Zeolite Max, the Latest and Greatest Infill at SGW

At Synthetic Grass Warehouse, we feature only the best products paired with our top notch synthetic turf! Our latest product, Zeolite Max, is exclusively distributed through SGW and is the purest zeolite material available in the synthetic grass market.

Zeolite Max under goes several tests including x-ray diffraction (XDR), where the material’s atomic and molecular structure are determined. It’s in this process where the electron density, or the material’s “charge,” is configured. As a result, our material features a negative charge that helps aid in neutralizing unwanted pet odors!

Along with the XRD data, we also analyze our product’s mineral composition through X-ray Fluorescence analysis (XRF). These tests show Zeolite Max contains no quartz materials or smecitite clay, which are materials that can dilute zeolite’s beneficial effects for your turf.

Pair Zeolite Max with one of our premier Cool Yarn synthetic grass lines and your landscape can stay between 10 and 15 degrees cooler while keeping those pesky odors away!

If you want the purest zeolite material in the synthetic grass industry, choose Zeolite Max! Our product guarantees an odor and worry-free synthetic grass landscape for your home!