Why Synthetic Grass Warehouse Products Maintain A Healthy and Safe Landscape

As winter approaches, most natural grass begins to fade with the season. Synthetic grass has a reputation for staying beautiful and green throughout the season’s changes, avoiding a brown parched-looking lawn. It also maintains a healthy and safe environment for your family and pets to enjoy, another bonus about having synthetic turf. There are no harsh toxic chemicals or naturally occurring allergies, rancid smells or dirt residue involved with our synthetic turf.
1.) Lack of Toxic Fertilizers: If you have natural turf, regular lawn care, (including fertilizers) is essential to maintain a healthy looking yard. Unfortunately, fertilizers contain many carcinogenic materials that not only your children and pets play around, but also seep into the soil and ground water. Synthetic turf only requires an occasional cleanse of water and tufting to maintain a beautiful looking lawn year round.
2.) Envirofill: This product, sold exclusively through Synthetic Grass Warehouse, absorbs smells produced from pets and deters any bacteria and weed growth through the use of silicone dioxide coating. The actual turf blades also help prevent your lawn from over-heating during hot temperatures.
3.) Allergies: Many allergies are associated with natural grass, however, artificial turf has no naturally occurring allergies which makes outdoor living more fun!
4.) No Mud: Our turf is backed by a perforated urethane coating which allows water to drain at an efficient rate. There is no messy residue to clean up, no mud tracks on your carpet or grass stains on clothes. Our products exhibit top notch efficiency for leisure, sports and pets!
At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we are committed to delivering you the highest quality product so your turf experience will always result in a positive and healthy one.