lawn.

Michelle Capuzano, 32, is a single mother and special education teacher dedicated to providing for her son, David. He was born prematurely, weighing 2 pounds, 6 ounces; now age 15, David has constantly struggled with health issues, including 31 brain surgeries. Michelle, who has received masters’ degrees from Arizona State University, works with at-risk children facing challenges similar to her son — and was overjoyed at the happy ending on “Homergency.”

“When I saw the new lawn in the backyard I just lost it,” Michelle said. “We’ve had our years of tough times, and therapy has taught us to imagine yourself in a peaceful place. With the turf, our yard is that place.

“David is allergic to real grass. But now he can be a kid in his back yard. This was an amazing gift.”

SGW’s Majestic turf steals the show in an outdoor living area do-over on DIY Network’s “Kitchen Crashers,” premiering July 9.

Each week, host Alison Victoria and other In this show, “Kitchen Crashers” comes to the rescue of a random homeowner shopping in Henderson, Nevada, outside Las Vegas. A “green” conversion for an outdoor living space is prescribed; Damon Long, a designer, specifies synthetic grass for its beauty and long-lasting, maintenance-free aspects.

“Kitchen Crashers” host Alison Victoria (who supervised a $160 million expansion of the Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas and designed a unit for Chicago’s Trump Tower in Chicago), with other designer and contractor professionals, surprises do-it-yourselfers at home-improvement stores; follows them home; and transforms their underwhelming environment into a dazzling showstopper. In this episode, “Kitchen Crashers” rescues a homeowner in Henderson, Nevada, and a “green” conversion for an outdoor living space is prescribed.

Spoiler alert: SGW’s Majestic synthetic grass is chosen for its long-lasting, maintenance-free beauty. According to “Kitchen Crashers” producer Nikki Frakes, “The results were fantastic.”

The SGW turf will also be showcased and linked at DIY’s online marketplace.


Synthetic lawns made their first television appearance in 1968 when “The Brady Bunch” back yard (actually a sound stage at Paramount Studios) was fitted with bright green plastic grass.

P.S.: The Bradys’ turf was apparently not maintenance-free – throughout the series family members were depicted watering, mowing and weeding the lawn.